Red vs. Blue: Recreation

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Red vs. Blue: Recreation
Rvb recreation.jpg
Official artwork for Red vs. Blue: Recreation featuring Caboose
Game(s)Halo 3
Genre(s)Comic science fiction
Running time96 min. (episodes)
93 min. (DVD)
Directed byGavin Free
Written byBurnie Burns
VoicesJoel Heyman
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Jason Saldaña
Gustavo Sorola
Burnie Burns
Dan Godwin
Shannon McCormick
Asaf Ronen
Mark Bellman
Jack Lee
Jack Pattillo
Release(s)June 9, 2009 – October 26, 2009
Format(s)Flash, QuickTime
No. of episodes19

Red vs. Blue: Recreation is the seventh season of the action comedy science fiction machinima web series Red vs. Blue created by Rooster Teeth Productions that premiered on June 9, 2009, and concluded on October 26, 2009. Set three days after the Red vs. Blue: Relocated mini-series, the Red team are back plotting against the Blue team, which currently consists of only one person, Caboose. New episodes were released every Monday at 9:00 CST.

Unlike the more dramatic tone of the previous full season, Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, Recreation is more reminiscent of the comedic elements in the first five seasons, The Blood Gulch Chronicles.



Following the events of Reconstruction, Caboose attempts to bring Church back from the Epsilon A.I. unit with help from the Reds. However, they will have to deal with new enemies, the return of an old enemy and a shocking betrayal from an ally.


  • Length: 4:38
  • Release Date: June 9, 2009

Caboose is still working on his secret project, enduring numerous setbacks such as explosions and fires. Simmons, who is spying on Blue Base, returns to Sarge and Grif and informs them of the advantage they have in numbers over the Blues. The scene cuts to the scope of a sniper rifle which then in turn cuts to a white armored soldier who is actually Church. Church wanders back to Blue Base complaining about his death and that no one is left to remember him, except for Caboose, who is on fire. As he reaches the Blue Base he is met by a black armored soldier, Tex, who asks Church what they are going to do. She suggests that they "get started."


