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Red vs. Blue, often abbreviated as RvB, is a comic science fiction video web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions and distributed through the Internet and on DVD. The story centers on two opposing teams of soldiers fighting a civil war in the middle of a desolate box canyon (Blood Gulch), in a parody of first-person shooter (FPS) games, military life, and science fiction films. Initially intended to be a short series of six to eight episodes, the project quickly and unexpectedly achieved significant popularity following its Internet premiere on April 1, 2003. In its run, the series has had thirteen full seasons and five mini-series that extended the series' plot. The fifth season of the original Blood Gulch Chronicles series ended with episode 100, released on June 28, 2007. Three mini-series—Out of Mind, Recovery One, and Relocated —and the three-part Recollection trilogy containing the full-length Reconstruction (2008), Recreation (2009) and Revelation (2010) series (Seasons 6-8) have extended the plot. The Project Freelancer saga began with Season 9 (2011) and follows two separate stories: a continuation to the Recollection trilogy and a prequel set before the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. The two stories are continued in two further mini-series - MIA and Where There's a Will, There's a Wall - and concluded in Season 10 (2012). Burnie Burns confirmed in What's Trending that the series will continue with Season 11, which premiered on June 14, 2013; and Season 11 was later followed by Season 12 and Season 13. As of January 2016, further seasons are planned to be released in the future.

Main series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 "Why Are We Here?" 2' 34" April 1, 2003 (2003-04-01)
The first episode introduces five of the series' main characters. First introduced are two red soldiers, Simmons (Maroon) and Grif (Orange) as they ponder why they are in Blood Gulch, with a brief one-liner about Master Chief, and Grif pondering life. The episode then transitions to two blue soldiers, Tucker (Teal) and Church (Cobalt), as they spy on Grif and Simmons, from a nearby cliff, and argue with each other over what the Reds are doing. Back at the Red Base, Sarge (Red) interrupts the banter of Grif and Simmons and orders them to meet him outside the front of Red Base.
2 "Red Gets a Delivery" 3' 50" April 11, 2003 (2003-04-11)
After the two make their way down, Sarge and Lopez reveal to them the new Jeep that had just arrived from Command and that a new recruit will be arriving soon. This serves as the introduction of the Warthog; Grif suggests calling it a Puma, as he does not think it looks much like a Warthog. This episode reveals Sarge's disdain for Grif and Simmons' sycophantic nature toward Sarge. Meanwhile, on the cliff, Tucker and Church discuss the new vehicle and the Tank they're to receive, with Tucker upset that "you can't pick up chicks in a Tank".
3 "The Rookies" 3' 12" April 18, 2003 (2003-04-18)
At the Red Base, the new recruit, Donut, finally arrives. With Sarge at Command receiving orders, Grif and Simmons take the opportunity to haze Donut mildly, sending him to "the store" on a fool's errand for nonexistent supplies, such as Elbow Grease and Headlight Fluid. Meanwhile, the Blue Team receives two new additions: Private Caboose, and a Scorpion-class tank. The end of the episode shows Donut approaching the Blue Base, mistaking it for the store.
4 "Head Noob in Charge" 4' 20" April 26, 2003 (2003-04-26)
Church talks with Tucker about his girlfriend back home. Attempting to join the conversation, Caboose accidentally calls Church's girlfriend a "slut". In response, Church assigns him a bogus flag-guarding duty, instructing him to wait for the "General", and when Caboose begins to annoy Church, the latter threatens to shoot him in the head. Still mistaking the Blue base for a store, and not wanting to return empty-handed, Donut arrives at Blue Base, attempts and fails to speak to Church, whom he believed was "The Manager" of "the store", meets Caboose, whom he believed was an Employee, and helps himself to the flag. Caboose, mistaking Donut for "The General" Church spoke of, happily allows this to happen. Afterwards, Caboose tries to tell Church that "The General" arrived, and now has their flag. It wasn't until after Church scolded Caboose, that he and Tucker realized what he had said.
5 "The Package is in the Open" 3' 34" May 3, 2003 (2003-05-03)
As Donut, who the Blues assume is Sarge (as both wear red armor), escapes with the flag, Church fires at him with a sniper rifle, missing each time. Church then orders Tucker to cut Donut off by using the teleporter; when Tucker fails to emerge on the other side, Church pursues on foot. Meanwhile, having heard the rifle shots, Grif eventually spots Church chasing Donut, discovers the reason why, and decides to back up his teammate with the Warthog.
6 "1.21 Giga-Whats??" 3' 24" May 9, 2003 (2003-05-09)
Church catches up to Donut, who he eventually realizes is not Sarge. Afterwards, with his armor charred black, Tucker finally emerges from the teleporter, covered in "black stuff" (Possibly soot), startling the other two. When Donut insists that he is only a private, Tucker concludes that he has traveled back in time and has met a past version of Sarge. As Church tries to explain to Tucker what actually happened, he becomes infuriated with some loud music playing. With the Warthog, Grif and Simmons then ambush Church and Tucker, pinning them behind a rock by using the Warthog's mounted chaingun. Realizing the situation, Caboose decides to use the tank to save his comrades, despite having second thoughts.
7 "Check out the Treads on That Tank" 3' 28" May 23, 2003 (2003-05-23)
While Church and Tucker lament their current situation, Caboose hops into the tank. The tank's Artificial Intelligence (AI) introduces itself as Sheila, and runs him through the tutorial mode. In an attempt to sneak up on the Blues, Grif and Simmons leave the Warthog and unsuccessfully try to go around the rock. Seeing that the Reds have abandoned their vehicle, Church and Tucker decide to grab it. The tank drives up behind the Reds. Grif and Simmons, in fear, attempt to make a run for the Warthog. The tank, meanwhile, takes aim at Grif. Earlier versions of this episode were followed by a "next time on Red Vs Blue" feature, which stated "someone... will... die." with Sarge commenting, "I sure hope it's Grif."
8 "Don't Ph34r the Reaper" 3' 19" May 30, 2003 (2003-05-30)
Grif and Simmons flee from Caboose and Sheila; Grif abandoning Simmons after he had hatched a plan for a joint escape. Once Caboose accidentally manages to activate the auto-fire mechanism, the tank begins to systematically target and destroy everything present. Sheila subsequently hits the Warthog, sending it flying, but Grif and Simmons continue to flee and successfully evade the cannon fire. Church becomes the next target, however, and is killed when Caboose fails to deactivate Shiela's auto-fire operation; Tucker accuses Caboose of team-killing ("You shot Church, you team-killing f***tard!").
9 "After Church" 3' 14" June 6, 2003 (2003-06-06)
Caboose and Sheila continue to blast away at the Warthog, eventually propelling it onto the top of the Red Base. The Reds suddenly receive a radio call from Sarge, who is returning to the gulch. Learning of the situation, he flies in with air support, bombing Sheila out of action. Initially struggling to open the driver canopy, Caboose narrowly escapes death. (This is the first episode in which Caboose is referred to by name; previously, he had always been simply the "rookie".)
10 "A Shadow of His Former Self" 5' 26" June 20, 2003 (2003-06-20)
While Caboose cleans the "black stuff" off of Tucker's armor, Tucker calls Blue Command for reinforcements. Vic, their contact at Command, informs them that they will be sent a "Freelancer" (Mercenary) named Tex. Church's ghost appears in order to warn the Blue Team about Tex, who once slaughtered his entire squad at Sidewinder. As he disappears, he warns his teammates to prevent Tex from becoming involved. Tex soon arrives, wearing black "Special Ops" armor.
11 "Knock, knock. Who's there? Pain." 4' 11" June 27, 2003 (2003-06-27)
Lopez repairs the Warthog, while Grif takes the blame for its destruction. Meanwhile, at the Blue Base, Tex uses Caboose for target practice, while ignoring Tucker's attempts at friendly conversation. Tex suddenly decides to leave in order to infiltrate the Red base. During the attack, Tex sticks a Plasma Grenade to Donut's head, Grif and Simmons mistaking it for a spider, and, in the ensuing chaos, also attacks Grif and Simmons.
12 "Down, but not Out" 4' 15" July 11, 2003 (2003-07-11)
Having knocked out Grif and Simmons after attacking Donut, Tex retrieves the Blue flag, but is surprised and captured by Sarge and Lopez. Church appears again at the Blue Base and reveals that Tex is actually female. Back at the Red Base, Donut, badly injured from the grenade explosion, is Airlifted out of the gulch for treatment. Tex eventually regains consciousness, and her voice modulator malfunctions, revealing her gender to the Reds, catching them off guard.
13 "Human Peer Bonding" 3' 37" July 18, 2003 (2003-07-18)
Church tells Tucker and Caboose that Tex is not only female, but also his ex-girlfriend. Simmons and Grif are left to guard Tex. Meanwhile, Church continues to explain the situation to Tucker and Caboose, revealing that Tex's meanness and toughness are partially due to an AI in her armor. He then outlines a plan to rescue Tex.
14 "Roomier Than it Looks" 6' 03" August 1, 2003 (2003-08-01)
To distract the Reds and deceive them into believing that the Blues have more Special Operations soldiers, Tucker and Caboose go through the teleporter to turn their armor black. When they attack the Red Base, Tucker's bickering with Caboose leads to Church admitting that "I can't believe I died for this war." Sarge mistakes Caboose's stupidity for tactical brilliance and summons Grif to help to repel this new attack, leaving Simmons alone guarding Tex. Church possesses Sarge's body and uses it to deceive Simmons and free Tex. However, Caboose, wishing to impress Church and make amends for killing him, shoots Sarge in the head with the sniper rifle, not knowing that Church was possessing Sarge's body; Caboose quickly blames Tucker for this.
15 "How the Other Half Lives" 4' 34" August 8, 2003 (2003-08-08)
Now both dead, Sarge and Church meet in the spiritual plane and talk. Sheila also appears here, but is quickly rebuked by Church, who is still angry at her for killing him. Church represents himself to Sarge as an angel and offers to lead him to heaven for a fee. The two swap complaints about their teammates until Grif revives Sarge by using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Having forgotten his spiritual experience, Sarge initially thanks Simmons, but, upon learning that it was Grif who saved him, berates Grif for the illogicality of using CPR "for a bullet wound to the head." During when Sarge tells Grif off about the bizzare treatment, he shouts out "What were to happen when someone shoots me in the foot, you'd rub my neck with Aloe Vera?!" This line is used as a referring joke in Season 2
16 "A Slightly Crueler Cruller" 4' 54" August 15, 2003 (2003-08-15)
A healed Donut returns from Red Command with new pink armor, which he insists is "lightish red". Sarge pokes fun at Donut by addressing him with feminine titles like "Madam","Strawberry Shortcake", "Pretty in Pink", "Barbie", and "Princess Peach". Sarge reveals that Lopez is actually a robot, which Grif has trouble with ("Did the fact he never talks get to you?" "I just thought he was a silent guy." "Not even that he drinks motor oil and sleeps standing up?" "I thought he was just trying to impress me"), and finally gets around to installing his voice card, but neglects to ground himself; static electricity damage to the card results in Lopez's inability to speak anything other than Spanish, which none of the Reds understand.
17 "Points of Origin" 4' 30" August 29, 2003 (2003-08-29)
Tucker, Caboose, and Church convince Tex to help them, since they rescued her as a favor. Meanwhile, the Red Team is still trying to understand what Lopez is saying. While Tex begins to repair Sheila, Church goes to higher ground to spy on the Reds. Finding his dead body still on the cliff, he berates his teammates for having neglected to give him a proper burial.
18 "SPF 0" 4' 22" September 12, 2003 (2003-09-12)
The Blues continue to discuss what to do with Church's corpse. After an interlude demonstrating the Reds' boredom, the episode cuts back to Church, who worries that Tex will soon kill the entire Red Team. If successful, she would then leave, probably never to be seen again, before Church could remove the AI from her armor. To prevent this, Church decides to warn the Red Team of her impending attack. After Church leaves, Caboose spies Donut through a sniper rifle, exclaims that the Reds have a girl, and ineptly reveals Church's plan to Tex.
19 "Last One Out, Hit the Lights" 5' 31" September 26, 2003 (2003-09-26)
Church possesses Lopez's body to warn the Red Team, but finds that he can only speak Spanish. Caboose radios Church to inform him that Tex is almost ready. To Tucker's surprise, Caboose identifies himself as "Private O'Malley" and denies that he has never confirmed his name as Caboose. Tex and Sheila then attack the Red Base. Sarge and Simmons attempt to repel them using the Warthog, but fail dismally. Ironically, it is Donut, still angry at being blown up earlier and being stuck in pink armor, who manages to kill Tex and disable Sheila by pitching a plasma grenade halfway across the gulch ("Man, that girl's got a really good arm!"). Church runs to Tex's aid, taking Lopez's body with him. Sarge mistakes this for a suicide charge by Lopez and lets him go. In her dying words, Tex thanks Church for ridding her of the AI. Meanwhile, Caboose adopts a deep, menacing voice, repeating that his name is "O'Malley".

