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Red Line may refer to:

  • Red line (phrase), a figurative phrase used in English and Hebrew meaning a limit past which something shouldn't cross safely
  • Red line (hockey), the center of the playing surface on an ice hockey rink
  • Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation, an oil manufacturer for automotive and other performance applications
  • The All Red Line network of telegraph cables linking the British Empire
  • The Red Line Agreement, an agreement signed by partners in the Turkish Petroleum Company in 1928
  • The military line of defense in Operation Manta of the Chadian-Libyan Conflict along the 15th and later 16th parallel north
  • Red Line (Namibia), a pest-exclusion fence separating Northern Namibia from the central and southern parts





  • The Red Line, a 1909 Finnish novel by Ilmari Kianto on which a film and opera are based


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