No. Overall No. in Season Title Episode Length Original release date
1201"Don't Get Me Started"6:12June 16, 2009 (2009-06-16)
Sarge attempts to intimidate the Blues (just Caboose) by announcing the Red's imminent attack. Grif reasons that killing Caboose would remove the point of waging war, as the Blue base has not received any reinforcements, and may never receive any. Sarge reconsiders the attack and contacts Command to ask for advice on dealing with the Blues. Meanwhile Grif confides in Simmons that he would rather stall the battle for years, and be facing one "shitty" enemy, than transferred to a new base and fighting five "real" enemies. Command brushes Sarge off, claiming not to know anything about a Blue team. Simmons recalls that the Reds had deleted the information on the Blues while at Command. However, Sarge's recollection of the events involved killing Grif and riding on Simmons, who transformed into a motorcycle.
1212"Free Refills"6:01June 23, 2009 (2009-06-23)
At Blue Base, Caboose appears to talk to Epsilon about his adventures in Blood Gulch with Sheila. Sarge is looking for Simmons so he can brief Red Team on his latest plan to wipe out the Blues (still just Caboose). Sarge finds Simmons in the holographic projection room beneath their base, and interrupts Simmons' heartfelt talk with a holographic version of Sarge. Above ground, Grif, Sarge, and Simmons discuss their strategy for combating Blue Team, which involves restoring the information of the Blue Team in Command's databases that was previously erased by Sarge, because the team reasons that they can't beat an enemy that doesn't exist anymore. Sarge tells Simmons to wake up Donut, who was shown to be still unconscious earlier in the chapter, but they find him missing. Once again at Blue Base, Caboose appears to be recounting previous adventures to Epsilon. The camera pulls back and Donut is revealed to be standing behind Caboose.
1223"Visiting Hours"4:54June 30, 2009 (2009-06-30)
The Reds are out looking for Donut, heading over to Blue base. Donut confronts Caboose and tells him that he has an important message for Church from Tucker. Caboose quickly explains Church's true nature as an AI and Donut tells Caboose the message instead, saying only that Tucker needs help, and that "it is under the sand" before passing out. Caboose misunderstands the message, thinking Donut said, "it's under this and", but tells Donut he can rest at Blue Base for as long as he needs to. Meanwhile, Sarge, Grif, and Simmons arrive outside and think that Caboose is torturing Donut. Caboose talks with them and Sarge tries to negotiate Donut's release, but Caboose misunderstands the questions, believing the Reds are offering him treats, and becomes angry when they don't give him any cookies. Simmons also becomes agitated with the situation before leaving to "go sleep under a tree until it's over". Caboose goes back inside the base where Donut has regained consciousness. The episode ends with Donut puzzling over the fact that the normally insubordinate Grif is working with Sarge and that Simmons has uncharacteristically abandoned them.
1234"Catching Up"5:16July 6, 2009 (2009-07-06)
Donut tells Caboose about what happened to him after he was relocated from Blood Gulch, including his debriefing by the Counsellor of Project Freelancer. Donut had arrived at his new base and found a distress signal from Tucker telling him to find Church. Caboose, after explaining the events of Reconstruction to Donut and deciding they need help, calls Washington, who is revealed to be alive but incarcerated in a maximum security prison. Washington is surprised to hear that Caboose and the Red Team received new bases while he was arrested and that Caboose still has Epsilon. He tells the guard he needs to talk to the prison commander because he just figured out the last part of the "puzzle".
1245"Local Host"4:46July 13, 2009 (2009-07-13)
After Washington hangs up on Caboose, Donut offers to help him with his project and mentions that the Red team's underground holo-room could be useful before returning to Red base. After another accidental fire, Caboose decides to take Donut's advice and sneaks off toward Red base with Epsilon, planning to check out the holo-room. There, the Reds are making plans to rescue Donut, who returns and explains his brief visit to Sarge. Only Grif notices Caboose's attempt to stealthily enter Red base, but he ignores him and Caboose gains entry to the holo-chamber. Once inside, Epsilon begins to make humming sounds, which alarms Caboose. The scene fades to black and the chapter ends with Caboose mysteriously exclaiming, "It's you."
1256"One New Message"5:00July 27, 2009 (2009-07-27)
Epsilon's storage unit suddenly opens up, and the figure of Delta is seen. He explains that Epsilon chose this form because Delta was the main source of information from Caboose's stories. Delta asks Caboose for his help on a mission; specifically, he asks Caboose to take him to the source of energy that Donut had previously mentioned, and also where Tucker is supposed to be, so they can punish those who harmed Alpha. Delta states that they must find it themselves because Washington doesn't trust Epsilon and Caboose constantly fails at building a new body for Epsilon, explicitly remembering the fires. Caboose agrees to go on this mission. As Delta disappears, the Reds arrive and Caboose tells them that he is leaving to get Tucker. Grif volunteers to go with him so that he can ensure Command acknowledges the Blues exist. Sarge decides to go as well, but Simmons chooses to stay behind with Donut and offer 'logistical support'.
1267"Bon Voyage"3:52August 3, 2009 (2009-08-03)
Outside the Red Base the team of Caboose, Sarge, and Grif prepare to leave for Donut's given coordinates while Grif questions the capabilities of their new jeep. After they leave, Simmons informs Donut and Lopez that he is going to blow up Blue Base. After he is gone for a long while, Donut decides to go check on him. Meanwhile, after stopping at a number of bathroom breaks for Caboose, the team arrives in the desert, only to be told to vacate over an intercom. This follows with a warning that they've driven into a mine field. The scene cuts out while Caboose and Sarge question whether or not you can own a field and Grif says that he means explosives, just as an explosion is heard.
