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Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
Traded as TYO: 6098
Industry Advertisement, Publication
Founded August 26, 1963
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Masumi Minegishi, President, CEO and Representative Board Director
Revenue 119,336 billion Yen (consolidated ordinary income) (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2016)[1]
Number of employees
456 (holding company), 38,451 (group) (as of March 31, 2016)[1]
Website Official website
Recruit Higashi Shinbashi building

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. (株式会社リクルートホールディングス) is a classified advertisement, publication and human resources company in Japan, founded in 1963 originally as an advertisement company specialized in university newspapers.


  • 1960 - The company was founded by Hiromasa Ezoe as an advertising agent specialised in university newspapers called "Daigaku Shimbun Koukokusha"
  • 1963/4 - The company changed its name from " Daigaku Shimbun Koukokusha" to " Japan Recruitment Centre Holdings"
  • 1963/8 - The company changed its name to " Japan Recruit Centre Holdings"
  • 1984 - The company changed its name to "Recruit Holdings"
  • 1988 - "The Recruit Scandal" The company has lost its trust and was forced to be put in a difficult situation by the scandal and by the non-performing assets in the group company which were caused by the collapse of the Japan's bubble economy.
  • 1992 - The company became a part of "Daiei Holdings" by transferring the stock holdings to Isao Nakauchi who was the founder of Daiei group.
  • 2003/3 - The founder Hiromasa Ezoe was convicted guilty of "The Recruit Scandal" by the Tokyo District Court.
  • 2005/6 - The business of "Recruit Cosmos" was transferred to the Corporate Acquisition Fund Federation.
  • 2006 - "First finance" which was one of the group company started its dissolution process.
  • 2006/1 - 11 - The company acquired the ownership of "Sanyo Human Network", " Homepro" and "Yukoyuko".
  • 2007/2 - The company acquired the ownership of "Job Direct".
  • 2007/12 - The company acquired the ownership of "Staff Service Holdings"
  • 2009/3 - The order was made by the Tokyo District Court that the payment of Worker's compensation to be made to the company's former employee for his death from overworking.
  • 2012/10 - The company changed its name to " Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd." and changed its corporate logo.
  • 2014/10 - The company became listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange.


The company based its core business around job matchmaking particularly between ready-to-graduate students and corporations in the 60s, further expanding into matchmaking of job change seekers, as well as real estate and rental information in the 1970s. By the end of the 1980s, the company was also engaged in the publication of classified ad magazines covering fields such as part-time job listings, automobile and overseas travel.

The company was one of the market to leader to implement "new business competition" among the employees and its unique concept has been giving opportunity for them to start up a new business with in the group. It is also known for creating many buzz words such as " Freeter" "Shushoku-hyogaki" and "Gaten-kei" fom their publications.

In 1988, the company was reported to be engaged in the Recruit scandal, which led to the retirement of founder Hiromasa Ezoe from the company and his share being sold to Daiei, from which it became independent in 2000.

After becoming a part of Daiei group, Daiei agreed to keep its stance as a "silent stakeholder" but didn't assume Recruit's debt. In this event a few board members were sent to the company including Isao Nakamuchi and Ikuo Takagi under whose direction and supervise, the company has paid off the debt which was about 1 trillion 4 hundred million yen. After this, the company has not belong to any organisations or group company and remaining in neutral as an information service company.

Joint purchasers including "Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd.” (former Recruit Cosmos) has made successful bid for 424 properties since 2004 from former Japan post.

While expanding its channel for distribution information from paper publication to the net and mobile, the company has been pushing for a shift of their revenue from advertisement to "real" human resource provisioning. As a result, its share of consolidated revenue from human resource related business in fiscal ending 2008 has grown to 44.9% from 24.2% in 2005.

The company is currently headquartered in Marunouchi, in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

In June 2012 it was announced that Recruit plans to go public within the next year. A holding company will be established in October 2012, and it will be listed on either the Tokyo Stock Exchange or another exchange.[2]

The company has become a holding company in October 2014, businesses have been inherited to the following subsidiaries.



  • Rikunavi - Recruiting information for ready-to-graduate students
  • Rikunavi Next - Recruiting information for experienced
  • Tech Souken - Portal site for Engineers
  • ISIZE - Portal site corresponding with other websites
  • SUUMO - Information on housing
  • Study Supri - Online cram school for elementary, junior high, high school students
  • Dokoiku? - Portal site for searching shops and stores
  • Kokokarada - Portal site for medical information. Operated by joint investment with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
  • Keyman's Net - Comparison site for IT products
  • - Search engine for job listings
  • Hot pepper gourmet - Search engine for restaurants in Japan
  • Hot pepper beauty - Search engine and reservation site for hair salons, relaxation salons in Japan
  • Hot pepper kikkake lesson - Search engine and reservation site for learning
  • AB Road - Comparison site for oversea travel bookings
  • Jyaran net - Reservation site for domestic travel bookings in Japan
  • O jinji. net - Search engine for termed contract job listings (Administrative jobs)
  • Hataraku Navi - Search engine for termed contract job listings (Manufacturing jobs)
  • Engineer guide - Search engine for termed contract job listings (IT engineer jobs)
  • Staff service medical - Search engine for termed contract job listings (Nurses, medical related jobs)
  • Car sensor edge net - Search engine for imported, luxury cars
  • C-team - Banner advertisement creating site using cloud sourcing
  • Hataraiku - Search engine for job listening focused on specific areas
  • Town work net - Search engine for part-time job listings
  • From A Navi - Search engine for part-time jobs
  • Ponpare - E-commerce marketplace
  • Minnano kyujinban - Search engine for part-time jobs
  • Indeed - Search engine for job listings
  • Simply Hired - Search engine for job listings


Recruit's publications include these:

  • Gekkan Housing - Information on housing and renovations.
  • Toshin ni sumu by SUUMO - Information on condominiums in urban Tokyo
  • Jyalan - Information on travel plans within Japan
  • Antore - Information on franchising and distributing business
  • Keiko to manabu - Information on learning and development in specific areas
  • Zexy - Information on bridal and wedding ceremonies
  • Car sensor - Information on selling and buying used cars
  • Car sensor edge - Information on imported, luxury cars
  • Eyeco - Information on environmental issues
  • Akasugu - Information on pregnancy, childbirth and child-raising
  • Akasugu kids - Information on products targeted towards toddlers
  • Ninsugu - Information on products targeted towards pregnant women

Free papers[edit]

  • Town work - information on community-based part-time job listenings, first published in 2000. Issues every Monday
  • Town work shain - Information on full-time, permanent job listenings
  • Torabayu CASUAL - Information on job listenings for females
  • Hot pepper - Free coupons for shops and restaurants
  • R25 - Targeted towards males who are above 25 years old
  • L25 - Tarted towards females who are above 25 years old
  • SUUMO magazine - Community based housing listen
  • SUUMO shinchiku mansion - Community based condominium listenings


  • In March 2009, the judgment of the suit was announced by the Tokyo District Court that the death of the former employee was caused by fatigue from excessive overtime. The hours of overtime was more than 80 hours a month 6 months before the employee's death however the possibility was pointed out during the lawsuit that hours were under-claimed by the employee for woking on a weekend and working from home which caused the approval of the work-placed death for this case.
  • In 2007, there was a case that 3 of Recruit's groups companies who were sub-sub contractors reporting extremely high wage for the part-time workers of "Job-cafe" which were a part of employment supporting business organized by Ministry of Economy. This issue was investigated by an opposition party member in the Diet.
  • In May 2004, there was a tax-evasion scandal by a group of former Recruit employees which were reported by newspapers such as Asahi Daily Newspapers.

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