List of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches by cast member

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The following are the most frequent recurring characters and celebrity impressions on Saturday Night Live listed by cast member.



Fred Armisen[edit]

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Dan Aykroyd[edit]

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Vanessa Bayer[edit]

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Jim Belushi[edit]

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  • Captain Kangaroo
  • Hank Rippy, host of "Hello Trudy!" (1983)
  • Jesse Donnelly
  • That White Guy (1985)

John Belushi[edit]

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Jim Breuer[edit]

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Paul Brittain[edit]

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A. Whitney Brown[edit]

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  • Host of "The Big Picture" on Weekend Update
  • Ed Jaymes


Beth Cahill[edit]

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Dana Carvey[edit]

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Chevy Chase[edit]

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Ellen Cleghorne[edit]

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Billy Crystal[edit]

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Jane Curtin[edit]

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Joan Cusack[edit]

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Tom Davis[edit]

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Denny Dillon[edit]

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  • Amy Carter
  • Debbie of Vickie & Debbie (1980)
  • Mary Louise, a mentally disturbed child who talked to her sock puppet, Sam the Snake
  • Pinky Waxman of The Waxmans
  • Yoko Ono

Robert Downey, Jr.[edit]

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  • Jimmy Chance, co-host of "Actors on Film"
  • Rudy Randolph of The Rudy Randolphs (1985)

Rachel Dratch[edit]

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Robin Duke[edit]

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Nora Dunn[edit]

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Dean Edwards[edit]

Abby Elliott[edit]

Chris Elliott[edit]


Jimmy Fallon[edit]

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Siobhan Fallon[edit]

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Chris Farley[edit]

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Will Ferrell[edit]

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Tina Fey[edit]

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Will Forte[edit]

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Al Franken[edit]

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Janeane Garofalo[edit]

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Ana Gasteyer[edit]

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Gilbert Gottfried[edit]

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  • Leo Waxman, Pinky Waxman's husband on What's It All About?

Mary Gross[edit]

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Christopher Guest[edit]

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Bill Hader[edit]

Anthony Michael Hall[edit]

  • Craig Sundberg, Idiot Savant—a 15-year-old genius who was mentally retarded
  • Fed Jones, one half of "Two Jones" Brothers (the other brother named Ned Jones was played by Damon Wayans), two criminals who sell stolen items such as radios, bikes, purses, computers, and cable TV installation

Rich Hall[edit]

Darrell Hammond[edit]

Phil Hartman[edit]

Jan Hooks[edit]

Melanie Hutsell[edit]


Victoria Jackson[edit]


Chris Kattan[edit]

Tim Kazurinsky[edit]

  • Dr. Jack Badofsky
  • Havnagootiim Vishnuuerheer
  • Wayne Huevos
  • Father Timothy Owens
  • Worthington Clotman
  • Husband in "I Married A Monkey"
  • Mr. Landlord, in Mister Robinson's Neighborhood

Laura Kightlinger[edit]

Taran Killam[edit]

David Koechner[edit]

Gary Kroeger[edit]


Julia Louis-Dreyfus[edit]

Jon Lovitz[edit]


Norm Macdonald[edit]

Gail Matthius[edit]

  • Valley Girl Vickie, an air-headed teenager who bothers others with her vacuous questions and statements

Michael McKean[edit]

Mark McKinney[edit]

Kate McKinnon[edit]

Tim Meadows[edit]

Seth Meyers[edit]

Dennis Miller[edit]

  • Koko the French Clown, one of the pixies from Mrs. Connie's Fable Nook
  • Steve, one of the Stand-Ups

Jerry Minor[edit]

  • Al Sharpton
  • Terrell, from the Jackie the security clerk sketches
  • Grand Master Rap, co-host of "Rap Street"

Finesse Mitchell[edit]

Jay Mohr[edit]

Tracy Morgan[edit]

Garrett Morris[edit]

  • Chico Esquella - Latin Baseball Player
  • Head master of the New York School for the hard of hearing on Weekend Update. Morris would just repeat what Chevy Chase said, but in a much louder voice.

