Red La Soda

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Red La Soda is a red, main season potato cultivar. It is a deep red mutant of the potato variety La Soda. The non-mutant form was developed by the Louisiana potato breeding program in 1948 as a cross between Triumph and Katahdin. The mutant form was first observed in 1949 but was not released until 1953 by the USDA and the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station.

Botanical Features[edit]

  • Plant is spreading and medium in size.
  • Stems, leaves and petioles are all green and are lightly pubescent.
  • Their large lavender flowers are limited in pollen.
  • Tubers range from a round to oblong slightly flattened shape.
  • Tuber skin is red and smooth but may fade in color over time. Skinning also may occur.
  • Tuber flesh is white.
  • Tubers have a low specific gravity

Agricultural Features[edit]

  • Red La Soda is susceptible to early and late blights, scab, corky ring spot and bacterial wilt.
  • It is mostly grown for the fresh market, very good for boiling.
  • It is primarily grown in the southeastern part of the United States and mainly harvested in the winter months.