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Red Light
Red Light album cover.jpg
Digital and Wild Cat version cover
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 7, 2014
Recorded2014 at S.M. Studios, Seoul
LabelS.M. Entertainment
F(x) chronology
Pink Tape
Red Light
4 Walls
Singles from Red Light
  1. "Red Light"
    Released: July 3, 2014

Red Light is the third studio album by South Korean girl group f(x), released on July 7, 2014, by S.M. Entertainment.[3] It reached number 1 on the Gaon weekly album chart[4] and had two promotional singles, "Red Light" and "Milk". This is the last album to feature member Sulli, who left the group one year after the album's release.


The Red Light album has a dark and eerie concept, which f(x) said they liked. Krystal added that she likes this concept because she's often given roles that make her look pretty, and just this once she wanted something that would make her look darker and different.[5]

Naver describes the album's title track, "Red Light", as a "blast of urban rhythm bit, reversal in electro house genre". The lyrics talk about capturing great moments, stop and reconsider what is important in life. Also, it is a message, using a “red Light” to symbolize the warning, that is expressed in an eye-catching way.[6] Kenzie, penned the lyrics for the song and Maegan Cottone of Phrased Differently, Daniel Ullmann, Bryan Jarett, Allison Kaplan, and Sherry St. Germain were credited for the song's music. It was produced by Lee Soo-Man and Casper & B. F(x) member Amber Liu describes the song's dance as the "most passionate" and "most dynamic". Member Luna stated that the song's genre fit with their aim for a slightly intense but feminine image.[7]

The title track "Red Light" impacted Korean Broadcasting System's "K-Pop Connection" radio on July 8, 2014.[8]

Release and charts[edit]

The group had their debut performance of the album's lead single, "Red Light", on July 3, 2014 through Mnet's M!Countdown.[9] The Red Light album reached number 2 on the weekly Gaon albums chart,[4] while the promotional single "Red Light" went to number 1 on the Gaon weekly digital chart[10] and the Billboard K-pop Hot 100.[11] Several other non-promotional album tracks also charted on the Gaon and K-pop Hot 100 charts, as well.[11]

Red Light debuted at number one on the Gaon Album Chart for the week ending July 14, 2014.[4] The record has sold 86,143 copies in South Korea in 2014, becoming the nineteenth best-selling album of the year.[12]

Sulli's hiatus[edit]

On July 17, f(x) performed on Mnet's M!Countdown without member Sulli.[13] SM Entertainment explained that Sulli was sick and thus was unable to perform. However, when Sulli did not appear in the next few Red Light promotions and f(x)'s Korean promotion schedule was abruptly cleared for the rest of the month, it led to speculation that Sulli would be leaving the group (or that the group itself would be disbanding).[14] On July 24, SM Entertainment posted an official statement on the group's homepage, stating that Sulli had become "mentally and physically exhausted from the continuous, malicious comments and false rumors" that had been spread about her,[15] and would take a temporary hiatus from the entertainment industry, while remaining a member of f(x).[16] The remaining members shifted their activities to focus on solo ventures and continue overseas activities without Sulli for the time being.[17]

Sulli would eventually withdraw from the group on August 8, 2015, making Red Light her final contribution with the group.[18][19]

Critical reception[edit]

Fuse TV described f(x) as the K-Pop's top hipsters,[20] and the album was acclaimed by the critics. The "Red Light" music video reaching more than 2 million views on YouTube on first day of release.[21] As of August 2014, it has reached more than 10 million views.[22] The song "Red Light" was chosen by Fuse TV as one of 15 nominees for 2014's next summer anthem.[23]

The title track "Red Light" was included on the lists of best K-pop songs of 2014 by Dazed (number 9),[24] Vice (number 4),[25] and PopMatters (number one).[26]


South Korean broadcast station KBS ruled "Red Light" unfit for broadcast, since the song mentions a specific brand, heavy equipment manufacturing company Caterpillar.[27] In response, the f(x)'s agency, SM Entertainment, modified the lyrics.[28] Other TV stations, however, such as SBS's Inkigayo, MBC's Show Champion and Mnet's M!Countdown, allowed broadcast of the song with its original lyrics.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

1."Red Light"KenzieBryan Jarett, Daniel Ullmann, Maegan Cottone, Allison Kaplan, Sherry St. Germain, / Produced by Casper & B.3:32
2."MILK"KenzieLee Hyun Seung, Kenzie, Teddy Riley, DOM, Engelina Larsen3:36
3."Butterfly" (나비; Nabi)Shin Jin Hye (Jam Factory)Thomas Troelsen, Engelina Larsen, Shin Eun Seung (Hitchhiker)2:57
4."Rainbow" (무지개; Mujigae)MisfitWill Simms / Ylva Dimberg2:47
5."All Night"Jinbo, Kim Lee Young (Jam Factory), Lee Eun-jinLee Hyun Seung, Teddy Riley, DOM, Jinbo, Ylva Dimberg3:30
6."Vacance" (바캉스; Bakangseu)KenzieKenzie3:15
7."Spit It Out" (뱉어내; Baeteonae)MisfitCaesar & Loui, Olof Lindskog, Jasmine Anderson3:02
8."Boom Bang Boom"Seo Ji Eum (Jam Factory)Eirik Johansen, Jan Hallvard Larsen, Carl Johan Isac Gustafsson, Fredrik Haggstam, Sebastian Per Emil Lundberg, Melanie Fontana2:54
9."Dracula"Jo Yun GyeongJoachim Vermeulen Windsant, Willem Laseroms, Maarten ten Hove3:14
10."Summer Lover"Young-hu KimAmber J. Liu, Sean Alexander2:54
11."Paper Heart" (종이 심장; Jongi Simjang)Seo Ji Eum (Jam Factory)Chris Wahle, Didrik Thott, Dianna Corcoran3:25


Credits and personnel[edit]


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