Bobby Moynihan[edit]

Eddie Murphy[edit]

Bill Murray[edit]

Mike Myers[edit]


Kevin Nealon[edit]

Laraine Newman[edit]

Don Novello[edit]


Michael O'Donoghue[edit]

  • Mr. Mike

Cheri Oteri[edit]


Chris Parnell[edit]

Nasim Pedrad[edit]

Jay Pharoah[edit]

Joe Piscopo[edit]

Amy Poehler[edit]


Randy Quaid[edit]

  • Rudy Randolph, Jr: a Texas pitchman selling off famous dictators' worldly possessions. Has a son named Rudy Randolph III (played by Robert Downey, Jr.)
  • Ronald Reagan (1985–86)

Colin Quinn[edit]

  • Joe Blow
  • Lenny the Lion
  • Gene the Ex-Con
  • Rolf, the "Thank You!" guy
  • Robert De Niro
  • Host of "Colin Quinn Explains the New York Times"


Gilda Radner[edit]

Jeff Richards[edit]

Rob Riggle[edit]

Ann Risley[edit]

Chris Rock[edit]

Charles Rocket[edit]

Tony Rosato[edit]

Maya Rudolph[edit]


Andy Samberg[edit]

Adam Sandler[edit]

Horatio Sanz[edit]

Rob Schneider[edit]

  • Richard "Richmeister" Laymer, the "Makin' Copies" guy
  • Orgasm Guy
  • Tiny Elvis
  • Frank, of "Jimmy & Frank, the Doormen"
  • Tammy from the Donut Hut, in the "Gap Girls" sketches
  • Carlo, of the "Il Cantore" sketches
  • The "Put Your Weed In It" guy
  • The Sensitive Naked Guy
  • One of the "Hub's Gyros" guys
  • Elvis Presley
  • Peter Lorre
  • k.d. lang
  • Soon Yi Previn

Molly Shannon[edit]

Harry Shearer[edit]

Martin Short[edit]

  • Ed Grimley, a nerdy Wheel of Fortune fan who plays the triangle and has a goldfish for a pet. This character was originally created for the show SCTV, but wasn't as popular there as it was on SNL. A short-lived cartoon series was made based on this character from 1988-1989.
  • Jackie Rogers, Jr: an albino entertainer who appears on the sketch The Joe Franklin Show. He hosted the game show parody (on SNL) called Jackie Rogers's $100,000 Jackpot Wad
  • Lawrence Orback (best known as one of the Synchronized Swimmers)
  • Nathan Thurm
  • Irving Cohen
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Katharine Hepburn

Sarah Silverman[edit]

Jenny Slate[edit]

Robert Smigel[edit]

David Spade[edit]

Pamela Stephenson[edit]

Jason Sudeikis[edit]

Julia Sweeney[edit]

Terry Sweeney[edit]


Kenan Thompson[edit]

  • Al Sharpton
  • Al Roker
  • Bill Cosby
  • Star Jones
  • Deandre Cole, the host of the BET show "What Up With That?"
  • DJ Dynasty Handbag from Deep House Dish
  • Jean K. Jean, a Def Jam Comedian from France who appears on Weekend Update
  • Reggie, the bandleader on "The Dakota Fanning Show"
  • Oscar Rogers, the Weekend Update financial consultant
  • Charles Barkley
  • Virginiaca Hastings
  • Googie Rene, owner of "Slightly Stained and Partially Damaged" clothing outlets
  • Grady Wilson, the "love-making technique" instructional video host
  • Givindy, from Gays in Space
  • Kenneth, the stagehand on "The Cougar Den"
  • K Smoove, one of the "Hip Hop Kids"
  • Sam, student in the Gilly sketches
  • Lou, in the Penelope sketches
  • Sexy Narrator in the "Eternal Spark of Love" sketches
  • Marcus, interpreter of deaf comedian Richtie B
  • Lorenzo Macintosh, a Scared Straight representative whose stories always resemble classic movies
  • Reba McEntire
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Magic Johnson
  • Steve Harvey
  • Darnell Hayes, or "Alex Treblack", host of "Black Jeopardy"
  • Trey, a friend of Stuart's in "The Californians"


Danitra Vance[edit]

  • Cabrini Green Jackson, a teenaged mother who dispensed advice on the do's and don'ts of being pregnant.
  • Latoya Marie (That Black Girl), a struggling actress


Nancy Walls[edit]

  • Gail Lafferty, a church bazaar attendee always itching for a fight with other attendees (in one episode, she was thrown through a window by an attendee played by Teri Hatcher)
  • Cindy, the Timelife hotline operator
  • Susan Taylor, neighbor who's always invited to Frank Henderson's (Will Ferrell) barbecues in the "Get Off The Shed!" sketches
  • Bobbie Battista
  • Martha Stewart

Michaela Watkins[edit]

Damon Wayans[edit]

  • Keith, one of The Stand-Ups
  • Ned Jones, one of "The Two Jones"

Patrick Weathers[edit]

Kristen Wiig[edit]

Casey Wilson[edit]

Fred Wolf[edit]


Alan Zweibel[edit]