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Red Haircrow
Born Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Occupation Poet, writer, filmmaker
Nationality American (Native)
Period 1980-Present
Genre Poetry, Contemporary, Non-fiction, Native American
Notable works Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World, The Agony of Joy
Notable awards Rainbow Award 2012, Best LGBT Biography/Memoir, Global E-Books Awards 2013, Best LGBT Fiction

Red Haircrow (born 1972) is a writer, educator and filmmaker with Chiricahua Apache and Cherokee heritage. His work includes poetry, short stories, novellas and full-length books. His novel The Agony of Joy won Best LGBT Fiction in Global Ebooks Awards 2013, and the biography Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World about a young deaf, gay Russian, was a winner of a Rainbow Award 2012 in the category, Best Biography/Memoir. His non-fiction and current events articles are often on Native American issues and concerns, intercultural relations, family and living and working in Germany. Short works have appeared in Danse Macabre Magazine, Sibling Rivalry Press' Assaracus Magazine, Sword & Saga Press' American Athenaeum, and others.

Life and career[edit]

Red Haircrow was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and currently resides in Berlin, Germany, and previously worked in law enforcement. He is also a chef, selective counselor (holding a BSc Psychology from Columbia Southern University), and owns and operates the multimedia production company Flying With Red Haircrow, which opened on 31 October 2010.

Regarding native current events, history or culture, Red Haircrow appeared in a Deutsche Welle video broadcast,[1] explaining why Native American cultures in general would wish the return of human remains kept by the Karl May Museum in Radebeul, Germany. A video of the interview is also available on YouTube.[2] Since the end of 2013, Native American tribes had been lobbying for the repatriation of native scalps alleged to be kept at the museum.[3]

Haircrow has been asked to comment in Germany on cultural appropriation in pop culture and fashion, which has been the source of controversy and debate. Magazine and news sources include Global Post: "Dressing Up As Cowboys and Indians is Big in Germany"[4]", which was republished in the Arizona news source Tucson Sentinel.[5] DeinPULS for "Indianerfedern als Modeaccessoire Hirnloser Trend oder bewusste Provokation?",[6] also included a detailed interview with Red Haircrow,[7] which was broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk. Ex-Berliner Magazine featured commentary by Red Haircrow.[8] Mother Jones magazine included a mention on the Indian hobbyist sub-cultures in "[9]", and in Stern, one of Germany's top news magazines, included an interview by Michael Streck on the topic of Indian Hobbyism in Europe.

As a public speaker and educator, Red Haircrow was requested for workshops at "Tages des Indigenen Film[10]" in Rostock, Germany, which is an annual film festival dedicated to showing native films produced by natives. The annual event took place November 16–18, 2014, with Mr. Haircrow addressing topics of stereotyping and native misrepresentation in Hollywood films and around the world, in a presentation titled, "Against the Myths". Red Haircrow again participated in the 2015 event, presenting information on "Native Misrepresentations in Film. Short musical film, "Conejitos Amarillos", music by Uli Lenz, poetry by Red Haircrow, was selected to appear in the 2016 Anibar Animation Festival in Peje, Kosovo.,[11] and Red was a guest for "The Voices" radio show,[12] November 2016, on the topic of native rights, sovereignty and Standing Rock.

Currently, in production, Red Haircrow is directing and producing the documentary,[13] "Forget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes in Germany", along with German colleague, Timo Kiesel of glokal e.V. It will feature experiences of Native Americans in Germany dealing with stereotyping and racism.






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  • Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World:[24]
  • The Agony of Joy:[25]


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