Season 2[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (20) "Everything Old is New Again" 7' 10" January 9, 2004 (2004-01-09)
Three months after Tex's second attack on the Red Base, Medical Officer DuFresne ("Doc") arrives in Blood Gulch and contacts Blue Command for orders. He reports to the Blue Team to treat Tex, who has already died. Church explains this to Doc, noting how his and Tex's bodies are both buried in front of Blue base. More helpfully, Caboose conveniently recaps the first season, explaining that Church is actually a ghost possessing Lopez's robot body, which has since been spray-painted cobalt. Caboose has also apparently begun to habitually utter death threats to Tucker in a deep, menacing voice. With nobody injured, Doc, on loan to both armies due to a lack of resources, prepares to visit the Red Team next, but the Reds suddenly attack.
2 (21) "Motion to Adjourn" 3' 56" January 16, 2004 (2004-01-16)
With the Reds continuing their attack, Church and Tucker argue over defensive strategies. Despite his protest that he is only a medic, DuFresne is officially nicknamed "Doc" by Church, who coerces him into helping by shooting Caboose's pinky toe. Meanwhile, the Reds run out of ammunition, due to Grif's failure to bring extra rounds, and consequently try to bluff the Blues into surrendering.
3 (22) "Red vs Bleu" 4' 23" January 23, 2004 (2004-01-23)
The two teams negotiate terms. The Reds demand Lopez's return, but Church is loath to surrender his new body; instead, he cedes Doc as a hostage. In return, Grif is forced to publicly humiliate himself, to the delight of all, particularly Sarge.
4 (23) "The Joy of Toggling" 4' 28" February 6, 2004 (2004-02-06)
In order to repair Sheila, Church and Tucker try to determine how to activate the repair sequence in Church's robot body. Church only manages to find the time and temperature function, but Tucker discovers a small switch on Church's crotch. When flipped, it activates a strange beeping noise audible only to Church. Back at the Red Base, the Warthog begins to beep, and announces that its homing beacon has been activated.
5 (24) "Sweet Ride" 3' 55" February 20, 2004 (2004-02-20)
Sarge reveals that he had put a remote control in the Warthog to allow Lopez to drive it remotely. Meanwhile, Church, who cannot stand the remote's beeping sound, begs Tucker and Caboose to deactivate it, but the switch breaks. While the other Blues continue trying to help, Church unwittingly causes the Warthog to scoop up Doc and then to attempt to kill Sarge through accidentally saying each of the Warthog's codes ("Drive me crazy" to drive, "Turn it around" to turn the Warthog around, "Follow the red one" to make the Warthog follow Sarge, "Take out the red one" to make the Warthog exterminate Sarge). Having pinned the latter against the wall of Red Base, the Warthog slowly advances its firing machine gun toward his head as the episode ends. As the screen fades away Sarge claims there is a lesson to be learnt from this ("Something about the dangers of technology?" "No. Something about getting a BETTER CREW WHO HELPS YOU RATHER THAN WATCH YOU DIE!")
6 (25) "Last Words" 4' 48" February 27, 2004 (2004-02-27)
Tucker disconnects the wire that had connected to Church's switch, thereby stopping the beeping noise, but also disabling Church's legs. The Warthog deactivates, sparing Sarge. Driving the Warthog, Doc attempts to unpin Sarge, but only manages to ram him into the wall twice more, and the Reds consequently decide to return him to the Blues. When Simmons and Grif arrive at the Blue Base, they see Tucker still kneeling in front of Church attempting to repair his legs, and quickly jump to conclusions.
7 (26) "Nobody Likes You" 4' 36" March 5, 2004 (2004-03-05)
The Blues refuse to accept Doc back from the Reds, fearing that he might be spying for them. The Reds eventually give up and return to their base. Doc attempts to return with them, but the Reds quickly ditch him, leaving him alone. Doc attempts to return once more to the Blues, but they remain suspicious of him and reject him again.
8 (27) "Nine Tenths of the Law" 5' 23" March 19, 2004 (2004-03-19)
At the Red Base, Donut unsuccessfully attempts to engage Sarge in idle chatter while waiting for Simmons and Grif to return. The two eventually do arrive back and report their failure. Back at the Blue Base, with Church still immobile, Caboose suggests that Church leave his body, so that Lopez can make any repairs to himself and Sheila. After expressing surprise that such a clever idea had come from Caboose, Church and Tucker endorse the plan. Church leaves Lopez's body, but Tucker and Caboose pay no attention to Lopez, who flees before Church can reappear in spirit form. The Blues then chase after him. Meanwhile, the Reds spot Lopez running toward their base, and mistake him for a Blue. Sarge and Simmons prepare to counterattack, while Donut annoys Grif with more idle chatter.
9 (28) "In Stereo Where Available" 4' 01" March 26, 2004 (2004-03-26)

Tucker and Caboose catch up to Lopez, who refuses to re-join them and instead orates at length about oppression and the advent of a new day for his people. Sarge and Simmons try to run him over with the Warthog having mistaken him for a Blue soldier, but Lopez activates the Warthog's remote destruction sequence in self-defense and, feeling betrayed, defects to the Blues.

In this episode, in a brief moment, the camera is set in Lopez's visor, showing his directives: 1. Fix everything 2. Hate the orange one (Meaning Grif) and 3. Call Mom more often.
10 (29) "Radar Love" 4' 02" April 9, 2004 (2004-04-09)
The Blues convince Lopez to repair Sheila. As he works, Grif spies him through a sniper rifle and assumes that there is a "new" Blue soldier. The Red Team discusses various explanations. Donut manages to guess the truth, but no one believes him. Once Lopez finishes repairs, he and Sheila fall in love with each other, much to Caboose's dismay. To disrupt the odd love triangle, Church attempts to possess Lopez again, but is unsuccessful; instead, it is Tex who suddenly appears in Lopez's body.
11 (30) "I Dream of Meanie" 4' 31" April 16, 2004 (2004-04-16)
While Caboose talks to a now-confused Sheila, Tex reveals to the rest of the Blues that she had been watching them for some time and had noticed Caboose's aggressive behavior. She explains that her former artificial intelligence (AI), O'Malley, had jumped via radio to Caboose when it had assessed that she was unlikely to survive her second attack on the Red Base at the end of season 1. Using Lopez's body as a bargaining chip, she asks Church's help in killing the AI. Meanwhile, at the Red Base, Sarge realizes that the Reds no longer have anyone with an ability to repair things and, after some arguments, prepares to turn Simmons into a cyborg.
12 (31) "Room for Rent" 3' 54" April 23, 2004 (2004-04-23)
Tex explains that everyone in Blood Gulch must turn off their radios so that O'Malley will be unable to jump into someone else's armor when flushed out of Caboose. The ghosts of Church and Tex jump into Caboose's mind to find O'Malley. They meet Caboose's mental image of Tucker, as well as Caboose's inner self. The real Tucker and Lopez take Sheila to the Red Base to convince the Reds to turn off their radios.
13 (32) "Me, Myself and You" 3' 14" April 30, 2004 (2004-04-30)
In Caboose's mind, Tex and Church meet Caboose's mental image of the latter — vulgar, insulting, and under the impression that he is "Caboose's best friend". At the Red Base, Donut and Grif search near the Warthog for a part needed for Simmons' cyborg operation and begin to panic when they see Sheila, Tucker, and Lopez approaching. The episode ends with Tucker having difficulty in trying to brake Sheila.
14 (33) "An Audience of Dumb" 7' 45" May 7, 2004 (2004-05-07)
Donut flees from the approaching Blues, but, still unable to brake, Tucker runs over Grif and the Warthog with Sheila. Tucker radios the Red Team to tell them to turn off their radios. Initially they refuse, so Lopez sings a love song about Sheila over the radio until they relent. Meanwhile, Church and Tex meet Caboose's mostly incorrect mental images of the Red Team. O'Malley suddenly kills Caboose's mental image of Church — thus making Caboose completely forget who Church is — and the real one and Tex subsequently give chase. Eventually trapping O'Malley, the two, hoping that Tucker had been successful, shoot him, chasing him out of Caboose's mind. Without any means of jumping to another armor, O'Malley signals "cockbites" in Morse code as he gradually fades. However, in a scene deleted from the DVD he detects one last radio transmission from Doc, who is attempting to contact Blue Command, and takes possession of him.
15 (34) "Aftermath, Before Biology" 4' 27" May 28, 2004 (2004-05-28)
Disoriented from the events of the previous episode, Doc discovers a hovercraft (A Ghost vehicle) in a cave and consults with Vic, who proves to be unhelpful. Meanwhile, Tex has disappeared, and Grif awakes from surgery to find that Sarge has replaced most of his organs, which had been damaged in the accident with Sheila, with those left over from Simmons' cyborg operation.
16 (35) "What's Mine is Yours" 4' 48" June 4, 2004 (2004-06-04)
With O'Malley having previously killed Caboose's mental image of Church in episode 33, Church unsuccessfully tries to re-establish Caboose's memory of him. At the Red Base, Simmons chides Grif for continuing his old unhealthy habits in his rebuilt body. Sarge announces the need to re-acquire Lopez, as his memory contains secret plans from Red Command.
17 (36) "Nut. Doonut." 5' 55" June 11, 2004 (2004-06-11)

Caboose is jealous of the relationship between Lopez and Sheila, who are now refusing to work due to perceived poor treatment by the soldiers — that is, being repeatedly blown up, possessed or left outside to rust. Eventually, they consider forming their own robot army. At the Red Base, Sarge sends Grif and Donut out to try to spy on the Blue Team. While on the mission, Grif, who cannot stand Donut's childish behavior, tricks him into exploring the caves by himself. Donut then spots Doc and O'Malley talking to each other, in the manner of Gollum and Sméagol in The Lord of the Rings. Overhearing O'Malley's evil plans, Donut tries to return to his base, only to become lost and eventually captured at the Blue Base.

As a note, "Nut. Doonut." — a reference to James Bond's introduction, "Bond. James Bond." and use of two 0's in his agent number, 007 — is the episode title as listed on the Rooster Teeth website and on the Red vs. Blue: Season Two DVD. However, the six versions downloadable from the Internet show different titles, each another reference to the James Bond series (specifically, the six starring Sean Connery):

18 (37) "Dealer Incentive" 6' 27" June 25, 2004 (2004-06-25)
The Blues attempt to interrogate Donut, without much success. Church then possesses Donut and, using him as a hostage and a puppet, negotiates with the Reds to have them to build new robot bodies for himself and Tex, during of which his behavior seems to be influenced by Donut's personality when Church says to Caboose "Ya wanna braid each other's hair?". While Tucker continues to haggle with Sarge over the specifications for the robots, Church leaves Donut's body and returns to Blue Base to find that Lopez and Sheila are missing.
19 (38) "K.I.T. B.F.F." 13' 25" July 9, 2004 (2004-07-09)
Church discovers a note from Sheila and Lopez confirming that they have started a robot army. At the Red Base, Sarge unveils the two new robots; one contains a microphone to spy on the Blues, and the other contains a 10 megaton nuclear bomb. The Reds and the Blues meet in the center of the gulch to execute the exchange. Sheila and Lopez also arrive to conquer the Blues; Lopez becomes angry at seeing new robots brought into the conflict, and rushes forward to attack. A tense Mexican standoff results, and Sarge tries to call an air strike. However, due to crossed communication channels, Tucker intercepts his message, and realizes that Vic is apparently working for both Red and Blue Commands. While Church possesses one of the robots, Tucker tries to alert everyone that Red and Blue are the same, but is hit by a rocket before anyone can understand him. His supposed attacker is apparently Doc, possessed by O'Malley, who flies around on the hovercraft, firing rockets at will. In the ensuing chaos, O'Malley takes Lopez as a hostage, announces his intention to conquer the universe, and disappears through the Red Team's teleporter. The Reds and Blues call a temporary truce to pursue Doc, whom the Blues need to heal Tucker, and to retrieve Lopez, whom the Reds need for the plans his memory contains. Donut, Sheila, Tucker, and one of the robots remain behind in the gulch while everyone else follows through the teleporter. Tex soon surfaces in the remaining robot body and instantly recognizes Donut as "the girl who killed (her)". Unfortunately, due to a teleporter malfunction, the pursuing Reds and Blues end up separated and scattered across different places. Simmons ends up in a huge area full of teleporters, Church and Grif end up captured by Max Gain, a member of the Red team in Sidewinder, and Sarge and Caboose appear in the stream in Battle Creek.

