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Red Horse Beer

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Red Horse Beer
Red Horse Beer logo.png
TypeExtra-strong beer (Filipino lager)
ManufacturerSan Miguel Brewery
(a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation)
Country of originPhilippines
International (export only)
Alcohol by volumeDiffers depending on region.
ColourAmber Lager
Variants330ml bottle,640ml bottle, 330ml can, 500ml can, 1 litre bottle, 13.2 keg

Red Horse Beer is an extra-strong lager brewed by San Miguel Brewery.[1]


Red Horse is the first extra-strong beer brand in the Philippines. It is a high-alcohol lager of the San Miguel Brewery, with an alcohol content of 6.9% abv.[2]

It was once introduced in response to Asia Brewery. Red Horse comes is various sizes, including the flagship 500 (500ml, regular), the discontinued Colt (250ml), the smaller Stallion (330ml), in Litro (1000ml), and in cans (330ml).

There are bottles prior to 2000 that have the first and the previous logo of Red Horse Beer shows the horse with a smile. Another distinct mark of these old, rare bottles has the separate heels on the horseshoe, the word "Red Horse" in a stenciled font, and in the back information all printed in red instead of yellow. The information on the back may vary in very old, rare bottles with the previous packaging. These bottles are nicknamed "The Laughing/Happy Horse".

They exist, rarely on crates of the regular 500, Stallion and in some cases, in Litro. These "Laughing/Happy Horse" bottles exist because they recycle old bottles, with the previous packaging, which costs less than producing new bottles.[citation needed]

Awards and prizes

Year Category Awarding body
2014 Gold Medal[3] Australian International Beer Awards
2015 Trophy for Best International Lager[4]
2016 Silver Medal "Highly Recommended" 86pts Beverage Tastings Institute


Red Horse Muziklaban

Red Horse Muziklaban is an annual rock band competition in the Philippines since 1999. It features young unsigned bands who compete for the grand prize of Php 1,000,000 and a recording contract. It is sponsored by the San Miguel Brewery to promote its Red Horse Beer.[6]

Muziklaban Winners
Year Winner Finalists
2000 Tears and Afterglow
2001 Zoom Zoom Lunacy
2002 18 Issue
2003 Fuseboxxx
2004 Mayonnaise Eye-Me and the Royal Scavengers, Join the Club, Kinkyhooters, Namaskar, Playback, Rugis, Zoom Zoom Lunacy
2005 Sunflower Day Camp Black Gulaman, Kabal, Eyescream, Mom's Cake, Monk's Hood, Piyesa, Sandata ni Lolo
2006 Hardboiledeggz (now Ibarra) Black Heaven, Descant Gott, IMO, Kamia, Mad Clown, Pepe Pilar, Punchmint, Smoke Free, Treadstone
2007 Gayuma Mental Floss, Dog Fight
2008 Even Duelist, Indiephums, K9, Karding Sungkit, Moabites, Mortal Fear, Psykbox, Rigmarole, Triangulo
2009 Hatankaru 2nd Squad, Cambronero, Hoodswhite, Kukumban,
2010 Light Of Luna
2011 David Vs. Goliath Leviticus, Mind of Clay, Zephaniah
2012 A Music Theory Disengage, Fidortchi, Katulad, Memoronnie
2013 Manila Under Fire Hubito's Tribe, Rigmarole, Stellarskin, We Band
2014 Nobela Blood Over Matter, Ex-Manager BAND, I Killed a Cockroach Once(IKACO), Through The Waves - PH
2015 Insekto Pares MAY, Odds and Evens, Orb of Blood, Stellarskin
2016 Shotgun Combo Crickets Playground, Injent, Stutter, Thorre
2017 Woopis Luminous, Redeemed by Blood, Sinaphatra, Talim
2018 Lilith (Lakas Category) Ashes of Anubis, Chapters, Sucketseven, Cursed by Fire
Happy Three Friends (Aklas Category) Overture, Triangulo, Jack Sprat, Rockaholic
2019 (TBA) Molay, Switchblade Manila


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