Red bean ice

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Red bean ice
Ice kachang.jpg
Course Dessert
Place of origin Hong Kong
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients azuki bean, rock sugar, evaporated milk
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Red bean ice
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Cantonese Yale hung4 dau2 bing1
Literal meaning red bean ice

Red bean ice is a drink commonly found in Hong Kong.[1] It is usually served in restaurants like cha chaan teng (simplified Chinese: 茶餐厅; traditional Chinese: 茶餐廳; pinyin: chácāntīng). It is a popular dessert in summer. The standard ingredients include azuki beans, light rock sugar syrup, and evaporated milk.[2] It is often topped with ice cream to become a dessert.[3]


Red bean ice tea has been around since the 1970s.[4] Some places which serve the drink add in chewy flavoured jelly.

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