Season 3[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (39) "Best Laid Plans" 8:22 October 12, 2004 (2004-10-12)
Donut tries to coax an injured Tucker into getting up, conveniently providing a recap of the end of the previous season in the process. Sarge and Caboose find themselves in Battle Creek, in the midst of perpetually respawning Red and Blue soldiers ("Grunts"), who engage in a complex action sequence of Capture The Flag in Halo. Meanwhile, Simmons is lost in a place full of teleporters (the Chiron TL34 map), and Grif and Church have been imprisoned by the Red Team on Sidewinder.
2 (40) "Visiting Old Friends" 7:22 October 24, 2004 (2004-10-24)
In an unknown location (Longest map), Wyoming, another freelancer, interrogates a soldier named Phil, but is interrupted by a phone call hiring him for another job. Meanwhile, still in Battle Creek, Sarge and Caboose steal the Red and Blue flags in an attempt to coerce the teams to help them find their way out. When that fails, Caboose recalls O'Malley's possession, unleashes his angry side, and single-handedly eliminates both teams. Simmons then retrieves them via a teleporter.
3 (41) "Let's Get Together" 6:14 November 8, 2004 (2004-11-08)
O'Malley calls Vic and reveals his plot to eliminate both the Red and Blue Teams and to rule the universe. He also informs Vic that, to preserve Vic's secret, he has hired an assassin to kill Tucker, the only person who knows that Blue Command and Red Command are the same. Back in Blood Gulch, Tex tells Tucker that Wyoming, the assassin hired to kill him, is a freelancer from the same experimental program as Tex, and, like Tex, he had been enhanced with artificial intelligence. During the conversation, Tucker hints that something happened to the state of Florida, the group takes a moment of silence. Still in the teleporter hub with Simmons and Caboose, Sarge contacts Donut to inform him of the "Blue plot" and that Tucker's idea that Red and Blue are the same is nothing but a deception. Wanting to help to find Church, Caboose unwittingly presses a button that activates the bomb in Church's robot body. On Sidewinder, Church consequently lets out a large belch, and his stomach begins to tick.
4 (42) "You're the Bomb, Yo" 6:03 November 9, 2004 (2004-11-09)
Simmons reprograms a teleporter and advises Donut on reprogramming the Reds' teleporter in Blood Gulch. On Sidewinder, Wyoming kills all of the Reds and tells Church and Grif that he is leaving them to starve to death. Meanwhile, everyone else emerges from the teleporter on Sidewinder, Tucker covered with "black stuff" (which luckily prevents Wyoming from recognizing and shooting him). While Donut and Caboose clean off Tucker's armor, the jail cell holding Church and Grif mysteriously opens. Wyoming spots Tucker from afar and aims at him; Tex ambushes him, but O'Malley, Wyoming's employer, ambushes her.
5 (43) "Make Your Time" 10:09 November 10, 2004 (2004-11-10)

O'Malley activates Lopez's "secret weapon", a weather control device that Sarge had almost finished. The Red and Blue Teams join forces to confront O'Malley, who begins to wreak havoc with his rocket launcher. Simmons manages to teleport the Battle Creek zealots to Sidewinder and convinces them to attack and defeat O'Malley. Lightning from Lopez's weather device hits Church, thereby damaging the bomb in his body. When Sarge is subsequently unable to disable the bomb, Tucker tries to destroy Church with O'Malley's rocket launcher before Church explodes, but Wyoming snipes the launcher out of Tucker's hand. The bomb explodes and, due to the damage received from the lightning, destroys the present as well, sending both teams (except Church) to the future (Halo 2). Donut attempts to direct a play to explain this sequence of events to Tucker. The group reasons that they were blown into the future because they were standing in front of Church; Tucker deduces that Church must have been blown into the past. Meanwhile, on a Marathon 2 map, Church appears, wondering what has happened.

A common joke in the Halo games, rapidly pressing the crouch button on top of an enemy's corpse, is used here as the Battle Creek zealots tea bag Doc's body, much to O'Malley's disgust ("Help, I'm being violated!!!").
6 (44) "We Must Rebuild" 3:38 November 21, 2004 (2004-11-21)
Exploring the wasteland in the future (Burial Mounds in Halo 2), Grif, Simmons, and Tucker discuss various Hollywood post-apocalyptic clichés. The group finds a jeep and bickers over it. Tucker is bent on finding Church, but Sarge asserts that Church, along with the group's enemies, had died in the explosion. Meanwhile, a cackling O'Malley discovers Lopez's disembodied head on a beach.
7 (45) "New Toys" 4:58 December 6, 2004 (2004-12-06)
While Sarge and Donut try to repair the Warthog, Grif, Tucker, and Simmons argue about styling the jeep in order to attract women. Tucker still maintains that Red and Blue are the same, but no one believes him. Meanwhile, O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez inspect some real estate (Zanzibar in Halo 2); O'Malley and Doc argue over its viability and over how the computer inside should be used. This episode marks the final appearance of the weapon reticle in footage filmed with Halo 2; going forward, the Rooster Teeth team has exploited a gameplay bug to remove it.
8 (46) "We're Being Watched" 5:48 December 17, 2004 (2004-12-17)
Having moved into the fortress, O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez repair the turret emplacements and meet the Red Zealot, who believes that he has found a holy temple. Exploiting The Red Zealot's religious fervor, O'Malley deceives him into performing menial tasks for him. O'Malley then catches a glimpse of Tex, who is spying on him, but on subsequent glances, sees nothing. Elsewhere, Sarge, Grif, and Simmons discuss the results of Grif and Simmons' failed reconnaissance, and, while attempting to push the Warthog out of a ditch, receive a transmission from Tex informing them of O'Malley's location.
9 (47) "It's a Biological Fact" 5:34 January 17, 2005 (2005-01-17)
The Reds, Tucker, and Caboose meet with Tex on the beach near O'Malley's fortress, where she reveals her plan to destroy both O'Malley and the entire base by planting a bomb inside. Tex has scouted the base and found the exact location to place the bomb. However, citing the bomb's immense weight, she has someone else carry it; of the others, only Caboose can lift it. Meanwhile, the Red Zealot informs O'Malley and Lopez that a crowd of people is gathering on the beach. Upon learning that Lopez is inside with O'Malley, the Reds balk at destroying the base, but Tex refuses to risk losing her chance to defeat O'Malley. Tucker solves the problem by reminding the Reds that, since Tex is a mercenary, they can simply hire her to help them to retrieve Lopez. Tex agrees to this arrangement for a future favor.
10 (48) "Heavy Metal" 6:29 January 23, 2005 (2005-01-23)
After discarding two of Sarge's suicidal battle plans, the Blood Gulch group invades O'Malley's fortress and are pinned down by mini-gun turrets manned by the Red Zealot and Lopez's head. Tex snipes Lopez's head off his turret, but the Zealot pins her down with gunfire. Simmons and Grif manage to enter the base and move on to look for O'Malley. Tucker, who had fallen into a hole near the windmill, finds a mysterious sword, and uses it to kill the Red Zealot. Meanwhile, carrying the bomb inside the fortress, Caboose mistakes Tex's "X" marking for a plus sign. He continues on and stumbles across a computer, from which he hears the voice of Church.
11 (49) "Roaming Charges" 7:00 February 14, 2005 (2005-02-14)
In the past, Church (as a Marathon character) finds a computer terminal, which answers some questions for him. Church is in the housing facility for The Great Weapon, which The Great Destroyer will use to bring Great Doom to the galaxy in 1,856 years. When computer describes The Great Destroyer as a "blue being" who "will be known as the stupidest life form in the universe", Church assumes that it must be referring to Caboose. 1,856 years in the future, Caboose asks Sarge to look at the computer terminal, which is playing a message from Church. The message tells Caboose not to touch anything, lest he bring about Great Doom. Specifically, Caboose should avoid bringing the "glowing sword weapon thingy" into the base, as the place will lock its doors. Tucker and Donut stroll in with the sword, and the base locks down, with Caboose's bomb already counting down inside it. In the past, Church finishes recording his message, but, deciding that it will not suffice, asks the terminal to transport him to Blood Gulch so that he can prevent the whole fiasco. While telling knock-knock jokes to pass the time, the terminal begins the millennium-long process of researching and building a teleporter.
12 (50) "Silver Linings" 16:29 March 1, 2005 (2005-03-01)

The computer completes the teleporter and reveals its name to be Gary. Church teleports back to Blood Gulch shortly before the series begins. The moment Church is teleported away, however, another Church runs in and tells Gary to teleport him to Sidewinder instead, because he "screwed everything up." A deliberate error is employed as a joke as after 1000 years of waiting, Church has grown a four-foot white beard, yet he is inhabiting a robot body.

Back at Blood Gulch prior to the events of episode 1, this Future Church decides to try to prevent the death of Tex, which would prevent O'Malley from escaping and causing the events leading up to The Great Doom. He finds, however, that he either has no effect, or causes the events by his presence in the first place:

Lopez's legs malfunction because Future Church, in trying to get him a larger switch, kicked dirt into the switch Sarge decided to use when building the robot. Prior to episode 1, the Blues were under the charge of Captain Butch Flowers. Knowing Flowers would die, Future Church gives him aspirin, but Flowers dies of a heart attack due to an allergy of the medicine. Tucker, at this point in Blue armor, takes Flowers' cyan armor. Donut, in rookie Red armor, finds the Blue Base and steals the flag because Future Church, failing to recognize him outside of pink armor, gives him directions. Future Church attempts to prevent the death of his past self, which would stop Tex from arriving in Blood Gulch. He awakens the tank and runs through her protocols to try to prevent her from shooting him later. She refers to herself as Phyllis, and overrides her name when Church addresses her as Sheila. Future Church turns off a "friendly fire protocol," which in actuality prevents friendly fire; thus the original Church's death takes place because of Future Church. Finding a sniper rifle on the corpse of his past self, Future Church picks it up but drops it later. Caboose finds it, and uses it to shoot Sarge.

Attempting to kill Donut to stop him from killing Tex, Future Church fails and retreats to the cave, frustrated. Caboose spots what "looks like Church," and turns on his radio. As a result, O'Malley infects him. Another obvious error is that Caboose said his name was O'Malley before he saw Future Church, when he radioed Church about Tex finishing repairing Sheila.
13 (51) "Episode 50, Part 2" 8:41 March 15, 2005 (2005-03-15)

The funeral of Church and Tex, prior to the events of Season 2, takes place. Future Church continues his attempts to change things for the better, but still ends up causing the disasters he was trying to prevent:

Future Church, posing as Captain Flowers, contacts Vic to try to get him to tell the Reds to get rid of Doc, to stop the medic from being infected by O'Malley. Vic misconstrues his words to believe the Red and Blue teams have merged, but that the soldiers must not know. Thus, the Red and Blue Commands merge. To stop them from making a robot army, Future Church tries to dissuade Lopez and Sheila from the idea. Instead, he gives them the idea himself, and they decide to build and hide a rocket-launching vehicle in the caves. Future Church decides to fix the Red teleporter before it malfunctions and sends the characters to various places, just as Sheila rams the base. Future Church is knocked out, and the teleporter begins giving off sparks.

