Red Earth First Nation

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Red Earth Cree Nation
Band No. 356
PeopleSwampy Cree
TreatyTreaty 5
HeadquartersRed Earth
Land area22.809 km2
Population (2019)[1]
On reserve1586
Off reserve306
Total population1892
ChiefIna Whitehead
Tribal Council[1]
Prince Albert Grand Council

Red Earth First Nation is a Swampy Cree First Nations band government in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located 225 kilometres (140 mi) northeast of Prince Albert. The main settlement of Red Earth is located on the Carrot River and accessed by Highway 55. Nearby to the east is the Shoal Lake First Nation.


The total registered population was 1,869 as of October, 2018 with 1,602 members living on reserve. Red Earth First Nation has two reserves "Carrot River 29A" which has an area of 825.60 hectares (2,040.1 acres) at coordinates 53°29′42″N 102°52′33″W / 53.4950°N 102.8759°W / 53.4950; -102.8759 containing the settlement of Red Earth and "Red Earth 29" which has an area of 1,455.30 hectares (3,596.1 acres) at coordinates 53°26′28″N 102°52′23″W / 53.4412°N 102.8731°W / 53.4412; -102.8731.[1]

Through a Custom Electoral System the members elect a Chief and 4 councillors. The band office is located in the settlement of Red Earth.[1]

Kiwaytinok Elementary School and John William Head Memorial Education Centre offer Kindergarten to Grade 12.[2]


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