Red River Valley (1997 film)

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Red River Valley
RedRiver poster.jpg
Directed byFeng Xiaoning
Produced byShanghai Film Studio
Written byFeng Xiaoning
StarringPaul Kersey
Ning Jing
Music byJin Fuzai
Release date
Running time
115 min.
LanguageMandarin / English

Red River Valley (Chinese: 红河谷; pinyin: Hóng hégŭ) is a 1997 film directed by Feng Xiaoning about the British incursion into Tibet, starring Paul Kersey and Ning Jing. It was also released under the title A Tale of the Sacred Mountain. A book by Peter Fleming, Ian Fleming's brother, is credited in the movie.[1] In 1961, Fleming published Bayonets to Lhasa: The First Full Account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904.

The film won numerous prizes at China's three main award ceremonies: Huabiao, Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers.

The film's production was part of an official Chinese government effort -- also reflected in the schools -- to incorporate the Tibet incursion into the story of the century of humiliation China suffered at the hands of Western and Japanese invaders and commercial interests.[2]


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