Red Swastik

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Red Swastik
Red Swastik.jpg
Directed byVinod Pande
Produced byVinod Pande Ramon Omar
Written byVinod Pande
StarringSherlyn Chopra
Harsh Chhaya
Shanay Shah
Music byShamir Tandon
John Paul-Ashutosh Singh
CinematographyRakesh Kumar
Release date
8 June 2007
Running time
131 minutes

Red Swastik is a 2007 Indian Hindi erotic thriller film directed by Vinod Pande.[1]


Sarika (Deepshika) is a single mother who lives in Mumbai with her physically challenged daughter Anjali and works as an editor for a magazine. One day she gets a phone call from a female reader who is upset because her submission was not printed. The caller seems threatening so Sarika notifies her friend, D.C.P. Chaudhary, but he is unable to provide any assistance. Then late one night Sarika gets a visit from Chaudhary and Crime Branch Inspector Sunil Ranade, who inform her that a businessman had been brutally knifed to death with a blood-smeared swastika mark on his forehead. They inform her that they re-dialed the last number from the victim's phone number and found that it was her work number. They also informed her that they suspect that the killer is a woman who has killed another male in Delhi in a similar fashion and her modus operandi appears to be to kill married males who are unfaithful to their respective spouses. They provide her with a recording machine in case the killer calls again. The female does call again and attempts to befriend Sarika, but gets upset and evasive when questioned about her identity and whereabouts. Shortly thereafter the police find another dead male victim, but the killer never leaves any clues.



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