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Red Candle Games Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 赤燭股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese video game developer based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is most known for developing Detention and Devotion.


Red Candle Games was founded in 2015 to create Detention, a psychological horror video game set in 1960s White Terror-era Taiwan.[1] Released in January 2017 for Steam, Detention received positive reviews from critics, with Polygon's Ashley Oh noting "it elegantly blends religious and thematic East Asian references with modern aspects of the mid-20th century".[2] Detention was adapted into a film in 2019, and later adapted into a TV series in 2020.

After Detention, Red Candle Games began work on their second release, Devotion, another psychological horror video game, this time set in Taiwan in the 1980s.[3] Devotion was released in February 2019 to initially positive reception, but when Chinese players discovered hidden easter eggs in the game which include visual references mocking Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping, it was pulled in China.[4] Red Candle Games issued an apology for the incident and removed the game globally from Steam. Chen Chi-mai, Taiwan's then Vice Premier, voiced his support for the developers.[5] For a short period in June 2020, a physical release of Devotion was available for pre-order in Taiwan alone.[6]

In March 2021, Red Candle Games launched an e-shop on their official website which sold both of their games.[7]

Games developed[edit]

Year Title Platform(s)
Android iOS Linux macOS PS3 PS4 Vita Win NS X360 XOne
2017 Detention Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No No
2019 Devotion No No No Yes No No No Yes No No No

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