1278"Directions"4:40August 10, 2009 (2009-08-10)
Back at Blue Base, Simmons discusses the mess Caboose has made in his project to build a new body, and mentions how nobody has won the war because they waste their time building “lame robots”, a comment which Lopez takes offense to. Because Lopez is the only one with access to the Red's armory, Simmons tries asking him for explosives, but Lopez deliberately stonewalls him. Meanwhile the voice over the intercom tells Grif, Caboose, and Sarge to remain still so they can work out a way to navigate out of the mine field. After they prove incapable of following simple directions, a frustrated Grif decides to just drive his way out. Explosions are heard off screen while the stranger over the intercom agrees that running is just the best option.
1289"My House, From Here"4:50August 17, 2009 (2009-08-17)
Grif crashes the jeep into the vehicle driven by the person who was trying to guide them out. As Sarge berates Grif, it is revealed that Caboose was blown up by a mine and seemingly killed, but he shortly falls from the sky, perfectly fine. The guide explains that the area is a restricted dig-site, and is soon joined by a friendly alien, "Smith", apparently of the same species as the previous Aliens they'd met, revealing to the surprised soldiers that they are working together. In the meantime, Simmons tries to apologize to Lopez, but again offends him by making a comment about Mexicans holding grudges. Realizing he has blown it, Simmons looks for another way to blow up Blue Base. Elsewhere, Washington is led by a prison guard to a door, and is told he has five minutes to talk with the "man in charge". The door is opened, and the voice of the Chairman is heard off-screen, greeting Washington, saying that they have "much to discuss".
12910"Lay of the Land"4:22August 24, 2009 (2009-08-24)
Shortly after Simmons asks Lopez for explosives, Donut comes back from investigating Blue Base for parts, mentioning off-hand that Caboose took Epsilon with him. Simmons becomes upset, as returning Epsilon to the authorities was part of the deal that got the teams their new bases, and attempts to radio Sarge to let him know. Unfortunately, he is unable to make contact as Sarge's radio isn't working. Back in the desert, the guide explains the treaty between humans and aliens and that another human team might cause an incident. The guide does permit Sarge, Grif and Caboose to scavenge for parts to fix the jeep and supplies as long as they don't wander off. As Sarge notes that something "doesn't feel right", the guide tells Smith to return to getting the temple to open while he takes care of the others, as the camera swings around to reveal the dead bodies of the real investigation team.
13011"Dumb Cop, Bad Cop"5:16August 31, 2009 (2009-08-31)
While Grif and Sarge scavenge various jeeps for parts, Grif notes that all of the radios are either broken or have been completely ripped out, preventing them from calling Simmons. When Caboose suggests he can "fix" one of the missing jeep radios, Grif decides it best not to reason with him. While Sarge and Grif discuss the strange situation, Grif realizes that the investigation team's mobile base probably has a radio. Just then Epsilon's distinct sounds can be heard. Grif startles Caboose and he drops Epsilon’s carrying unit, just as the guide from before approaches from the distance. Meanwhile, at Red Base, Lopez has assembled two motorcycles in order to allow Simmons and Donut to find Sarge, or so Simmons thinks. Lopez reveals that after years of working with the Red Team he builds two of everything, and sure enough Simmons destroys one of them immediately as he goes to retrieve Donut from Blue Base. Back in the desert, the guide introduces himself simply as CT. CT notices Caboose is gone and points a gun at Grif, demanding to know where Caboose is, a threat with which Sarge has no problem. Just then an alarm sounds and various other soldiers and aliens are seen running towards the mobile base, while Grif confirms that it’s probably Caboose’s doing. CT orders Sarge and Grif to move in the same direction.
13112"Well Hello"5:16September 7, 2009 (2009-09-07)
Donut is cleaning up Blue Base when the Meta appears. Having not been involved with the events of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, Donut remains oblivious to the danger, believing the Meta to be a new Blue soldier. Simmons recognizes the Meta, becomes scared, and runs away. Meanwhile, in the desert, Sarge, Grif, and CT run over to find Caboose surrounded by alien and human soldiers in front of the digger. Caboose claims he was "trying to find a home for Epsilon". As CT notices the storage unit and questions what it is, the entire dig site shakes and the temple gate starts to open. As it opens, all the soldiers apart from Sarge, Caboose, and Grif start running towards the gate. CT screams for the soldiers to kill the person in the gate and to make sure it stays open. An open firefight begins with the soldiers all firing at an unknown assailant. Grif attempts to escape in the digger but quickly abandons it because it moves too slow. Sarge, Grif and Caboose start to run away, but encounter Tucker, who orders them to get into the temple while he covers them.
13213"Called Up"5:24September 14, 2009 (2009-09-14)
Washington and the Chairman hold their meeting, and Washington reveals he knows that the Blue Team has Epsilon. The Blue Team were not searched due to their deletion from Command's records. The Chairman agrees to drop all charges against Washington and let him have access to leftover Freelance equipment in exchange of returning Epsilon back to the UNSC. After a brief shot of Simmons fleeing the Meta, the scene returns to the desert, where Tucker shuts the temple door and becomes dismayed at the lack of help in response to his distress call. He then reveals that an ancient weapon is supposedly buried in the temple, similar to the ones used in the Great War, and that he and Junior have been acting as negotiators between humans and aliens. However, CT's team came with the intent of selling the ancient weapon, and killed the previous dig team. Tucker then requests that the others either help him get rid of the invading soldiers or destroy the weapon.
