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Restaurant entrance and decapitated statue of Lenin

Red Square is a Russian-themed restaurant, located in the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas and formerly the Tropicana Atlantic City in Atlantic City.[1] Red Square currently stands as one of the only depictions of Soviet culture in the United States. A beheaded, pigeon dropping-covered statue of Lenin stands at the entrance to the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant consists of wooden walkways connecting a multitude of fine dining rooms. The main room bears resemblance to a Czarist palace.

Bar and restaurant[edit]

The trademark of the bar is its vodka menu with up to 200 brands from over two dozen countries. Guests are offered fur coats to wear when visiting the cold vodka vault which has a frozen ice bar. The bar prides itself on having what the restaurant believes is the largest availability of vodka in the world.[citation needed] The restaurant carries a sophisticated Russian menu.

Atlantic City closing[edit]

On September 30, 2012, Red Square at The Quarter at Tropicana closed.[2]

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