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RedLibre is a non profit project where a group of people, entities, administrations and companies interested in building a free data network to be able to provide data and share resources among other uses.

RedLibre has been related mainly to Wireless Community Networks, very near the FreeNetwork project, but in Spain being a point of contact for the people to allow to join projects. To do that, at the beginning it was agreed a network allocation (in Spanish)[1] based on CIDR and all the groups interested in becoming a freenetwork in Spain could reserve a subnetwork so compatibility and connectivity could be possible.[2]

RedLibre is a free networks wireless meta community in Spain.

The goals of the RedLibre project are:

  1. Build a Free Network (Red Libre)
  2. Bring technology to society and make communication easier
  3. Create an emergency network which could be used in a moment of disaster

The RedLibre project was created in September 2001 by Jaime Robles,[3] and it is the first Spanish wireless community network.


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