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Red Devil or Red Devils may refer to:


  • Red devil cichlid, two species of cichlid fish from genus Amphilophus
  • Humboldt squid, a carnivorous marine creature (Diablo Rojo) named for its tendency to flash red and white when on the attack


  • Secobarbital, trade name Seconal, a barbiturate sedative-hypnotic drug nicknamed 'red devil' for its packaging in red capsules
  • Doxorubicin, trade name Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug nicknamed "red devil" for its deep red color and dangerous side effects

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Pyramid Head, a character in the Silent Hill 2 video game, nicknamed "red devil"
  • Red Devil (comics), aka Kid Devil, a DC comics superhero and former sidekick of the Blue Devil



  • Diables Rouges ("Red Devils"), nickname of the 152nd Infantry Regiment of the French Army
  • Diables Rouges ("Red Devils"), nickname of SPA 160 a former unit of the French Air Force


  • Diavoli Rossi ("Red Devils"), nickname of the Sassari Mechanized Brigade
  • Diavoli Rossi ("Red Devils"), a former aerobatics display team of the Italian Air Force
  • Diavoli Rossi ("Red Devils"), nickname of the 2nd Squadron of the Italian Air Force in World War II
  • "Red Devils", British nickname for Italian Model 35 hand grenades

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Other countries[edit]

  • Diables Rouges ("Red Devils"), the aerobatic team of the Belgian military
  • Tercera Compañía de Infantería Diablo Rojo (Third Red Devil Infantry Company) a unit of the defunct Panamanian Defense Forces
  • "Red Devils", nickname of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army
  • Diable Rouge (Red Devil), enemy nickname for Manfred von Richthofen, "the Red Baron", German fighter ace
  • Ii Naomasa (1561–1602), Japanese general known as the Red Devil and the unit he led was known as the Red Devils



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