Red Hill volcanic field

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Red Hill volcanic field
Location Catron County, New Mexico,
United States
Mountain type Volcanic field
Volcanic arc/belt Basin and Range Province

Red Hill volcanic field, also known as Quemado volcanic field, is a monogenetic volcanic field located in the vicinity of the ghost town of Red Hill in Catron County New Mexico. Also known as the Quemado volcanic field, Red Hill is 24 kilometers (15 mi) east of the larger Springerville volcanic field and immediately south of the Zuni Salt Lake field. The area is made up of scoria cone and silicic dome fields.[1][2][3] The last eruption was 23 ka BP.[4]

Notable vents[edit]

Name Elevation Coordinates Last eruption
Aden Crater[3] - - -
Red Hill cone[3] - 34°17′36″N 108°53′31″W / 34.293247°N 108.892021°W / 34.293247; -108.892021 (Red Hill cone) -
Red Hill maar[3] - 34°13′18″N 108°49′19″W / 34.221739°N 108.821983°W / 34.221739; -108.821983 (Red Hill maar) -
Zuni Salt Lake (maar)[3] 1,897 m or 6,224 ft[5] 34°27′00″N 108°46′04″W / 34.450000°N 108.767738°W / 34.450000; -108.767738 (Zuni Salt Lake) -

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Coordinates: 34°15′N 108°50′W / 34.25°N 108.83°W / 34.25; -108.83 (Red Hill volcanic field)