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The Recorders are a fictional robotic race appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Fictional species biography[edit]

The Rigellians are skilled in robotics and have created a race of robotic life-forms called the Recorders. The Recorders are generally used as scouts to explore new territory and report back to the Rigellians. Recorders are occasionally seen assisting various cosmic entities – for instance, one of them once lived at Uatu the Watcher's home-place at the Blue Area of the Earth's Moon and observed the apparent death of Jean Grey as Phoenix.[1] Another Recorder, RT-Z9, works for the Living Tribunal's Magistrati, more specifically She-Hulk.[2]

The Rigellians have constructed approximately 500 identical recorders.[citation needed]

Recorder 211 was assigned to accompany Thor in his mission to Ego the Living Planet.[3] This Recorder performed so well, gathering an unprecedented amount of rare data – including witnessing Thor's struggle against Mangog[volume & issue needed] – that the Rigellian Grand Commissioner permitted it to retain its artificial memories of its experiences rather than having it undergo the customary erasing that follows the discharging of its data, Thor arguing that the Recorder had transcended its role to become a sentient being in its own right.[volume & issue needed] Later, it was captured by the High Evolutionary and reprogrammed and reconstructed as the Analyzer.[volume & issue needed]

Recorders also have a certain amount of legal authority among the Rigellians. When renegade commander Arcturus split his ships away from the main fleet, a Recorder tracked him and his followers down and had Arcturus arrested for several violations of Rigellian law.[4]

Recorder 451 appears on Iron Man #6.

Other versions[edit]

Recorder 417 accompanied Hercules on his journeys in the Andromeda Galaxy in an alternate future 24th Century.[5]


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