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Red Rock Cider was an alcoholic beverage produced by Taunton Cider Company[1] and sold in the UK during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Unusually, it is remembered most fondly for its advertisements, which had the strapline "It's not red, and there's no rocks in it".

In 1990, a series of TV adverts, directed by John Lloyd, were produced in the style of Police Squad! (but titled as Fraud Squad) and starred Leslie Nielsen in a role similar to, but not namechecked as, that of Detective Frank Drebin. However, in the 'episode' called 'Albert Einstein's Form Guide', Nielsen holds the Fraud Squad ID card close to the camera and if you pause the ad, you can see the initials 'F. Drebin', his character from Police Squad!. In the same advert, Nielsen shouts, "Hey! You, over there, in the shadows!" The man steps forward and reveals himself to be Hank Marvin, guitarist with the sixties pop group The Shadows. The titles of each advert followed the Police Squad! joke style of having a different title in the voice-over than what appeared captioned on screen.

Advert no. Voice-over title On screen title extra detail
1 The Secret Assignment Operation Undercover
2 Terror In The Night There Go My Trousers
3 David Heeley Available For Bar Mitzvahs Albert Einstein's Form Guide Features a cameo appearance from Hank Marvin. There is also an extended version with a different audio and screen title (audio:Smell My Whispy Nightie; on-screen: Smile Whispering Night) and some additional scenes of the detectives arriving at the racecourse and serving a jockey some cones and the checking of a horse. There is a slightly longer speech before Hank Marvin appears.
4 The Amy Johnson Story My Wife Ate A Walrus


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