During the Mexican standoff where O'Malley appears, Future Church finds a rocket launcher and aims to take the villain out. Instead, he shoots and injures Tucker from behind, and again decides to retreat to the caves.
14 (52) "Have We Met?" 10:24 March 22, 2005 (2005-03-22)

Future Church watches Tex, Donut and Tucker leave for Sidewinder, and soon follows them. He talks first to Sheila before leaving for Sidewinder, asking her to do him an inaudible favor. Once at Sidewinder, Future Church finds his past self and Grif in prison, and opens their cell by pressing a button in another room. He attempts to contact Tex, who is currently being held by O'Malley and Wyoming, before another Church approaches him. This new Church claims that he fails to stop the bomb, and gets blown back in time again, only to return to Sidewinder. He then tells Future Church to "meet us at the top of the ramp."

The bomb goes off, and Future Church is sent back in time. As seen in Episode 50, as soon as Church is teleported by Gary to Blood Gulch, Future Church arrives and asks to be sent to Sidewinder because he screwed everything up. Just then, more Churches arrive, each having been unsuccessful to stop the bomb, and thus sent back in time to Gary. These Churches all meet in Sidewinder, and explain to the newest Church how their various plans failed. It is determined that whichever Church did each one of these plans already must be the successful Church, since he isn't sent back in time again. This Church gives up on trying to correct everything, instead freeing Tex, and rejoining the Blood Gulch soldiers before the explosion, thus being sent into the future.

Church emerges at O'Malley's base, just in time to ask Gary, who remains there, to stop the bomb from detonating. He then prepares to explain the events he went through.
15 (53) "Let's Come To Order" 4:42 March 28, 2005 (2005-03-28)
Caboose asks Church why he did not try to save himself, Tex, or create millions of copies of himself trying to defuse the bomb when he was in the past. Church warns Tucker that Gary said the sword was dangerous, but Tucker blows it off. Meanwhile, the Reds covertly meet to discuss a distress signal on the Red Army's open channel, which was picked by the radio in the Warthog. This episode features an unknown character ducking behind a rock.
16 (54) "Hello, My Name Is Andrew" 5:22 April 11, 2005 (2005-04-11)
The Blues watch the Reds play with their radio, at a loss for a motive. Caboose explains that they are talking about the distress signal, an explanation he got from "Andy". The Reds are discussing the distress signal, which Simmons cannot pinpoint due to the substandard equipment. Caboose introduces Tucker and Tex to Andy, the deactivated bomb. Predictably, it won't talk to them. However, Gary the terminal knows Andy very well.
17 (55) "Defusing The Situation" 5:02 May 2, 2005 (2005-05-02)
Andy starts talking to the rest of the Blue Team, and is quickly revealed to be rude and volatile. Caboose and the Blues try to calm him down so he won't explode. Meanwhile, the Reds are planning on escaping in the Warthog to find the source of the distress signal. Grif is sent to find out what the Blues are doing, only to be confused when he finds them trying to soothe Andy. Unbeknownst to all, O'Malley has assembled a huge army of robot Lopez duplicates outside the base, which he orders to kill everyone and retrieve the "device".
18 (56) "Calm Before The Storm" 5:10 May 9, 2005 (2005-05-09)
The Reds puzzle over why the Blues were talking to the bomb, and Sarge concludes that they are trying to re-arm it as part of a pre-emptive attack strategy. O'Malley's army turns out to be extremely slow-moving: Lopez built them that way so they would win in exactly 24 hours, since O'Malley said he wanted a day of victory. Meanwhile, the Blues have finally managed to calm Andy down, but are interrupted by explosions and plasma fire as O'Malley's attack begins. Believing that the Blues are attacking, Sarge orders the Reds into battle.
19 (57) "The Storm" 8:21 May 18, 2005 (2005-05-18)

O'Malley berates Lopez for creating such a slow moving army. In revenge, Lopez tricks O'Malley into insulting himself in Spanish. The Reds flee the battle in the Warthog to track down the distress signal. Donut is left behind to discourage pursuit, but manages to steal O'Malley's hovercraft and rejoin his teammates. Tex steals Tucker's sword so she can fight the robots; Church decides that she must be The Great Destroyer from the prophecy, even when Gary said the Great Destroyer was a blue being. An unseen figure wipes out O'Malley's army with a volley of plasma grenades, and then attacks a startled O'Malley. Lopez's fate is left unrevealed.

Shortly after Donut catches up with the other Reds in a cave, Simmons and Grif track the signal out of the cave, finding themselves back in Blood Gulch (Coagulation in Halo 2). This discovery is accompanied by a lengthy scream of "Noooooooooo!" from Grif, followed by "...This sucks." Back at the fortress again, Church and Tucker admire the slaughtered robots and congratulate Tex, but she admits she's not responsible: she was in the basement, trying to get the sword to work. Church rushes over to Gary to question him about the identity of The Great Destroyer, unaware that an alien is sneaking up on him.

Season 4[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (58) "Familiar Surroundings" 4:22 August 29, 2005
Grif is still despairing over being back in Blood Gulch, despite the others' attempts to shut him up. Meanwhile, back at Zanzibar, Tex, Tucker, and Caboose discover that Church is back in ghost form again. Church explains that he was literally scared out of his body after being ambushed by the Alien in the last episode, though his attempts to explain this are repeatedly interrupted by Caboose's stupidity and Tucker's attempt to hijack the flashback and showcase his sexual fantasies; Tucker wisely ends quickly so as to avoid getting his head blown off by Tex. Tucker uses the catchphrase "Bow-chicka-bow-wow" in this episode for the first time, much to Church's annoyance.
2 (59) "Hunting Time" 4:34 September 5, 2005
In Blood Gulch, the Red Team takes potshots at Grif with their sniper rifles in order to get him to stop screaming. Grif eventually relents, and the team prepares to investigate their old base. Sarge gives a speech about alertness, completely unaware that Sheila is roaming around behind him. Meanwhile, the Blues prepare to hunt the Alien that scared Church. When asked about the Alien's whereabouts, Andy proves unhelpful, merely offering insults instead. Suddenly, the Blues spot the Alien, causing them to fire wildly and run away in panic - with the exception of Caboose, who simply asks, "Did we win?". The episode ends with Andy laughing and mocking the sudden retreat.
3 (60) "Fight or Fright" 6:37 September 12, 2005
Simmons tries to convince Sarge that he did see a tank behind him. Donut concurs, but Sarge disregards his testimony because he is "impressionable", and Grif simply denies it in order to make Simmons look bad. Meanwhile, the Blues insult each other over their previous panicked, wild fire attack on the alien. Tex decides to go in alone and dashes into the complex while the rest debate Church's heroism (or lack thereof). Upon entering the complex, Tex is immediately cut down and re-appears in ghost form. Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons and Donut get into a fistfight/hijacking match over the hovercraft, which Simmons wants to use to find the tank. Believing that Simmons has gone insane, Sarge promotes Grif to his "Number Two" man, but Grif quickly loses the position due to his laziness. On the Blue side, Tucker suggests that Caboose goes into the complex and speak to the alien. Church likes the idea because he and Tex could sneak in and retrieve their bodies while the Alien is chewing on Caboose. Caboose enters, sees Andy, and asks whether he has seen the Alien. As he finishes his sentence he sees the Alien's shadow on the ground.
4 (61) "Fair Competition" 4:56 September 19, 2005
Simmons has completely fallen out of favor with Sarge, and in fact is now ordered by the judge—Donut wearing a judge's wig—to stand at least 200 yards (180 m) away from the rest of the Reds. As a result, Sarge begins to hold a competition to determine who will be his new right-hand man. Grif is automatically disqualified for being Grif, which puts the competition down to Donut, Lopez's old wrench, and a skull found nearby. Simmons laments the ruination of his life, and concedes to himself that maybe he did imagine seeing the tank. Sheila's voice is suddenly heard right behind him, begging to differ. Meanwhile, back at Zanzibar, the Blues are startled to discover that Caboose has actually managed to tame the Alien, thanks to his kindness—or, more likely, that the alien found him unpalatable, and no longer wants to eat him or anything that looks like him. The Blues insult the alien while trying to understand its language, which seems to consist entirely of blarg and honk.
5 (62) "Lost in Triangulation" 5:50 September 28, 2005
At the Zanzibar fortress, Church asks Gary whether he can translate the Alien's speech for them. Gary reveals the alien's race were his creators, but unfortunately he knows virtually nothing about the race because he was programmed entirely with knowledge of the Shisno. The Blues continue to try translating what the alien is saying, and eventually reach the conclusion that the Alien's name might be "Honk Honk". Church even believes that he figured out that blarg means yes in the alien's language, though Tex argues that it could also mean no. Meanwhile at Blood Gulch, the Reds continue Sarge's right-hand-man contest, which Donut ultimately wins. Simmons has become despondent and suicidal, and Sheila (whom Simmons believes is a figment of his imagination) tries to cheer him up by leading him back to her home, a reconstructed Blue base. Sheila reveals that she has lost many of her memories due to circuit degradation over the years. She knows that her final mission was to protect the Blue Base from the enemy of the Blues, and though she has forgotten their identity, she vaguely remembers it was an army of a different color. Simmons, immediately realizing that his life is in danger, unsuccessfully tries to convince Sheila that the enemy was space pirate cowboy monkey ninjas who were trying to round up some cattle.
6 (63) "The Hard Stop" 5:01 October 5, 2005

The episode opens up again at the Zanzibar fortress as Tucker and Caboose are attempting to teach English to the Alien. Church and Tucker get into a small debate on whether they should teach the alien English or learn his language. Tucker is convinced that they should teach English to the Alien and even had created some visual aids. As it turns out, Tucker was able to get the writing supplies from Caboose's gun which apparently contained crayons instead of bullets. However, when Tucker activates his energy sword to cut the poster boards, the Alien jumps over and attacks him. Despite Tucker's cries for help, Church watches the Alien as it attacks Tucker in order to "evaluate" his fighting style.

Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons is at the Blue base with Sheila close by. He attempts to contact the Red Base, but is greeted with Donut on the line, who tries to impersonate an answering machine. Simmons attempts to get Sarge on the line, but Donut, under instructions from an off-screen Sarge, denies Simmons from communicating with Sarge, even after he informed Donut that he had captured the Blue Base and Sheila. Eventually Donut hangs up on Simmons, but not before letting Simmons know that he really enjoys his new job as Sarge's right-hand man. Simmons then declares that he will kill all the Reds and tells Sheila to "lock and load".

Back at Zanzibar, Tex talks with Andy. Tex, through some bluffing and mild threats of blowing up Andy with a remote detonator, convinces him to help her translate what the alien is saying. This, however, doesn't stop Andy from making rude jokes about Tex acting more male than female.
7 (64) "Previous Commitments" 5:29 October 17, 2005

At Zanzibar, Tex and Church argue over whether to let Andy translate what the Alien is saying. Church is concerned that Andy's lack of manners could upset the alien even further. Eventually, Church relents and agrees to this arrangement out of his curiosity as to what could happen. During this whole conversation the Alien is still beating Tucker to a pulp.

At Blood Gulch, the Reds are fracturing even more as Donut is unsuccessful in asking Grif to return to their base. Grif refuses, believing Sarge simply wants him to do work, and not just eat ice cream. In reality, Sarge did want Grif to help him eat some of the ice cream that he found. Simmons—now painted mostly blue—plays out his vengeance on the Reds. At first he attempts to cause the Reds to be jealous of him; he soon gives up and orders Sheila to attack the Red base.

