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Red Priest (2015)

Red Priest is a British Baroque instrumental group that was formed in 1997, originally with eleven members. Currently it is composed of four performers: Piers Adams - recorder, Adam Summerhayes - violin, Angela East - cello and David Wright - harpsichord. The group is named after the red-haired Italian priest and Baroque composer, Antonio Vivaldi.[1]

The quartet plays in a flamboyant, theatrical and virtuosic style making use of props, costumes, dramatic lighting and other effects. The pieces they perform are generally their own arrangements, though based very closely on the original music by Vivaldi, Bach, et al.[2]

In addition to touring all over the world, Red Priest are a frequent guest on BBC Radio 3's In Tune programme. They have released several albums, including a contemporary take on Vivaldi's The Four SeasonsPirates of the Baroque', 'Johann I'm Only Dancing' (all Bach), 'Handel in the Wind' (all Handel) and their latest CD 'The Baroque Bohemians'.

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