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Recreate Greece

Dimiourgia Xana
δημιουργία, ξανά!
LeaderThanos Tzimeros
Founded8 December 2011
IdeologySocial liberalism
Conservative liberalism
Political positionCentre to centre-right
0 / 300
European Parliament
0 / 22
0 / 725

Recreate Greece (Greek: Δημιουργία, ξανά!, pronounced [ðimiurˈɣiɐ ksɐˈnɐ]) is a Greek political party.[2]

Founded in December 2011,[3][4] it is led by Thanos Tzimeros[5][6] and is self-identified as a citizen-centered political movement,[7] with emphasis on the rebuilding of the Greek state.[8][9]

The party took part for the first time in the 2012 Greek elections and received 135,934 votes (2.15% of the total vote, with more than 3.5% in Athens). Its percentage of votes received has been described as a surprise by local press, due to the party's foundation being relatively new.[10][11]

New elections were scheduled for June 2012, and eager to avoid splitting the liberal vote, Recreate Greece formed an electoral alliance with Drasi, who finished directly below them in the May election[12] with 1.8%.[13] So, given the results of May 2012, the alliance would have a joined share of 3.94% which would be enough to overcome the 3% election threshold to enter the Greek parliament. Recreate Greece also approached Democratic Alliance,[14] but the latter opted to run on the New Democracy list instead.[15] In the June 17 elections the combined parties garnered only 1.59%, a lower vote than either got in the elections the month before, but was the 8th largest party and the largest outside of parliament.[16]

Recreate Greece ran in the September 2015 Greek legislative election where it won 28,936 votes (0.53%).


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