Recognition of same-sex unions in Cuba

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Legal status of same-sex unions
  1. Same-sex marriage legal throughout Danish Realm though law in Faroe Islands not yet in effect
  2. Marriages performed in some municipalities and recognized by the state
  3. For some purposes only
  4. When performed in Mexican states that have legalized same-sex marriage
  5. When performed in the Netherlands proper
  6. Registration schemes opened in all jurisdictions except Hualien County, Keeling City, Penghu County, Taitung County, and Yunlin County

* Not yet in effect

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Cuba does not recognize same-sex marriage, civil unions, or any other form of same-sex unions.

A civil union proposal was first made in 2007, though was never brought up for a vote. It was announced that new legislation was going to be presented in September 2009, with a bill offering all the rights of marriage in Cuba as "civil unions".[1] The bill was reportedly before the country's Parliament and promoted by Mariela Castro, director of the Cuban Sexual Education Center and daughter of Cuba's President Raul Castro.[2][3][4] If the bill is approved, it would make Cuba the first Caribbean state to recognize same-sex unions. It would also have been the first communist country to pass any form of recognition of same-sex couples. However, in 2016 Vietnam lifted its ban on same-sex unions, making it the first communist state to do so. [5]

As of 2014, the legislation has stalled in Parliament. Mariela Castro has said the legislation has the support of her father and that she is building a consensus in order to approve it.[6]

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