Red Turban Rebellion (1854–1856)

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Red Turban Rebellion
LocationGuangdong province, China
Result rebellion suppressed
  • Red Turban rebels
Casualties and losses

The Red Turban Rebellion of 1854–1856, sometimes known as the Red Turban Revolt, was a series of uprisings by members of the Tiandihui or Heaven and Earth Society (天地會) in the Guangdong province of South China. It began in the spring of 1854. The Red Turbans did not succeed in taking the city of Canton, but fought through much of the country round it for more than a year.[1]:473 Ling Shih-pa was one of the leaders, and also a member of the God Worshipping Society,[2]:660 which declared the Jintian Uprising and so began the Taiping Rebellion.


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