At Zanzibar, with Andy acting as a translator, the Alien reveals that he came to retrieve the energy sword that Tucker found. It was part of the sacred quest that he was on, but the sword has now locked itself to Tucker as he was the first to find and use it; this explains why Tex was unable to use the sword. As a result, Tucker must join the Alien on its quest. If Tucker refuses, the alien will destroy the base and slaughter everyone in it.
8 (65) "Looking For Group" 4:08 October 24, 2005

On Zanzibar's beach, Tucker finds himself as an involuntary sword-bearer as he is forced to partake in a sacred quest. After the Alien explains the lands that he and Tucker will travel through, Church informs Tucker (the fighter) that Caboose (the wizard), Andy (the archer), and the alien (the healer) will be the team that goes out on this quest. Though this quest is pretty much a suicide mission, Tucker does warn Church that he better hope that Tucker survives, or he will be forced to take care of any children that Tucker might have.

At Blood Gulch, Simmons' attack on the Red Base continues. However, he has been so indoctrinated with hatred of the Blues that all of his insults and attack orders confuse the words Red and Blue. Grif, still watching Simmons and Sheila fire upon the Red Base, convinces Simmons to come back to the Red Base. Despite the selfishness of Grif's reasons, Simmons admits he misses the old days. However, just as he is about to go back to the Reds, Sarge sees that Simmons has painted his armor mostly blue and is unable to accept him back. Sarge says he can understand many things, even the reasons for attacking one's own base out of anger, but to see one of his former soldiers wear the colors of the Blues, is unacceptable.
9 (66) "Exploring Our Differences" 3:44 November 7, 2005

On the beach of Zanzibar, Church tries to give some last-minute advice and parting words to Tucker and the rest of the quest-team before they begin their trip. Tex apparently has a strong attraction to masculine objects, whether it was Tucker's energy sword, or the Alien's rather muscular naked body, or specifically one part of it. Church attempts to say some encouraging words to Tucker, but this fails as Tucker frustrates Church's attempts. As the team leaves, Church remarks to Tex that he is surprised that she did not go with the rest of the group as quests usually have a goal of riches or power at the end of them. As he finishes his sentence, he assumes correctly that Tex has left.

Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons decides to take Grif back to the blue base as a hostage. After some prodding from Grif about not being "properly treated" as a hostage—in other words, Simmons wasn't being mean to him—Simmons starts hitting him. Simmons pushes Grif into what he thought was a hole, but it turns out to be part of a gravity lift that keeps putting Grif behind Simmons. The episode ends with Simmons getting frustrated each time he pushes Grif into the hole.
10 (67) "Setting A High Bar" 4:21 November 22, 2005

Having arrived at the Great Burning Plains (Burial Mounds), the Sacred Quest team prepares to perform one of the many tasks that the hero of the Alien's prophecy is supposed to do. As the team argues and bickers, it is revealed by the Alien and Andy that they know what Earth is, and that they don't have a favorable opinion about the planet. Apparently, the Alien's race invented the telephone a thousand years before humans did, which, however, fails to impress Tucker, due to the limited verbal communication of the alien race. In the meantime, Caboose scouts ahead and claims to recognize the area.

The Alien warns the group that they are about to encounter a monster, which they have to conquer by distracting it and hitting its weak spot. Tucker is unmotivated about the plan, even to the extent of having paid no attention to the details of the monster's weak spot. After they finally leap down the last ridge, they see the skull of the monster, which Tucker realizes is that of a cow, with a broken skull as the only visible remains, possibly due to one of the Red and Blue Teams' scavenging missions in season 3 (episodes 4346); Caboose confirms to Andy and the Alien that they had been there before.

Back at Blood Gulch, Sarge assumes that Grif is being tortured by Simmons, a concept he's very satisfied with. Donut, however, in his current status as manager, breaks the harmony by proposing bureaucratic changes. Sarge decides that he can't take this anymore, but is reluctant to rescue Grif—a situation he just can't find the name for, but finally settles with conundrum.
11 (68) "Getting All Misty" 5:34 December 5, 2005

Sarge and Donut enter the Blue Base to rescue Grif without encountering any perimeter defense, such as Sheila. Inside the base, Grif is still playing with the gravity lift that Simmons originally mistook for a hole. As Grif runs to and fro on it, both Simmons and he question how Sheila was able to upgrade the base without any tools or arms. Simmons then concludes that if he could somehow determine the real truth, he could reconcile with Sarge. At this point, Sarge intervenes, knocking Grif out. Before Sarge can execute Simmons for treason, however, Church appears and knocks Sarge out from behind. Church mistakes the mostly blue Simmons as a Blue soldier native to the future.

The Sacred Quest team finds itself in a swamp (Backwash), where Andy says they can rest and sleep for a while. However, Caboose notices that something has been following them. Andy confirms that it has been following them since the beginning of their journey. Later that night, Tucker awakes to find that he is apparently alone in the swamp. As he begins to look for his companions, the mysterious figure approaches Tucker from behind (as he is being used as bait). The Alien ambushes the intruder, who turns out to be Tex. She then joins the team after being promised the sword upon completion of the quest.
12 (69) "Talk of the Town" 3:52 December 13, 2005

In the basement of the Blue Base in Blood Gulch, Simmons covertly talks to Donut about keeping his true identity hidden from Church. Donut, however, does not actually recognize Simmons. Church soon appears after dropping Sarge's body into the basement, and the three proceed to load Sarge and Grif into the jeep.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Quest team reaches the edge of the Great Freezing Plains (Containment) that the Alien had mentioned. This particular part of the quest requires that the hero gain access to the temple ahead, which is heavily guarded by a large number of guards. With this information, Tucker wants to retrace their steps to recover a mitten that Caboose lost, but Tex takes the initiative and decides to attack the temple guards under the protection of her cloaking device.

Back at Blood Gulch, Church and Simmons drop off Donut and the still-unconscious Sarge and Grif outside the Red Base. Church suggests to Donut that he lie to Sarge and Grif when they wake up, making them think he rescued them. Donut asks what Church wants, based on the precedent set by the Blues' surrender in 22. Church, considering the Reds' failed rescue mission not so much a surrender as a "total ass-kicking", decides to keep the Reds' jeep, causing Donut much despair. As Sarge begins to recover, the episode ends with Simmons knocking him out again in order to protect the secrecy of his identity.
13 (70) "Sneaking In" 4:01 December 20, 2005

Back at the Freezing Plains, Tex attempts her covert attack inside the temple guarded by the Red and Blue Grunts who first appeared at Battle Creek. Sneaking up behind a blue Grunt, she attempts to knock him out, without much success. Although she has to spend time beating and shooting him, the others pay no attention to his exclamations of pain and complaint. It is only when Tucker yells in reaction to their aloofness that they begin to fire. Now under attack, the rest of Sacred Quest team runs for cover while Tex kills the remaining soldiers in the temple.

In Blood Gulch, Donut, apparently having taken Church's advice to lie and portray himself as a hero, is finishing his debriefing with Sarge and Grif. While the Reds discuss and mock Donut's contrived story, Church briefs Simmons on each Red Team soldier, finishing with a critical opinion of Simmons. His ego thus wounded, the latter runs back to Blue Base to cry.[1] Once out of Simmons' earshot, Sheila asks Church whether he realizes that he had been talking to Simmons. Church confirms that he does.
14 (71) "You Keep Using That Word" 5:18 January 13, 2006

In Blood Gulch, Church relishes the fact that the Blue Team now possesses all three vehicles within the canyon. Sheila, however, is unhappy and begins to show signs of jealousy and annoyance—this portion was moved to the Deleted Scenes section of the DVD.

Back at the Freezing Plains, Andy frantically orders Tucker to open gates of the temple by using his sword as the key. The doors open, revealing an alien ship. The Alien rushes towards the ship, dropping Andy in the snow. Tex and Tucker become agitated, as the Alien had never disclosed—not even to Andy—that the quest would involve a ship, which Tex demands as her reward, nor that the sword would be used as a key. After taking off in the ship, the Alien appears to make dive attack on the other Quest members; at the last moment it is shown he was firing at a Grunt sneaking up on them. However, the Alien's ultimate intentions are left ambiguous, as Wyoming suddenly guns the ship down. As Tex leaves to pursue Wyoming for destroying her reward (the events of which are portrayed in the miniseries Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind), the Battle Creek soldiers begin to respawn, convincing Tucker and Caboose to leave.

Back in Blood Gulch, Church orders Simmons to wash the Reds' jeep, the latter, unaware that his identity is known, challenges Church's authority. In response, Church tries to demonstrate that he had led the Blood Gulch Blue Team 800 years in the past and, in the process, unexpectedly makes contact with a descendant of Vic. This descendant, who calls himself Vic Jr., scoffs at the idea of "Blue Command", leaving Church confused and wondering the outcome of the Red and Blue civil war.
15 (72) "Getting Debriefed" 4:35 January 23, 2006

In the Red Base, Sarge attempts to bury his disgust and hatred toward Grif in an attempt to consolidate whatever soldiers the Reds have left to fight the war with the Blues. Sarge's own personal disdain for Grif still leaks through as he disclosed that he has attempted to murder Grif countless times while everyone was asleep. Outside of the base, Simmons—still mostly blue—and Donut have a verbal fight. Donut, still under the impression that Simmons is a Blue soldier, refused to allow Simmons to pass without being shot at. Eventually, Sarge and Grif come out to see what's happening and acknowledge who Simmons really is. Simmons, though still looked down upon by Sarge for his apparent betrayal, still wants to pass along Blue Army info to the Reds.

Caboose, Tucker and Andy return to the Blue Base. According to Tucker, Tex is still pursuing Wyoming, the quest was a failure, and the Alien died. Frustrated that the quest failed and that Tucker did not immediately reveal that Wyoming is still alive, Church orders Tucker to report those kind of events immediately in future.
16 (73) "Under the Weather" 5:59 February 10, 2006

At the Blue Base, Tucker becomes ill. Church and Caboose discuss Tucker's sickness, which apparently he caught when the Sacred Quest team stayed overnight in a swamp. Church suggests the sword's power source could be giving off radiation. Church and Caboose have a reasonably light and friendly discussion regarding the nature of the sword, as Tucker rolls in pain. This friendly discussion even extends to Church mentioning that he would love to "live in [Caboose's] world for about 10 minutes" just to have some fun.

At the Red Base, Simmons persists in trying to enter the Red Base to relay vital information about the war to the Reds. However, he still meets resistance from Donut and Grif until he very quickly changes out of his mostly blue armor to his original maroon armor. Apparently Simmons learned this ability because of his extreme shyness, which has led him to never use the base's toilet for three years.

Back at the Blue Base, Church and Caboose question Andy on what might be causing Tucker's sickness and suggest that he, being a machine (and thus not able to get sick) go into the base, find out what is wrong with Tucker and report back.[2] Since Andy is a bomb, the only solution he can provide is to blow up the base with Tucker inside, killing all the germs and everything around the base in the process. Finally, out of frustration, he tells Church and Caboose that if they want a medical diagnosis, they need to find a doctor. With that, Caboose says to Church "Please don't do it."

O'Malley and Lopez bicker over who should pick up the telephone that is ringing inside their secret lair, while Doc decries their bickering. It appears that all three have survived their encounter with the Alien and that O'Malley has continued in his pursuit of taking over the universe. It would seem from Lopez's attitude toward O'Malley, all those attempts have failed miserably and this has caused Lopez to become quite cynical and disrespectful toward O'Malley.
17 (74) "Right to Remain Silenced" 6:41 March 2, 2006

Simmons manages to enter the Red Base by correctly guessing the weak password established by Grif and Donut. Simmons wants to report the Blues' plans, but Sarge still considers him a traitor and insists on holding a trial with himself as both judge and prosecutor. This trial is quickly aborted, however, when Grif argues that Donut will want to act as a bailiff in hotpants. As a result, Simmons' sentence is summarily commuted to the payment of a hefty fine, to be split between Sarge and Grif.

