Red Cliffs Secondary College

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Red Cliffs Secondary College
Red Cliffs Secondary College Logo
Red Cliffs, Victoria
Coordinates 34°17′57″S 142°11′44″E / 34.29917°S 142.19556°E / -34.29917; 142.19556Coordinates: 34°17′57″S 142°11′44″E / 34.29917°S 142.19556°E / -34.29917; 142.19556
Type State
Motto Resilient Compassionate Successful Citizens
Established February 1962
Principal David Browne
Staff ~80
Enrollment ~690
Campus Fitzroy Avenue, Red Cliffs, Victoria
Colour(s) Burgundy and White

Red Cliffs Secondary College is a state-run co-educational high school located in Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia. The college is the only Victorian state government run school in the Mildura District that offers a continuous education from year 7 through to year 12. There are currently 690 approx. students enrolled (as of 30 March, 2015) and approx. 80 staff.

The School has the motto of "Resilient Compassionate Successful Citizens", with the initials of these words RCSC matching the initials of the school's name.

The current Principal is David Browne. There are two Assistant Principals; Helen Martin and Sara Broster.

House system[edit]

  • Allungah (Yellow)
  • Bindaree (Blue)
  • Terragong (Green)
  • Warragai (Red)

Students are assigned to one of the four houses. New students that have siblings already attending the college are placed in whichever house their sibling is in. Students participate in a number of sports events throughout the year, including the Swimming Carnival, Cross Country and Athletics Day. Points are awarded to each house for how the students of each house perform.

Principals of the School[edit]

  • AM Cracknell (1961−1963)
  • GG Sloane (1964−1966)
  • J Fletcher (1967−1968)
  • JA Mitchell (1969−1972)
  • E Borschmann (1973−1980)
  • E Warhurst (1981−1992)
  • (D Currie acting Principal in 1993)
  • G Roberts (1994−1995)
  • (M Jackman acting Principal in 1996)
  • J Cortese (1997−2008)
  • DG Browne (2009−present)

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Myf Warhurst − TV and radio personality
  • Kit Warhurst − musician
  • Jenny Bannister − fashion designer
  • Associate Professor Wayne Phillips
  • Fiona Hilton-Wood (Phillips) − Mildura Rural City Councillor
  • Glenn Milne − Mildura Rural City Councillor
  • Arron Wood − environmental activist

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