RedOctane X-Plorer Controller

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The RedOctane X-Plorer Controller was a controller created by Activision and RedOctane released in bundles with Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360, some bundles of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, or available separately. This same controller was also bundled with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the personal computer (PC) and Macintosh. The Xbox 360 controller works with the PC using a driver with Windows (XP SP2 or Vista only). The case for the game disc and manual of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the PC called the controller the Guitar Hero 3 Official PC Guitar Controller.

The RedOctane X-Plorer Controller for these games is based on the Gibson Explorer, a type of electric guitar. It is also the only guitar controller officially supported by Aspyr Media (developer of the PC and Macintosh releases).[1] The guitar controller plugs into the Xbox 360 via the USB ports. The PC and Macintosh releases have the same software limitation of two local players at a time. The guitar's cord uses the break away cord connection,[2] like controllers of the original Xbox console.

The controller includes two input connections:

The insides of the guitar show a few interesting things:

  • The RJ14 connector only uses two of the possible four wires (seen on Model number: 95065)
  • There are two jumpers (JP1 and JP2) that are labeled on the circuit board, but are unused (seen on Model number: 95065)
  • The strum bar is a rocker switch using three wired for connectivity (seen on Model number: 95065)

When the controller is connected to a Windows Vista or Windows XP PC, it shows up as a game controller.[5] This allows you to see button presses and the tilt sensors. Currently, only one tilt sensor is used by the Guitar Hero games.


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