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Pittsburgh Light Rail Red Line
Red Line Car, Beechview, 2015-09-10, 02.jpg
Red Line train
OwnerPort Authority of Allegheny County
TypeLight rail
SystemPittsburgh Light Rail
Operator(s)Port Authority of Allegheny County
Daily ridership10,683 (2018)[1]
Track gauge5 ft 2+12 in (1,588 mm)
ElectrificationOverhead lines
Route map

North Side
Wood Street
Penn Station
occasional use
Steel Plaza
First Avenue
I-376.svgUS 22.svgUS 30.svg
I-376 / US 22 / US 30
Penn Lincoln Parkway
Station Square
Monongahela Incline South Busway
South Hills Junction
South Busway
Palm Garden
South Busway
South Busway
Dormont Junction
Mt. Lebanon
Mt. Lebanon
Mt. Lebanon
Castle Shannon
Castle Shannon
St. Anne's
Smith Road
Castle Shannon
Bethel Park
Washington Junction
Bethel Village
South Hills Village
Bethel Park
Upper St. Clair

The Red Line (formerly the 42S South Hills Village via Beechview) is a line on the Pittsburgh Light Rail system that runs between South Hills Village and Downtown Pittsburgh via the Beechview neighborhood. The companion route, the Blue Line, branches off north of Martin Villa – which closed in 2012 – and runs through Overbrook. In March 2007, the closure of the Palm Garden Bridge for refurbishment suspended the Red Line for five months; it resumed service in September.[2][3]


The line begins at South Hills Village in Upper St. Clair, and runs north to Washington Junction through Bethel Park, providing a transfer to the Blue Line - Library, which runs via Overbrook. The Red Line continues north through Castle Shannon and Mount Lebanon, then through the Mount Lebanon Rail Tunnel underneath Washington Road/West Liberty Avenue (aka Truck U.S. Route 19) into Dormont at the other end. The first station coming out of the tunnel northbound is Dormont Junction, then line proceeds through this suburb, crossing many streets via grade crossings. The line then arrives at Potomac, where it begins travelling through street trackage about a quarter mile down the tracks, crossing into the neighborhood of Beechview in the city of Pittsburgh near the former Neeld Avenue stop.

Before the Mt. Lebanon Rail Tunnel, the old streetcars ran with car traffic on Washington Road between Alfred Street in Mt. Lebanon and the intersection of McFarland Road and Raleigh Avenue (where Washington Road becomes West Liberty Avenue) in Dormont.

At South Hills Junction the Red Line rejoins the Blue Line and the Brown Line, which runs over Mount Washington through the Allentown neighborhood. The Red Line runs through the Mount Washington Transit Tunnel, stopping at Station Square before crossing the Monongahela River on the Panhandle Bridge. Reaching downtown at First Avenue, the Red Line proceeds underground to Steel Plaza, Wood Street and Gateway Center. Upon reaching Gateway, the route then proceeds under the Allegheny River and makes additional stops at North Side and Allegheny stations on the North Shore.

The Port Authority closed seven stations along the Red Line on June 25, 2012: Santa Barbara, Martin Villa, Kelton, Neeld, Boustead, Coast and Traymore.[4] An additional station, Pennant, was closed on February 15, 2021, due to safety concerns.[5] The line was renamed slightly to Red Line - Castle Shannon via Beechview when the North Shore Connector opened.


The Pittsburgh Light Rail has three types of stations. They are low platform, high platform, and underground. High platform and underground stations are wheelchair accessible as the train doors are level with the platform. Low platform stations are not wheelchair accessible as they require passengers to climb stairs to board the light rail vehicle.

Name Miles[1] Station Type Other services Municipality
Allegheny Disabled access 0.00 high platform      Blue Line,      Silver Line Pittsburgh / Chateau
North Side Disabled access 0.51 underground Pittsburgh / North Shore
Gateway Center Disabled access 1.00 Pittsburgh / Central Business District
Wood Street Disabled access 1.26
Steel Plaza Disabled access 1.55
First Avenue Disabled access 1.88 high platform
Station Square Disabled access 2.41      Blue Line,      Silver Line,      South Busway, Monongahela Incline Monongahela Incline Pittsburgh / South Shore
South Hills Junction Disabled access 3.25      Blue Line,      Silver Line,      South Busway Pittsburgh / Mt. Washington
Palm Garden 3.67 low platform      South Busway
Dawn 3.90 Pittsburgh / Beechview
Westfield 4.37
Fallowfield Disabled access 4.72 high platform
Hampshire 4.79 low platform
Belasco 5.09
Shiras 5.39
Stevenson 5.75 Dormont
Potomac Disabled access 5.97 high platform
Dormont Junction Disabled access 6.45
Mt. Lebanon Disabled access 7.11 Mt. Lebanon
Poplar 7.68 low platform
Arlington 8.15 Castle Shannon
Castle Shannon Disabled access 8.36 high platform
Overbrook Junction Disabled access 8.59
St. Anne's[a] 8.97 low platform      Blue Line,      Silver Line
Smith Road[a] 9.25
Washington Junction[a] Disabled access 9.49 high platform Bethel Park
Casswell[a] 9.96 low platform      Blue Line
Highland[a] 10.27
Bethel Village[a] 10.75
Dorchester[a] 11.04
South Hills Village[a] Disabled access 11.31 high platform Upper St. Clair
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