Red Moors

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Red Moors
Rosso Mori
Secretary Salvatore Melis[1]
President Gesuino Muledda
Founded 2009
Split from Sardinian Action Party
Headquarters unknown
Newspaper none
Membership unknown
Ideology Sardinian nationalism
Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation none
European affiliation none
European Parliament group no MEPs
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
Regional Council of Sardinia
2 / 60
Politics of Sardinia
Political parties

Red Moors (Italian: Rosso Mori, RM) is a regionalist and social-democratic political party in Sardinia.

The party was founded in 2009 as a left-wing split from the Sardinian Action Party, after this had signed an electoral pact with The People of Freedom, the main centre-right party in Italy. In the 2009 regional election the RM won 2.5% of the vote, despite not being on the ballot in three provincial constituencies out of eight, and one regional councillor, Claudia Zuncheddu.[2] The list did better in the province of Sassari (4.2%) and the province of Nuoro (3.3%).[3]

In the 2010 provincial elections the Red Moors improved their share of vote and were particularly strong in Medio Campidano (7.1%), the province of Nuoro (4.2%) and the province of Cagliari (3.1%).[4]

In January 2011 Zuncheddu left the party in order to join Independence Republic of Sardinia.[5][6] This caused a major upheaval within the party, which was left without representation in the Regional Council.[7]

However the party pushed back and, in the 2014 regional election, it won 2.6% of the vote and two regional councillors.[8]



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