Meanwhile, O'Malley, Doc and Lopez return to the gulch. As O'Malley approaches the Blue Base, he is greeted with a "warning shot" from Church, who reveals to Caboose that he was actually trying to hit O'Malley. O'Malley accuses the Blues of attempting an ambush, but Church explains that he just wants to establish a few ground rules at the outset: O'Malley is supposed to enter the base, give a diagnosis for Tucker, and then leave. In exchange, O'Malley demands something "mysterious", "frightening", and "pure evil", as well as a 20-dollar upfront copayment. Church agrees and asks Caboose for 30 dollars.
18 (75) "Things Are Looking Down" 5:55 March 16, 2006

The episode begins with Sarge, Simmons, and Grif racing toward the Blue Base. Sarge worries that, since the Blues have re-established contact with their Command, they may be receiving new intelligence, weaponry, and soldiers to aid in their efforts for the war. Grif, however, suggests that the Blue Command could simply be giving the same "generic" instructions that Red Command has been giving the Reds. Eventually the discussion changes gears and the Reds ponder where Donut could be. Simmons spots him standing next to a rock, talking to something. After taking a look through his sniper rifle, Grif sees that Donut is talking with Lopez.

Back at Blue Base, Church introduces O'Malley and Doc to Andy. An awkward moment for O'Malley occurs when Church notes that Andy had originally been designed to kill O'Malley. Andy feigns an explosion, frightening O'Malley. Church and Andy share a good laugh, while O'Malley is unamused.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Reds gather around Donut and Lopez. Donut reveals that he had taken four years of Spanish in high school, but, from the subtitles provided, he can neither speak it or understand it fluently. Eventually, after Donut fails to communicate Sarge's request to Lopez, Sarge gains root access into Lopez to force him to play back the message from Red Command stored in his memory. Unfortunately, the message, which actually contains the generic instructions that Grif had mentioned previously, is played back in Spanish. The Reds are at a loss on how to translate the message until Simmons mentions that the Blues had a bomb that could translate the message. Although Grif discourages the idea when he reminds them the bomb can explode via remote detonation as the entire team huddles around it, Sarge wants to retrieve it.
19 (76) "Two for One" 7:20 (low-resolution); 8:39 (high-resolution) March 20, 2006

While Doc examines Tucker inside the Blue Base, the Reds digress into a discussion on the relative appropriateness of hand to hand combat, sniping, and nuclear warfare. Eventually, Sarge, with Lopez's head in tow, heads out to steal Andy from the Blues.

Doc returns outside to give Church and Caboose his diagnosis of Tucker. After prolonging his explanation of Tucker's condition for dramatic effect, he discloses that he believes Tucker is pregnant, based on the presence of two different heartbeats. Incredulous, Church goes with Doc to confirm the diagnosis, leaving Caboose alone with Andy.

When Caboose has his back turned, Sarge surreptitiously swaps Lopez's head for Andy, leaving Caboose under the impression that Andy had become a "real boy". Shortly realizing that Andy is useless without Lopez, Sarge returns, distracts Caboose, and swaps Lopez's head for a skull. Upon seeing the skull, Caboose believes that Andy has died and, in hysteria, delivers an extended soliloquy lamenting the loss of Andy.[3]
20 (77) "The Arrival" 7:18 April 1, 2006[5]

The last episode of season 4 begins as Doc tries to convince an incredulous Church of Tucker's pregnancy.[4] When Doc discloses the truth to Tucker, he does not believe him either, thinking he himself has impregnated someone and invents excuses. Caboose enters the base with the skull, asking for help, proclaiming that Andy is dead. After Caboose explains how he found the skull, Church decides to leave the base.

Meanwhile, Andy plays back the message from Command in English for the Reds. After hearing the generic instructions, Sarge becomes depressed, and while Grif tries to cheer him up, Donut spots Church approaching with Sheila. Sheila then fires, frightening the Red Team, which regroups behind a rock formation. Sarge calls for reinforcements, and Simmons attempts to negotiate a surrender from the Blues. Annoyed, Church explains what has just occurred back at his base. To Church's dismay, Andy lets slip that it is possible for Tucker to be pregnant, as the Alien's race propagates by infecting other life-forms with parasitic embryos. Caboose then calls Church to inform him that O'Malley has moved to another host as the Reds had been using their radios, and that Tucker had his baby. Higher-pitched Alien speech can be heard off-screen. Church returns to Blue Base, and Donut follows him, wanting to see the baby. Sarge stops him, and orders him to wait for the ship being sent by Command. Donut argues that it could be weeks, even months before the ship arrives. A ship then promptly lands on top of Donut.

Season 5[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (78) "You Can't Park Here" 6:38 September 30, 2006 (2006-09-30)
Church returns to the Blue Base where Junior, the baby to which a now-comatose Tucker has given birth, is wreaking havoc off-screen. Church and Doc argue about the child until a spaceship crashes into the gulch on top of Donut; Church leaves to investigate. The Reds bicker about rescue plans until Sarge leaves to fetch a rescue device. Church arrives and claims the ship with Sheila's support.
2 (79) "Got Your Back" 4:47 October 6, 2006 (sponsors); October 9, 2006 (public)
As Church argues with Simmons and Grif, a tapping noise begins to sound from the ship. Sheila abruptly leaves, forcing Church to retreat to the base.[6] Believing the tapping noise to be from Donut attempting to communicate from under the ship, the Reds attempt to figure out how to lift the ship.
3 (80) "Baby Steps" 4:08 October 13, 2006 (sponsors); October 16, 2006 (public)
Church sees Doc to retrieve Vic's number and is introduced to Tucker's kid, Junior, whom Church immediately develops a disgust for. Church attempts to call Vic for reinforcements, but is stalled by an elaborate answering machine system - one that causes Church to threaten to destroy it. Sarge begins ranting about how the ship defeated him. Meanwhile, the back door of the ship opens, and an unseen entity emerges.
4 (81) "Sibling Arrivalries" 4:50 October 27, 2006 (sponsors); October 30, 2006 (public)
Church finally discovers that Vic's voice mailbox is full. The Red reinforcement who emerged from the ship is revealed to be the Sister of Grif, who by Simmons' theory arrived using the ship's light drive, which caused her and the ship to move forward in time as it was traveling to Blood Gulch. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Donut fell into an underground cave after the ship crashed on top of him.
5 (82) "The Grif Reaper" 4:13 November 3, 2006 (sponsors); November 6, 2006 (public)
As Caboose attempts to see the new Red soldier using the sniper rifle, Church speculates as to what combat skills the reinforcement may have. Tucker wakes from his coma and joins them, immediately identifying the new soldier as a girl from hundreds of feet away. Sister explains to the Reds that, following the death of a Team Commander, Command has promoted a soldier to the position and sent her to fill the new low-level opening. Since Command seems to presume him dead, the Reds decide to hold an impromptu funeral for Sarge.
6 (83) "In Memoriam" 4:16 November 17, 2006 (sponsors); November 20, 2006 (public)
The Red Team holds Sarge's funeral, each giving a separate eulogy. Grif makes jokes; Simmons announces his campaign for Red leader; and Sister goes on a tangent about death and age. Finally Sarge, disgruntled, is buried alive.
7 (84) "Strong Male Figure" 4:15 November 25, 2006 (sponsors); November 27, 2006 (public)
Tucker is introduced to Junior. Meanwhile, Sister reveals that she was told the dead Commander died of an aspirin-overdose. It is explained she is colorblind, and the "Blue guys" were the ones that really sent her. Underground, Donut wakes up and finds two suits of Blue armor.
8 (85) "Yellow Fever" 6:17 December 8, 2006 (sponsors); December 11, 2006 (public)
The Reds argue whether to keep Sister, before Grif secretly decides to rid the team of her before the still-buried Sarge discovers her Blue allegiance. Doc examines Sheila for her random behavior since abandoning Church in episode 79. Grif confronts the Blues and convinces them to take Sister. Simmons appears after trying to dig up Sarge, and proclaims him missing.
9 (86) "Brass Tacks" 4:10 December 22, 2006 (sponsors); December 25, 2006 (public)
Church gives Sister an orientation, telling her that the only rule is not to kill the leader. While they are talking, Tex sneaks up on the blues. Meanwhile, Simmons explains that he discovered a large cavern under Sarge's grave.[7]
10 (87) "The Nesting Theory" 4:21 January 5, 2007 (sponsors); January 8, 2007 (public)
Grif and Simmons decide to enter the cave. Meanwhile, Tex is firing at the Blues to try and deduce who is being possessed by O'Malley. Church gets killed yet again, but quickly reclaims his body. Church starts to suspect that Sheila is possessed by O'Malley, causing her malfunction. Tex notices Sister and reacts jealously.
11 (88) "Spelunked" 3:33 January 12, 2007 (sponsors); January 15, 2007 (public)
Soon after Sarge awakens underground, Donut discovers him. As Tex and Sister talk, Church and Tucker discuss having two girls at the base. Back in the cavern, Donut points out what he believes to be a subterranean Blue base, the two bodies he found earlier, and a vehicle resembling the "motorcycle" he stole from O'Malley. Simmons and Grif reestablish radio contact with Sarge, and decide to meet.
12 (89) "The Haystack" 4:58 February 3, 2007 (sponsors); February 5, 2007 (public)
Simmons and Grif are shot with projectiles which resemble tranquilizers in effect while waiting for Sarge and Donut. The Blues decide to reboot Sheila.
13 (90) "Terms and Provisions" 4:46 February 17, 2007 (sponsors); February 19, 2007 (public)
Doc decides to give Sister a physical. Donut and Sarge find a briefly unconscious Simmons who explains that his attackers have apparently taken Grif with them. At first reluctant, Sarge decides to go help find Grif after realizing his prized shotgun was taken too. Using a tracking device in Grif's armor, they discover he is about a tenth of a mile away and head to find him. The Blues decide Caboose will distract Sheila while Tex shuts her down.
14 (91) "Missed Direction" 4:56 March 02, 2007 (sponsors); March 05, 2007 (public)
Tucker and Junior overhear Doc's inspection of Sister. Meanwhile, the Reds find Grif, who claims that he was questioned by his captors. As the Blues reboot Sheila, the tank shuts down just before revealing O'Malley's new host to Caboose.
15 (92) "Where Credit Is Due" 5:15 March 16, 2007 (sponsors); March 19, 2007 (public)
The Blues decide to transfer Sheila's intelligence to the crashed ship's on-board computer. Grif recounts his interrogation, and how Andy was present and translating for his captors, who are looking for "the kid and the sword".
16 (93) "Biting the Hand" 5:37 March 31, 2007 (sponsors); April 2, 2007 (public)
Tex recounts the events of Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind. When York's presence in the future is questioned, Tex comments that, as part of her division's AI implantation process, his armor's special healing ability might have kept him alive.[8] When it is revealed Wyoming teleported away from her before she could question him, Church remembers Gary's ability to create teleporters, and decides he must be Wyoming's AI, Gamma. Church is then called by Vic and told to attack the Reds via the caves. Meanwhile, the Red team discover a surveillance system watching over Blood Gulch in the cavern.
17 (94) "Tucker Knows Best" 4' 13" April 7, 2007 (sponsors); April 9, 2007 (public)
Church somewhat follows Vic's instructions by sending Doc, Sister and Junior through the caves while Church, Tex and Tucker attack the Red base head on. Tucker gives some unhelpful life advice to Junior before heading off.[9] Caboose stays at the base to ensure Sheila's transfer is not disrupted. Tucker finally gets the sniper rifle from Church, but accidentally shoots Tex. When Tucker returns the sniper rifle, Tex mistakes Church for shooting her.
18 (95) "Loading..." 5:19 April 21, 2007 (sponsors); April 24, 2007 (public)
The Reds see the Blues advancing on their base on the surveillance system, prompting them to find their way out of the cavern to invade the deserted Blue base. Caboose asks Sheila, now uploaded into the ship, where O'Malley is, relaying Tex the answer. Tex then confronts Church, calling him "O'Malley." Doc and Sister head through the caves, where they find Lopez's still disembodied head.[10]
19 (96) "The Wrong Crowd" 4:20 April 27, 2007 (sponsors); April 30, 2007 (public)
Sarge calls Command for reinforcements, and Simmons hears an echo and leaves to investigate. He traces Vic Jr.'s voice back to the surveillance monitors, and as Simmons' voice is heard, he quickly hangs up on Sarge; the Reds assume the equipment is interfering with their radio signals. Meanwhile, Caboose explains that Sheila said O'Malley was inside the "Blue Leader." Church protests that he was never officially promoted to that position, and is not O'Malley's host. In the caves, Doc, Sister and Junior are approached by a new Alien and his partner, a revived Captain Butch Flowers, now host to O'Malley.
20 (97) "Uncommunicado" 6:56 May 12, 2007 (sponsors); May 14, 2007 (public)
The Blues at Red base are ambushed by Wyoming, and Church attempts to secretly call Caboose for help, but he fails to understand. The tank nevertheless leaves for the Red base, unmanned. The Reds find Andy in the caves, who explains that the New Alien revived Captain Flowers, and begins to explain why O'Malley and Wyoming want Junior before the Reds cut him off by leaving. Tex engages her camouflage to escape Wyoming, and the tank arrives, but is revealed to be controlled by Gary.[11]
21 (98) "Same Old, Same Old" 5:50 May 26, 2007 (sponsors); May 28, 2007 (public)
Caboose deduces that he must leave Sheila to help his teammates at Red base. Meanwhile, Tucker finds out that Wyoming has the ability to loop time, having gained it from the AI implantation process, just like Tex's camouflage and York's regeneration. By rewinding events until he is victorious in battle, Wyoming is able to detect the invisible Tex before she attacks and kill Caboose. Tucker uses his knowledge of the loop to impale Wyoming with the sword, and save his teammates. When told of the loop, Church wonders if copies of Wyoming were made, as they were when he time-traveled, when the two come across multiple Wyomings.
22 (99) "Repent, The End is Near" 6:45 June 9, 2007 (sponsors); June 11, 2007 (public)
Flowers/O'Malley and the New Alien are revealed to be holding Doc, Sister and Junior hostage at the underground surveillance system; Flowers mentions to Vic Jr. the plan to give Junior the sword in order to grant him unstoppable power, and that the New Alien is oblivious to their plan. Meanwhile, Church and Tucker manage to escape most of the Wyomings as the time loops continue, which Tucker states that he is aware of because of his possession of the sword, according to Wyoming. Gary is disabled after Tucker connects him to Sheila, and she traps the enemy AI behind a firewall, halting the time loops and the production of new Wyomings. After Grif says the Reds would win without glory, the Reds decide to enter the battle in the Warthog (complete with the classic Ranchera music), and take out all of the Wyomings but one. The plan is then revealed: Junior is to become the ruler of the alien race, and O'Malley plans to infect him to exploit their entire civilization in order to "win the war at any cost." Wyoming says that Tex will aid them now that she knows of the plan, and to Church's disbelief, she announces herself on an open radio channel, taunting O'Malley to "come and get her."
23 (100) "Why Were We Here?" 17:22 (Finch); 17:01 (Boxy); 18:44 (Alarm) June 28, 2007

