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Red Rock Cider was an alcoholic beverage produced by Taunton Cider Company[1][dead link][2] and sold in the UK during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Unusually, it is remembered most fondly for its advertisements, which had the strapline "It's not red, and there's no rocks in it". The original ending, "It doesn't taste like cider" was dropped.[3]

In 1990, a series of TV adverts, directed by John Lloyd, were produced in the style of Police Squad! (but titled as Fraud Squad!) and starred Leslie Nielsen in a role similar to, but not namechecked as, that of Detective Frank Drebin. The titles of each advert followed the Police Squad! joke style of having a different title in the voice-over than what appeared captioned on screen. Hank Marvin made a cameo appearance in one advert (after Nielsen's character shouts "Hey you over there in the shadows!")[citation needed]


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