13314"The Installation"4:31September 21, 2009 (2009-09-21)
As CT's team attempts to smash into the ruins with the digger to no avail, Tucker explains the importance of not activating the weapon, explaining the last one was designed to wipe out all organic life in a large radius. During this time, Caboose wanders off, forcing the others to go look for him. Back at Valhalla, Simmons and Lopez attempt to attack the Meta. Simmons only succeeds in destroying the motorcycle again while Lopez takes out the Meta with a missile pod launcher. In the ruins, Tucker, Grif and Sarge happen upon Caboose, who has found a floating robot that has Church's voice, though he seems to have no memory of either Sarge, Grif, or Tucker.
13415"Watch The Flank"5:33September 28, 2009 (2009-09-28)
Simmons and Lopez fortify the Red Base in preparation for the Meta's next attack. However, Donut arrives, and is angry at Simmons for not introducing him to the Meta. Meanwhile, in Sandtrap, Caboose explains that he built a new body for Epsilon. Because it still had residual memories of the original Church, Epsilon inherited his voice and personality. However, Epsilon Church's memories are still incomplete, and the only knowledge he possesses about the Red and Blue Teams are based completely on the stories Caboose told him. Everybody begins arguing as their tempers flare, only to be stopped by Epsilon Church. Epsilon Church declares that he will be their leader, and that they need to set aside their differences and destroy the weapon to save countless lives. As he says this, he begins to drift sideways, and complains that he doesn't have full control of his body yet.
13516"Retention Deficit"5:25October 5, 2009 (2009-10-05)
As the Valhalla group assesses their situation, Donut mistakenly translates one of Lopez's comments on the vehicles as a possibility for escape by hijacking the Meta's transport. Simmons and Donut begin to speculate where the Meta's vehicle might be, with Simmons suggesting they leave Lopez behind on grounds of being expendable. At the temple, Epsilon Church manages to regain mobility and stops himself. He then attempts to access his memories and functions as Caboose warns Tucker about the repressed torture memories within him. In the end, Epsilon Church only manages to deactivate his short term memory as CT's men gains entrance into the temple.
13617"Trust Issues"4:18October 12, 2009 (2009-10-12)
The Reds at Valhalla make a break for Blue Base in an attempt to escape The Meta. Meanwhile at the temple, Sarge expresses his concerns about Blue Team, now that they outnumber the Reds with their "three members". Grif assures Sarge that they don't have any advantage, and that Epsilon Church hardly counts as a soldier. Just then CT(Connecticut) 's group is heard breaking through the temple door. Caboose fixes Church's short term memory problem by bashing him, when alien soldiers appear and the Reds engage them in battle. Epsilon Church discovers he has telekinetic powers, but then loses control of his body again, floating out of the room.
13718"Hang Time"4:42October 19, 2009 (2009-10-19)
The Reds at Valhalla locate the Meta's cloaked jeep and prepare to make off with it. Meanwhile the team at the temple are forced to engage a chain gun-wielding alien that suddenly stops firing when it sees Epsilon-Church, to whom it bows. After Tucker reveals that many aliens worship the old artifacts, Epsilon-Church flings a box into the alien. CT's group arrives and one of his soldiers overcharges his plasma pistol and disables Epsilon-Church, prompting the aliens to retaliate. CT flees with Epsilon-Church and Grif, Sarge, and Caboose give chase in the Warthog while avoiding rocket fire. Caboose fires the EMP cannon at - and misses - CT's fleeing jeep, causing the Warthog to shut down momentarily. However a distraction by Tucker gives time for the Warthog to reset, letting Caboose dispatch CT's accomplices whilst the other aliens pursue CT.
13819"Think You Know Someone"6:20October 26, 2009 (2009-10-26)
C.T. manages to injure the two aliens pursuing him, only for Tucker to destroy his jeep with his sword, although CT survives the explosion. As Caboose looks for Epsilon-Church, CT corners Tucker on a ledge. Tucker asks who CT is, but CT gives no answer. Epsilon-Church rises up from behind and obliterates CT with his laser face, but now Sarge, Caboose, Grif, Epsilon-Church, and Tucker find themselves facing the aliens. At Valhalla the Meta's jeep won't start and the Reds have no ammunition to combat the Meta with. Simmons attempts to use the jeeps chaingun to gun down the Meta, but is unable to turn it due to lack of power. Just before the Meta attacks, Agent Washington appears, telling him to stand down, and demanding Epsilon from the Reds. The Reds are confused at the situation, but Washington loses all patience, shooting Lopez in the head and firing at Donut, seemingly killing him. As Simmons calls out to his fallen teammates, Washington flashes back to his meeting with the Chairman, who asks him if the Reds and Blues would just give Epsilon back to him. Washington claims that he has no desire to simply ask for Epsilon back, since Epsilon's retrieval will allow him to leave behind a life of betrayals and double-dealings.


  • Joel Heyman: Michael J. Caboose
  • Matt Hullum: Sarge and The Meta/Maine
  • Geoff Ramsey: Dexter Grif
  • Jason Saldaña: Lavernius Tucker
  • Gus Sorola: Richard Simmons
  • Burnie Burns: Lopez, Alpha Church and Epsilon Church
  • Dan Godwin: Franklin Donut
  • Shannon McCormick: Washington
  • Michael Joplin: C.T.
  • Jack Pattillo: Smith
  • Asaf Ronen: Counselor
  • Mark Bellman: Epsilon Delta
  • Jack Lee: Chairman Malcolm Hargrove


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