Tex reasons that ruling the Aliens would win the war. Church, arguing O'Malley can't be trusted in a deal, begins broadcasting on an open channel to prevent O'Malley from jumping into Tex. As Tex kills the last remaining Wyoming, O'Malley accidentally infects Simmons. Tex knocks Simmons out, and follows O'Malley into Caboose's mind. Church approaches the Reds and warns them to disable the ship so that O'Malley can't escape, before entering Caboose as well.

Inside Caboose's mind, Church finds Tex and O'Malley negotiating their deal to rule the Aliens. He kills them both, causing them to leave Caboose's mind. After killing himself, Church emerges from Caboose's head to find that in the interim Tex has taken the sword, while Junior and the New Alien have boarded the ship.

O'Malley then infects Donut. Tex then knocks him out forcing O'Malley to jump to a different host. After jumping to multiple hosts, O'Malley jumps back into Tex and boards the ship to escape. However, Sarge has placed Andy on board, and gives the order to detonate. The ship disappears, followed soon by an explosion.[12] The final scene shows the Reds and Blues in reverse roles from the very first episode Why Are We Here.

A key showing the varying links.
Alternative Ending 1 - Finch = Red
Alternative Ending 2 - Boxy = Green
Official Ending - Alarm = Blue
Originally three different endings were provided, linked separately from news and forum posts by Burnie Burns. The names were derived from the only three differences in the URLs between versions that are visible while the page loads. While three endings were released on the web, the names and four more endings were also included on the Season 5 DVD.
Alternate Ending 1 - Fight! Fight!

Sarge taunts a sad Church, provoking the Blues to shoot and kill him. Grif says that they're "equal" since they killed one of their guys but Simmons reminds them of Junior, who was also killed, which causes the Blues to kill Simmons. Grif declares 'Every man for himself', which results in the characters fighting against the opposing team i.e. the Reds against Blues and vice versa. Caboose kills Church while trying to give cover fire using the tank, which Grif destroys soon after, although Caboose gets out and runs away as the tank explodes in the background. Tucker and Sister start to have a relationship, but are interrupted by Sarge, who was revived by Doc, whom he kills moments later, but is killed again by Sister. Doc reveals himself not to be dead and asks someone to bring him his med kit, and is then shot by Tucker. Grif shoots Tucker in trying to protect Sister, who then kills Grif since she had feelings for Tucker. Donut gets in the Ghost and rams Sister over. The last two are Donut and Caboose. Donut charges toward Caboose with his Ghost. Caboose destroys it with a rocket launcher, killing Donut. Caboose then proclaims he is the winner, only to be crushed by the falling Ghost debris. Note that the phrase "Son of a bitch!" is uttered after every death.

Alternate Ending 2 - Insert Quarter

The Blues head back to their base. Sarge calls Vic, who refuses to help due to their ruining O'Malley's plan. Sarge becomes infuriated, and decides to go destroy the surveillance system; the Reds follow. As the system is damaged, Blood Gulch rumbles, and a stalactite falls on and severely injures Grif. An Engrish message appears on the system's screen, stating that they have "won" Red vs. Blue and should play the next game. Fake Red vs. Blue credits roll, with Japanese music, cast names[13] and video of Japanese actors reading Red vs. Blue lines. A postgame lobby for a Halo 2 match is seen with the main characters of the series, who decide to start a new game with the same teams on a "new map."

Alternate Ending 3 - Invasion

Sarge begins to taunt the Blue Team, but is killed by Aliens, who have brought an army of vehicles to invade and the two teams run away. A period of time passes and the Aliens now occupy Blood Gulch. Two Aliens begin to have a conversation on top of red base, using their language. They are unaware they are being spied upon by other Aliens on a cliff using the sniper rifle. These events mimic episode 1, and even the Aliens armor color mirrors the Spartan counterparts.[14]

Alternate Ending 4 - Ruby Slippers

Church watches the ship explode and cries out "Tex!". A water effect happens and Church wakes up at the end of episode 8 from being shot by Caboose. Church is surrounded by Blue Team (who also includes a green armored soldier named Jacobs who he forgot to include in his dream). When Simmons and Grif appear with guns drawn, Church comments that it's alright, that they are friends and they joined to fight a common enemy, but the two Reds, confused by Church's assurances, kill all four Blues and Simmons promptly radios in to tell Sarge that the sector is clear.[14]

Alternate Ending 5 - Tex Wins

Andy begins to count down, but he doesn't explode. The ship turns around and faces the two teams on the ground. Grif inquires about "it" (the ship) having weapons. A missile is launched, and Sarge states "Oh, Snap". Everyone is presumed to be killed.[14]

Alternate Ending 6 - Where are they now?

The video used is the same as the Fight! Fight! ending underlined with the Grunt music from Season 3. When each character dies there is a subtitled "where are they now" information about each character after Blood Gulch. This version parodies the ending of National Lampoon's Animal House.[14]

"After his tour in Blood Gulch, Sarge was awarded the Medal of Redness, but had it revoked when he would not reveal his real name for the certificate. He commanded various red Forces over the following years and was eventually killed on the battlefield at Gemini 8. He died exactly the way he wanted: after Grif. "
"Simmons stole Sarge's identity after his death and attempted to assume his life. He was discovered and court-martialed by the Red Army. He is currently awaiting execution in a military prison."
"Grif was killed by Sarge shortly before his death."
"Church is an anger management social worker in Quincy, IL."
"Tucker went AWOL from Blue Army slightly after the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. He was last spotted on a stolen ship, heading towards the alien home world. His current whereabouts are unknown."
"Sister works as an etiquette coach at the prestigious Paris Hilton School for Girls."
"Donut married an exotic dancer named Tiffany. They have twelve children."
"Caboose sold his life story to a software company based in Redmond, WA. They based a popular video game on it."

