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For the film, see Red Scorpion.
Red Scorpions
Founded mid 2000's by Quang Vinh Thang(Michael) Le, Konaam Shirzad , Matthew Johnston & two other un-named young offenders who are considered along with Shirzad to no longer be active members of the gang.
Founding location Vancouver, British Columbia
Years active mid 2000's - Present
Territory Lower Mainland
Ethnicity Various
Criminal activities Arms trafficking, Drug trafficking, Extortion, home invasion, illegal immigration, kidnapping, money laundering, murder, passport fraud
Allies Hells Angels, Independent Soldiers , Golden Triangle Triad , 856 gang , Unknown Soldiers gang
Rivals United Nations gang , Dahk/Duhre Group , Empire gang

The Red Scorpions is a gang based in British Columbia, Canada. Originally formed in a young offenders facility, they have been running “dial-a-dope lines” – (drug trafficking operations) in the suburbs of Vancouver since 2000. Gang members can be identified by “RS” tattoos on their arms and necks and come from multicultural backgrounds, as the Red Scorpions consider race secondary to loyalty and respect.[1][2]

They have been involved in an increasing number of well-publicized incidents of gang violence in the Vancouver area, in part due to their bitter rivalry with the United Nations gang. The Red Scorpions-United Nations relationship worsened after the infamous Bacon brothers left the UN to join forces with the Red Scorpions.[3]

The Red Scorpions have also been linked to some of the bloodiest shootings in the region and were allegedly behind the killing of six people in a Whalley condominium in 2007. Dennis Karbovanec pleaded guilty to three of the six killings in April 2009.[3]

Dennis Karbovanec[edit]

In 2007, his close friend Jonathan Bacon turned over 114 sticks of stolen dynamite, a grenade, seven handguns, two shotguns, a rifle and an Uzi submachine gun to Abbotsford police as part of a plea bargain for Karbovanec. He was the target of a gangland hit on New Year's Eve 2008 but due to his Kevlar body armour, survived. Port Moody police issued a public safety warning after he moved into that area. On April 3, 2009, Karbovanec pleaded guilty to the slaying of three of the six killed in the Surrey high-rise slayings of October 19, 2007, after turning himself in.[3] On April 9, 2009 he was sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 15 years.[4]

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