Red, White and Blue (comics)

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Red, White and Blue is a fictional trio of soldiers from DC Comics.

Red Dugan of The United States Marine Corps, Whitey Smith of the Army, and Blooey Blue of the Navy made up the Red, White & Blue team, U.S. agents who fought against Axis forces during World War II. They were helped by FBI agent Doris West. Their first appearance was in All-American Comics #1 (April 1939).

Other versions[edit]

In Mark Waid and Alex Ross's miniseries Kingdom Come, he made a more futuristic/savage version of Red, White, and Blue. They each dress in metallic body armor, colored after their namesake, and each had a signature weapon. Red uses a flame thrower, White uses a missile launcher, and Blue uses a laser gun. They were under the control of Lex Luthor and were his eyes and ears inside the Gulag, a large detention center that was built for amoral vigilantes like themselves.

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