Recorded Live at a Sloan Party

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Recorded Live at a Sloan Party!
Recorded Live at a Sloan Party - Sloan.jpg
Studio album by Sloan
Released 1997
Genre Rock, power pop
Sloan chronology
One Chord to Another
(1996)One Chord to Another1996
Recorded Live At A Sloan Party
Navy Blues
(1998)Navy Blues1998

Recorded Live at a Sloan Party! was a rare album release by Sloan; it was released in the United States in 1996 as a bonus album to March Records' release of One Chord to Another. It was also packaged with initial US pressings of One Chord to Another through The Enclave label. It was later released in Japan in a one-disc package with One Chord to Another on Universal Records.

Although the album is called Recorded Live at a Sloan Party!, and background noises and conversations between the songs suggest that the album was recorded during a party attended by Sloan and friends (including Jennifer Pierce from the band Jale, and Joel Plaskett), the four members of Sloan now admit that the album was recorded in a studio. The background noises were in fact recorded at a party where Sloan and friends were present, but the noises were simply dubbed over the music. The gimmick is given away in the middle of the "On the Road Again/Transona Five" medley, where Jay Ferguson "walks outside" and talks to an over-enthusiastic fan in the middle of the song. Guitarist Patrick Pentland de-mystified the Party Album on the official site, letting fans know the truth about the studio recordings.

Conceptually, the album is intentionally similar to The Beach Boys' 1965 album Beach Boys' Party!.

In 2016, Sloan released a four-disc 20th anniversary One Chord to Another box set, featuring Recorded Live at a Sloan Party! as the third record. For the release, Sloan released it with new album art similar to that of the Beach Boys record.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Let's Get the Party Started" (Sloan) – 2:28
  2. "I Can Feel It" (Patrick Pentland/Sloan) - 3:54 (new version; original version on Twice Removed)
  3. "Dignified and Old" (Jonathan Richman) - 3:12 (originally performed by The Modern Lovers)
  4. "Glitter and Gold" (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) - 3:02 (originally performed by The Everly Brothers and later The Turtles)
  5. "Over You" (Bryan Ferry/Phil Manzanera) - 3:20 (originally performed by Roxy Music)
  6. "I Am the Cancer" (Chris Murphy/Sloan) – 3:22 (new version; original version on Smeared)
  7. "I Can't Let Go" (Al Gorgoni/Chip Taylor) – 2:35 (originally performed by Evie Sands and later The Hollies)
  8. Stood Up (Matthew Grimson) – 3:28 (originally performed by Matthew Grimson)
  9. "On the Road Again/Transona Five" (Tim Gane/Floyd Jones/Lætitia Sadier/Alan Wilson) – 4:42 (originally performed by Canned Heat and Stereolab, respectively)
  10. "I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love" (Myles Goodwyn) – 5:45 (originally performed by April Wine)

Note: All of track 1 and the last 2:35 of track 10 consist of party sound effects only; track 8 is a cover of a song by Matthew Grimson, not the similarly-titled song released as a 1996 7" single by Sloan.

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Article on the official site about the album. [1]