Recovery (ship)

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For the merchant ship built at Batavia in 1799, see Recovery (1799 ship).
United Kingdom
Name: Recovery
Owner: Peter Hibbs
Fate: Wrecked in June 1816
General characteristics
Class and type: Sloop
Tonnage: 14 tons
Sail plan: Sloop rig

Recovery was a ship that was wrecked near Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia in 1816.

Recovery was a sloop of 14 tons, owned by Peter Hibbs. In early June 1816 it headed from the Hawkesbury to Port Jackson with a cargo of grain. A storm came up and Recovery was blown out to sea. On turning the ship around it was wrecked near Port Stephens. The crew of two men and a woman passenger struggled ashore and walked a distance of 50 miles to Newcastle. On the way they were stripped of all their clothes by some aborigines. At Newcastle they were given passage to Sydney on the sloop, Windsor which was also wrecked.[1][2]


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