Red Kola

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Red Cola
Type Soft Drink
Manufacturer A.G. Barr plc, Currie's
Country of origin Scotland
Introduced 19??
Colour Red, (E104, E122)
Related products Irn-Bru, Tizer, Coca-Cola

Red Cola is a carbonated soft drink made from fruit extracts, and may include flavouring from the kola nut. Red Cola is made by various firms including Steven connell soft drinkS, Dunn's Food Group (under the Currie's brand name), Solripe and Barr's.

Despite the name, it bears no resemblance to more traditional cola drinks in either flavour or appearance. It is bright red in colour and has a unique taste, significantly sharper than cola and with a strong fruit base. It does, however, share the same analgesic properties that traditional cola has, such as curing headaches as well as soothing sore throats.


Currie's Red Kola : Carbonated Water, Sugar, Tartaric Acid, Flavourings, Preservative (Sodium Benzoate), Sweeteners (Sodium Saccharin), Colours (E163, E100)