Red Action (Croatia)

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Red Action (Croatia)
Trade-union demonstration in September 2009
Abbreviation CA
Formation October 2008 in Zagreb
Type Far-left political organization
Purpose Marxism–Leninism
157[citation needed]
Leader Collective

Red Action (Croatian: Crvena akcija) is a far-left political organization in Croatia. As a self-proclaimed anti-imperialist organization, it strongly opposes the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and is known for attacking NATO symbols with red paint.[1] It also considers the European Union to be an instrument for Western European imperialism and exploitation of Eastern Europe, along with the rest of the world.[2]

During the 2009 Israel-Gaza conflict, it organized a protest of solidarity with Palestinians together with the Muslim community in Zagreb.[3] It supports LGBT rights and is an active participant in Zagreb Pride events.[4] Red Action attends workers' protests and is highly critical of trade union officials.[5] This organization was an active participant in the 2009 student protests in Croatia and was described by the media as one of key organizers during the 2011 anti-government protests in Croatia.[6][7][8]

Internationally, Red Action supports guerrilla movements such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia,[9] the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Kurdistan Workers' Party,[10] and the Naxalites.[11] They also supported the 2008 Greek riots and have participated in protests of solidarity with Serbian anarchists accused of attacking Belgrade's Greek embassy[12] during an anti-NATO protest in 2011.[13][14]

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