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Red Planet Media, Inc.
Industry multimedia wireless mobile video
Founded October 2007
Founder Dean Fresonke, President
Headquarters Orlando, FL, United States
Products JumpInMobile.TV
Services Mobile video-on-demand, financial transaction-based social networking

Red Planet Media, Inc. is an American mobile entertainment services company. The company was a spun out of ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc. in 2007 to concentrate on the development of new mobile media platforms for the U.S. and Latin American markets.[1] Since that time, the company has launched a multi-lingual mobile social networking platform called and a mobile video-on-demand service called JumpInMobile.TV. Red Planet Media is headquartered in Orlando Florida. [2][edit], also referred to as JumpIn, is a mobile social networking application that enables people to use their cell phones to chat, share photos, create personal profiles and view the profiles of others. Each JumpIn member can upload photos and videos to his or her profile. JumpIn also incorporates a contest area, referred to as JumpIn2Win, which enable members to participate in photo judging contests by both submitting photos and voting on photos submitted by others. JumpIn is available in Spanish as well. The Spanish language version is accessed at


In July 2008, Red Planet Media announced the launch of a mobile video-on-demand service for AT&T and Sprint mobile phone subscribers with three content channels, Funimation, Cine Mexicano, and Noti Mobile[3][4] The JumpInMobile.TV service enables long form video content to play on video-enabled mobile phones. Funimation made full use of this capability by offering entire television seasons of each of the titles, up to 26 half-hour episodes each. Three titles were part of the launch, Gunslinger Girl, MoonPhase, and Galaxy Railways. Two of the channels, Cine Mexicano and Noti Mobile, are Spanish language. Cine Mexicano's initial offering included three full length, feature films divided into on-demand chapters. Noti Mobile, a news channel created by Globemedia, consists of three daily news feeds covering regional Latin American news, entertainment news and sporting news delivered by anchors in Colombia and Miami. An estimated 30 million phones were supported at the time of the launch. Each channel requires a monthly subscription ranging from $3.99 to $4.99, which appears on the subscriber's monthly phone bill.


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