Red Abbott

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Red Abbott
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genres Electronic, Indie rock, Indie pop, Experimental, Folk
Years active 2006 - Present
Labels None
Members Bert Brown
Chip Means
Joe Madera

Red Abbott is a band whose members are based in New York City, Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine and create electronic rock by emailing elements of songs to each other. Their debut album, Having Fun Without You, was self-released through Broken Treehouse Music in September, 2007.


Bert Brown, Chip Means and Joe Madera formed Red Abbott in 2006. Though they operate Red Abbott from three remote cities, the band's members all grew up in the Boston area and originally met in high school.[1]

Using home recording equipment, Brown, Means and Madera set to work emailing pieces of songs back and forth until they had completed their debut, Having Fun Without You. The process of editing the album's 12 tracks took eighteen months to complete.[2] The band has noted in interviews that electronic rock band The Postal Service used a similar technique involving standard mail for their 2003 album Give Up.[3]

Shortly after the album's release, the band played its first and, as yet, only live concert, joined by former Radka drummer Shawn Hildonen.[4]

The band has received considerable media attention for its email-only approach to songwriting and recording. Popular Mechanics featured the band in a series of stories on artists who use consumer electronics to create professional work.[5][6] in the United Kingdom picked up the band's music video for "The Spare Room," created by Brown, and included it in rotation on the program 120 Minutes.[7]


  • Having Fun Without You (2007) self-released


  • Bert Brown - vocals, drums, synths, programming, bass
  • Chip Means - vocals, guitars, bass, flute, keyboard, percussion
  • Joe Madera - vocals, keyboards, bass, guitars, percussion


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