Red (Symbion Project album)

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Red is the debut full-length album by Symbion Project, a.k.a. Kasson Crooker. Released in 1997, Red contains a collection of songs conceived as early as 1992. The mostly instrumental album includes a mixture of downtempo, techno, and ambient songs, and many tracks feature Middle Eastern overtones. "Only Girls Like to Gossip" became the foundation for the future Splashdown song "Waterbead".

The album artwork is a stylized image of "Symbion Project" in braille.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Thesis
  2. Tcejorp Noibmys
  3. The Lips Acquire Stains
  4. Only Girls Like to Gossip
  5. Music for 2001
  6. The Infinite Number of Truthes That Remain to be Discovered
  7. Desert/Oasis
  8. Water of Life
  9. Synthetic
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