Red Tuesday bushfires

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Red Tuesday bushfires
Gippsland, Sunday night, February 20th, 1898.jpg
Gippsland, Sunday night, February 20th, 1898 (John Longstaff)
Location South Gippsland, Victoria
Date(s) 1 February 1898
Burned area 260,000 hectares
Fatalities 12

The Red Tuesday bushfires took place on 1 February 1898 in South Gippsland, Victoria. The bushfires claimed 12 lives, destroyed over 2,000 buildings[1] and affected about 15,000 people, leaving 2,500 homeless.[2] A total area of 2,600 square kilometres (1,004 sq mi) of bushland and farmland was destroyed by the fires.[3]


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