Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation

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Red Line Synthetic Oil
Industry Chemical
Founded 1979 (1979) in Novato, California
Founder Tim Kerrigan
Peter Filice
Headquarters Benicia, California, United States
Products Synthetic lubricants
Owner Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation

Red Line Synthetic Oil is a synthetic lubricants manufacturer located in Benicia, California, United States.[1] It is part of Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation.[2]


Red Line was founded in 1979 by Tim Kerrigan and Peter Filice in Novato, California. As it grew, it moved to Martinez, California, and then to Benicia, California.

In 1986, Roy Howell, a Cornell graduate and chemist working for Lubrizol, was appointed as Chief Chemist at Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation and is currently Vice President of the company.


Red Line started as a company producing oils for the racing industry, later expanding their business to the more mainstream markets. They have a full line up of multigrade and monograde polyol ester base stock (Group V) engine and gear lubricants.[3][4][5]


Starting in 2009, they are the official oil for the Formula Mazda Challenge series [6] Other partnerships and contingency programs include Drag racing,[7] Road Racing,[8] Time Attack,[9] Pro Stock Bike racing,[10] and Motorcycle racing.[11]

Red Line Synthetic Oil sponsored touring car racer Eddie Garrison n the Grand Bayou Race Series in 2007. Red Line also sponsored Doug Kalitta's NHRA Top Fuel Dragster beginning in 2009 [12] and Stillen's Rally-Spec Nissan GT-R.[13]


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