Red to Kill

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Red to Kill
Red to Kill FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Billy Tang Hin-Shing
Produced by Kimmy Shuen (aka. Suen Ging On)
Written by Wong Ho Wa
Starring Lily Chung
Money Lo
Ben Ng
Music by Jonathon Wong Bong
Cinematography Tony Miu
Edited by Choi Hung
Martini Film Company Ltd.
Distributed by Mandarin Films Distribution Co. Ltd.
Release date
Running time
91 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office 9.476 M. HK$ (Hong Kong)[1]

Red to Kill (Chinese: 弱殺; pinyin: ruò shā) is a 1994 category III Hong Kong film directed by Billy Tang Hin-Shing.

Cast and roles[edit]

  • Lily Chung - Ming-Ming Yuk Kong
  • Money Lo - Ka Lok Cheung, the social worker
  • Ben Ng - Chi Wai Chan
  • Bobby Yip - Ugly Mental Patient


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