Recorded as Jerry Landis

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Recorded as Jerry Landis
Recorded As Jerry Landis.jpg
Compilation album by Paul Simon
Released 2006
Recorded 1957-1963
Genre Rock
Label LaserLight
Back cover of this album.
Back cover of this album.

Recorded as Jerry Landis is a compilation album of music by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Paul Simon, released in 2006. This album contains 18 songs recorded before Simon & Garfunkel released their first album, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.. All songs are by Paul Simon except the song "Beat Love", which is a contemporary recording by Art Garfunkel, recorded under the name "Artie Garr". This album was released six years after an album of Simon & Garfunkel songs, from the same era, that contained a mix of Simon & Garfunkel recordings (under the name "Tom & Jerry"), and Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel songs. He recorded many of the songs on these albums under different aliases, such as "Jerry Landis", "True Taylor" and "Paul Kane".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "A Different Kind of Love"
  2. "Make a Wish"
  3. "Loneliness"
  4. "A Good Foundation for Love"
  5. "A Frame Without a Picture"
  6. "The Lipstick on Your Lips"
  7. "An Angel Cries"
  8. "North Wind"
  9. "Rock n' Roll Skaters Waltz"
  10. "Just a Kid"
  11. "I Want You In My Stocking"
  12. "That's How I Feel"
  13. "Let's Make Pictures"
  14. "When You Come Back to School"
  15. "Educated Fool"
  16. "One Way Love"
  17. "Beat Love"
  18. "Bigger and Better Things"