Red Warszawa

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Red Warszawa
Origin Copenhagen, DenmarkDenmark
Genres Heavy metal, Polish punk
Years active 1986-present
Labels Gusten Fætter Records
Members "Lækre" Jens Mondrup
"Heavy" Henning Nymand
Kenneth "Gucci Lala" Gøtsche
Matthias "MyTightAss" Pedersen

Red Warszawa is a heavy metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was formed in 1986 by "Lækre" Jens Mondrup and "Heavy" Henning Nymand.

The band is one of the very few - if not the only - successful metal band singing their lyrics in the Danish language. Red Warszawa's lyrics mainly concern taboo themes such as alcoholism, child abuse, prostitution, drug abuse and the like, presented in a blackly humorous and satirical fashion. The band's lyrics and image present the group as low-class, uneducated, crass, alcoholic and proud of it. The main recurring theme of the band's lyrics is low-class Danish social misery and its connected vices such as racism, alcoholism, domestic violence, drug abuse and lacking education.

The band also had a cameo in the Danish movie In China They Eat Dogs, as a heavy metal-band inadvertently getting executed.


In 1986 "Lækre" Jens Mondrup and "Heavy" Henning Nymand's teacher played a song made by a Polish punk band. They liked it and decided to play it themselves, so they started the band today known as Red Warszawa.[1] Around 1990 Red Warszawa changed their music style into Heavy Metal but they still claim they their style is Polish punk because they think it sounds much cooler.

Band name[edit]

According to the band's website, the name was supposed to mean "Red Warsaw" - red as in the colour red, and Warsaw as in the capital of Poland. But the band members thought that the city was called Warszawa in English - as it is called in both Danish and Polish - so they named their band "Red Warszawa". Red in Danish means save, and because of that, many Danes thought that Red Warszawa was an organisation like Save the Children (Danish: Red Barnet).[1]

Red Warszawa is pronounced as in English red and Danish Warszawa.


  • "Lækre" Jens Mondrup - Vocals (1986–1991, 1992–1993, 1995–present)
  • "Heavy" Henning Nymand - Guitar (1986–present)
  • Morten "Måtten Møbelbanker" Nielsen - Drums (2000–present)
  • Matthias "MyTightAss" Pedersen - Bass (2006–present)