Recurrent branch of the median nerve

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Recurrent branch of the median nerve
Superficial palmar nerves. (Recurrent branch labeled at center left as "Muscular to abductor, opponens, and flexor brevis pollicis.")
From median nerve
Gray's p.938
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The recurrent branch of the median nerve (which has also been called "the million dollar nerve"[1]) is the branch of the median nerve which supplies the thenar muscles.[2] It is also occasionally referred to as the thenar branch, or the thenar muscular branch, of the median nerve. In the thenar eminence it provides motor innervation to:

An earlier branch of the median nerve also supplies the lumbricals 1 & 2. All other intrinsic muscles of the hand receive their motor innervation from branches of the ulnar nerve.

It usually passes distal to the transverse carpal ligament.[3]

It ends in the opponens pollicis.[4]


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