Red Sea (Augustus Pablo album)

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Red Sea
Red sea big.jpg
Studio album by Augustus Pablo
Released 1998
Recorded 1970-1973, Randy's, Kingston, Jamaica
Genre Reggae, dub
Label Aquarius
Producer Herman Chin Loy
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Red Sea
This Is...Augustus Pablo
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Red Sea is a studio album by Augustus Pablo released in 1998, containing material recorded between 1970 and 1973 and was produced by Herman Chin Loy. The music on the album is among the earliest instances of Pablo's revolutionary use of the melodica as a viable musical instrument. Chin Loy is often credited as being an influential figure in the discovery and nurturing of Pablo's talent.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Red Sea" (Swaby)
  2. "Iggy" (Swaby)
  3. "East of the River Nile" (Swaby)
  4. "Soul Vibration" (Swaby)
  5. "Song of the East" (Swaby)
  6. "Uganda" (Swaby)
  7. "Youth Man" (Swaby)
  8. "Invasion" (Swaby)
  9. "I Man" (Swaby)
  10. "African Rock" (Swaby)
  11. "African Zulu" (Swaby)
  12. "405" (Swaby)
  13. "Reggae in the Fields" (Swaby)
  14. "Darker Shade of Red" (Swaby)


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