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Faygo Red Pop.

Red Pop is a variant of cream soda that is traditionally flavored with strawberries.


Major producers of Red Pop include Faygo/Shasta and Big Red. The brands do differ to some extent as to the character of their Red Pop. The Faygo Red Pop focuses more on the strawberry flavor, whereas Big Red's Red Pop includes a blend of several fruit flavors, including apple, cherry, and strawberry, with a focus on the cream soda aspect of the drink. Many people refer to the flavor as simply Red.


Faygo introduced strawberry soda in its initial line up. In the 1960s, the name of the strawberry soda was officially changed to Red Pop. 'Red Pop' was used in Christopher P. Curtis' book, Bud, Not Buddy , when Lefty Lewis said, "Might even have some extra Red Pop." Big Red introduced its 'Sun Tang Red Cream Soda' in 1937. In 1959, this was shortened to 'Sun Tang Big Red' and in 1969 it was further shortened to 'Big Red'. The same flavor is in use in Big Red's energy drink.