Red Rock Reserve

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Red Rock
Red Rock is located in Victoria
Red Rock
Red Rock
Victoria, Australia
Highest point
Coordinates 38°14′52″S 143°30′17″E / 38.24778°S 143.50472°E / -38.24778; 143.50472Coordinates: 38°14′52″S 143°30′17″E / 38.24778°S 143.50472°E / -38.24778; 143.50472
Location Victoria, Australia
Mountain type Maar volcano

Red Rock Reserve is a major volcanic site made up of several large maar craters, some of which are intermittently filled by lakes.[1] It is situated in Victoria, Australia, seventeen kilometres north of Colac.[2] It is one of Victoria's youngest volcanoes, with an eruption point of around 8,000 years [3] and is one of Victoria's most spectacular volcanic sites.[4]

Panorama photo from Red Rock looking towards the craters and lakes.