Red Hayes

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Joe "Red" Hayes
Birth name Joe Herman Hayes
Born (1926-04-04)April 4, 1926
Origin Texas
Died March 2, 1973(1973-03-02)
Genres country
Occupation(s) songwriter
Instruments Fiddle, bass, mandolin, guitar
Years active 1936 to 1973
Labels Starday

Joe Herman "Red" Hayes was a fiddle player and singer-songwriter who co wrote "Satisfied Mind". He was born April 4, 1926, in Garden Valley, Texas near Tyler. On the tour they were known as the "County Deputies" with Connie Smith. He was on tour with Faron Young and Vassar Clements on their 1973 UK Tour in Manchester UK when he died on stage on March 2, 1973. He's buried in in Garden Valley, Texas.

"Red was more of a musician than a singer but a good songwriter, when I knew him on his UK tour he had a ranch in the USA where he let underprivileged children stay." Mary Oglesby (Country Couples).