Reconstruction (Season 6)[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (101) "Chapter 1" 6:42 May 26, 2008
The first chapter starts off showing operatives from Project Freelancer launching a mass investigation at Outpost 17-B Valhalla after the Red and Blue teams stationed there are all mysteriously killed. They find only one survivor, a Red Team survivor named Walter Henderson who is later questioned by a representative of the Freelancer Project called the Counselor. The survivor reveals that he and his team investigated the crashed ship after the Blue team got a hold of its equipment. He then tells that is how mysterious events or the infection started having the Blue Team acting strange like destroying both of the teams communications towers to avoid any help. Henderson said they then found out that all of the Blues have killed each other. He then tells the Counselor his team brought the equipment back to base to look at them, which he said afterwards the infection started again, then an unknown hostile arrives and after searching Blue base, it killed all the red soldiers that had the infection, leaving Henderson the only survivor. After Henderson is led away to be assigned new quarters, Agent Washington, who is revealed to have survived the events of Recovery One, talks with the Counselor. Agent Washington expresses his thoughts that the same entity that attacked him is behind the attacks at Valhalla. The Counselor tells Washington that he suspects that the "Meta" has now acquired the Omega AI. He then assigns Washington to find help from soldiers that have "experience" fighting Omega. These soldiers still reside at Omega's last known location, Blood Gulch. In the first of a series of memos, the Chairman of the UNSC Oversight Subcommittee expresses thanks for the Director giving him more information on the incident in Valhalla. He also hopes that he, the Director and Project Freelancer can work together to finish the investigation.
2 (102) "Chapter 2" 5:12 June 2, 2008
As the episode begins, Agent Washington is in Outpost 1-A: Blood Gulch. Unfortunately, most of the soldiers who were based in Blood Gulch during the Blood Gulch Chronicles have been assigned to new, undisclosed locations. The only soldiers left are Sister, who believes that Washington is a "cop" and doesn't offer much help, Sarge, who has refused his reassignment orders, and Lopez, who has a new body and is aiding Sarge in guarding the Red base. Sarge claims that he's not leaving Blood Gulch until all the Blues (Sister) are defeated. Though Sarge proves to be more helpful than Sister, and says that Caboose can help Washington, the former having been infected by Omega briefly. Sarge sends Lopez to get the Blue reassignment files for Washington. In the memo, the Director expresses concern about his time being wasted with irrelevant questions the committee may ask.
3 (103) "Chapter 3" 6:02 June 9, 2008
As the chapter begins, Washington is now at a Blue base located at Outpost 28 ("Rat's Nest"), in order to retrieve Caboose. There he finds that Caboose has been tied up in the brig due to his unsafe and mentally hampered nature that got all of the Blue Team's vehicles heavily damaged. Washington takes Caboose, much to the relief of his team, although not before Caboose accidentally kills a Blue team member named Private Jones, whose name was mispronounced by the whole squad. After they leave, a Blue soldier watching them then transforms into a white armored soldier, revealing itself to be the Meta, who apparently was following Washington for quite a while.[15] In the memo, the Chairman tells the Director that the committee is now interviewing members of his staff about the incident at Valhalla.
4 (104) "Chapter 4" 6:30 June 16, 2008
Washington and Caboose, on the latter's advice, arrive at a small outpost in search of Church, who they discover has been the base's sole inhabitant for 14 months. At first appearing furiously hostile, trying and failing repeatedly to shoot Caboose with the sniper rifle, he later allows Washington and Caboose to enter the base and have a conversation with him after they point out they were coming in either way due to a hole in the base's wall. Washington outlines the mission they are on, but Church is initially reluctant, until he is told Tex's ship crash-landed at Outpost 17-B. Upon hearing this, he agrees to go with them and the three of them depart. From a nearby ledge, the Meta is watching them, and opens a device which lets it copy Command's voice patterns from a conversation with Washington. The Meta uses the voice of Command to send a message to Sarge in Blood Gulch, tricking him into assembling his team to attack Washington and the Blues. After finishing transmitting the fake message to Sarge, the Meta notices movement nearby, which turns out to be South and Delta, who are also pursuing Washington. Unnoticed, the Meta drops to the ground and sneaks up behind them. In the memo, the Director assures the Chairman that the situation is under control and believes it will be dealt with very soon.
5 (105) "Chapter 5" 7:26 June 30, 2008
At Outpost 17-B, Washington is stopped from approaching the crash site by the soldiers present there. According to the guards, the Director of Project Freelancer has ordered a total lock-down, so Washington creates a distraction to allow Church and Caboose to use a gravity lift from one of the bases to approach the crash site. They access the ship's computer to discover that Sheila is still active, despite the ship's systems being badly damaged. Washington and Caboose manage to activate the log of the previous flight, and observe Tex's struggle to land the ship before it crashed. In the sponsor cut there is Andy talking in the background of the flight recording. Washington then receives a call from Command, who tell him that a recovery beacon has been activated by the Delta AI. Command also informs Wash that South, Delta's current host, is in "big trouble". Washington, remembering South's past betrayal, replies with "Yes. Yes, she is." In the memo, the Chairman understands that a shift can be difficult for anyone, and he also states that his and the committee's trust has its limits.
6 (106) "Chapter 6" 5:27 July 8, 2008
At the base where Church was stationed, South and Delta are trapped by the Meta in South's collapsing domed energy shield. South, seeking only self-preservation, orders Delta to store himself in a portable component, intending to abandon him alongside her shield enhancement in order to buy time for her escape. Washington, Church, and Caboose arrive on two motorcycles, and South is wounded by Caboose to prevent her escape. When Church learns that the Meta takes armor enhancements from other Freelancers, he reasons that it may also have Wyoming’s time distortion enhancement from the ship at Outpost-17B. He quickly fires a rocket launcher at the Meta, who stops time to avoid the shot. The Meta is about to shoot Washington when its armor malfunctions, ending the time distortion and forcing it to flee. Figuring the Meta is taking refuge to repair itself, the group decides to find the Meta before it can be fully functional again. Delta, citing South's severe wounds, is implanted in Caboose. Once there, he informs Washington of South's intention to abandon him in order to escape, reminds Washington of her previous betrayal, and reveals that South's brother North suffered a similar fate. Under Delta's advice, Washington executes South via a pistol shot to the head. In the memo, the Director believes that the Meta is nothing more than just an entity seeking to gain more power, which he believes is a common situation after the Great War.
7 (107) "Chapter 7" 7:05 July 15, 2008
At the base,Church questions Delta about Washington's sanity while Washington is seen destroying South's body in the background; Delta tells Church about Epsilon, Washington's old AI that went berserk while still it was still in Washington's mind, but Delta says Washington is acceptably sane, though this doesn't comfort Church. It is mentioned that Wyoming's helmet was on the crashed ship causing Washington to comment that the Meta is more powerful than previously thought. Church asks why the Meta wants AIs, so Washington reveals that some equipment cannot be run without them and also comments that, the possessor of a "smart AI" can be virtually unstoppable. Delta is described as a fragment and Alpha is revealed to be the only AI given to Project Freelancer, which was then copied to make the rest of the AIs, who became obsessed enough with it to break into Alpha's storage facility. Washington receives a recovery beacon from Agent Maine, who is suspected to be the Meta, but the transmission is jammed before they receive coordinates. From the data they do receive it is concluded the Meta is low on power and is trying to find a power source to recharge. Church correctly guesses that the Meta is headed for a wind-power facility that the Red and Blue teams had previously visited. In the memo, the Chairman reminds the Director that Project Freelancer was granted only one A.I. for implantation experiments, but states that they found records of agents in the field with fragments of the A.I.
8 (108) "Chapter 8" 5:31 July 22, 2008
Arriving at the wind-power facility, Washington splits up from Church and Caboose, and both groups move from the beach in different directions to enter the facility. While Church and Caboose head for the base, Church questions Delta, discovering that Washington was only one of several failures in the AI implantation experiments. Delta suggests that Agent Maine's power troubles are only a small indication of what is happening inside his mind. After the group find the Meta in the facility, they launch an attack which it escapes from. Church and Washington pursue, while Caboose and Delta head in a different direction to flank the Meta and surprise him. Before Church and Washington can find the Meta again, the Red team, composed of Sarge, Simmons and Grif, arrive in their Warthog and crash into the windmill. As Simmons opens fire on Church and Washington from the turret, Washington suddenly asks where Caboose and Delta are. It is then revealed that Caboose is lying motionless on the ground as the Meta approaches. Delta projects itself from Caboose's body; when he does, the many AIs the Meta has captured project themselves too and begin to talk to Delta, all of them saying that they missed him, Delta remains silent. In the memo, the Director understands about the Chairman's concerns about increased activity with increased risk, assuring him that Recovery teams are trained to immediately respond and retrieve any military equipment in danger of being taken by the enemy.
9 (109) "Chapter 9" 7:48 August 4, 2008
In a flashback in Blood Gulch, Sarge receives the Meta's fake transmission from the end of chapter 4. It tells him that Washington is re-assembling the Blues, so he makes plans to gather the other members of the Red team. For reasons not stated, Sarge cannot retrieve Donut, leaving only Simmons and Grif. He then tells Lopez that he's leaving him behind, to Lopez's delight, and departs. At Grif and Simmons's new base, both are about to be executed for selling their ammunition to the Blue team when they are unwittingly saved from death by the firing squad by Sarge's arrival. Sarge takes them both with him, unable to comprehend that Grif is the base's sergeant, even after countless attempts trying to explain it to him and departs, leaving the remaining Reds utterly bewildered. In the memo, the Chairman believes the Director is avoiding the question about how the Meta is using multiple A.I.s, verifying that Project Freelancer is using multiple A.I.s, and wonders how the program was able to procure them.
10 (110) "Chapter 10" 5:09 August 11, 2008
The episode begins with Sarge, Grif and Simmons attacking Agent Washington and Church. Washington and Church doubt that the Reds are actually working for The Meta, so after checking Caboose's vitals via Biocom, Washington also wonders why the Biocom does not work on Church normally. Washington then uses his armor's megaphone to tell the Reds to stop firing. The Reds stand down after Washington gives Sarge the correct codeword, which was again 'codeword'. Meanwhile, the Meta starts to recharge itself and disguises itself as a Red. Grif, not believing Washington and Church, confronts the disguised Meta, and asks him for help. The Meta then lifts up a Warthog and throws it at Grif, who flees. Washington and Church then confirm that the Reds are not in allegiance with The Meta after Grif and the rolling chassis of the Warthog pass by their hiding spot. In the memo, the Director admits that Project Freelancer was given only one A.I. for experimentation, and believes that they aim to find creative solutions for unexpected problems.
11 (111) "Chapter 11" 6:40 August 18, 2008
The Reds are attacked by the Meta leading Sarge and Simmons to take shelter with Washington and Church, while Grif hides behind a pile of debris. Washington leaves to check on Caboose and finds him unconscious and Delta missing. He then attacks the Meta with a machine gun, but the Meta again uses his temporal distortion enhancement to escape. The group assembles around Caboose, who is unable to wake up despite clear vital signs. Simmons suggests that Church enter Caboose's mind to find out what is incapacitating him. Church agrees as long as Washington is distracted so that he isn't traumatized. Church leaves his body, becoming a ghost, and enters Caboose's mind. He eventually meets with Caboose's own mental projection and a prerecorded message left by Delta, which tells him that "memory is the key," and that Washington will understand. Church exits Caboose's mind only to be discovered by Washington. In the memo, the Chairman expresses that the Director may have forgone safety protocols for using A.I., which led to the Meta having multiple A.I.s, and believes that the protocol is not a guideline but doctrine, and that no one is above its rule.
12 (112) "Chapter 12" 5:24 August 26, 2008
Washington discovers Church in his ghost form hovering over Caboose's body. Church's explanation just leads to bickering between the two teams, which annoys Washington. After he orders them to stop, Sarge protests that his rank prohibits Washington from ordering them around. Washington then explains that the outposts in Blood Gulch were simply testing grounds for advanced equipment, and that Freelancers are the only real soldiers. As Sarge and the rest of the Reds proceed to check the vehicles, Church delivers Delta's message to Washington, who reveals that they need to awaken the Alpha AI, as it contains the information on how the copied AI's were made and their weaknesses, which leads him deciding they must go to Command. In the memo, the Director claims he holds the protocol in the highest regard and believes that doctrines led humanity to winning the Great War, and tells the Chairman to be direct if he and Project Freelancer broke any laws.
13 (113) "Chapter 13" 4:28 September 8, 2008
Washington and the two teams head back to Valhalla, and watch as the Red Team steals a Warthog. After an enemy Warthog gives chase and attacks them, Washington leaves to rescue the Reds. Meanwhile, Church ignores Washington's previous orders and leaves Caboose and his body in the middle of the canyon to take a look at Tex's body. Taking over a guard's body, Church walks into the base calmly. Meanwhile, the Reds manage to destroy the enemy Warthog, only to be berated by Washington, who wanted them to capture it. A Hornet then rises behind him and starts attacking the Reds. Washington escapes the Hornet and notices the Church-possessed guard heading within the base where Tex's body is and queries Caboose over the radio about the now frozen-in-place Church. Caboose blatantly lies to Washington in an attempt to hide the truth from him. A skeptical Washington asks Caboose to put Church on, when suddenly an explosion causes Church's body to fall over and Caboose quickly hangs up. In the memo, the Chairman tells the Director that the laws aren't designed to outline every possible infraction, but is designed to punish anyone that disregards the safety and well being of citizens, regardless of how well it's justified.
14 (114) "Chapter 14" 6:33 September 15, 2008
As the Reds are busy with an attacking Hornet, Washington goes to Blue base, knocking out another guard before he can shoot Church. Church dispossesses the guard, who then faints, and then he explains that Tex is like him. Washington reminds him that they've all lost people, and then berates him for slowing his mission down. Going back outside, Washington handily takes down the Hornet. The Reds however wish to back out of their mission to infiltrate Project Freelancer, so Washington trades them a favor to get them to join the mission, demoting Grif. Caboose (surprisingly) then comes up with a plan to infiltrate the Project Freelancer Operational Command Center. Washington and Church will drive into the facility in a Warthog, and the Reds and Caboose hide inside of a tank and go in behind them. As they do, they are unaware that the Meta is hanging on to the back of the tank. In the memo, the Director states that he values all of his subject's well being, but reveres above all else humanity's ability to continue and survive as a species, believing that no political committee or bureaucrat will convince him otherwise.
15 (115) "Chapter 15" 6:35 September 23, 2008
With Church pretending to be a prisoner, Washington breaks into the AI storage facility to search for the Alpha while the Reds and Caboose remain in the upper base. While searching the AI vault, Washington tells Church that he's found what they were searching for, which Church believed to be the Alpha. As Church approaches Washington to help, a flash of several images appear in his head, stunning him momentarily. Washington's target was actually the remains of his old AI, Epsilon. In the memo, the Chairman tells the Director to not recast the committee's investigation into a vendetta as their questions are standard procedure, and that they have received all of Project Freelancer's records and logs granted by the UNSC, warning him that they'll see what the Director is hiding.
16 (116) "Chapter 16" 7:03 September 29, 2008

As boredom begins to set in for the Reds, Sarge and Simmons suspect that since they're inside Command, they can access all data relating to the Red and Blue soldiers. This is when Sarge comes up with the idea to "erase the Blues." Meanwhile, in the AI vault, Washington explains everything to Church. During the Great War, the human race was in danger of losing, and Project Freelancer was one of many projects created with the intention of winning the conflict. They were only given the Alpha AI, and as Simmons stated in Chapter 14, an AI cannot be copied. The Director decided to subject it to different stressful scenarios, causing it to fragment in order to survive, and each fragment was harvested into the several different AI's given to the Freelancers. The fragments represented a personality of the Alpha, as Delta represents Alpha's logic, Omega represents its rage, Sigma represents its creativity, and Gamma represents its deceit. Alpha was unable to keep its memories intact, which is what led to Epsilon's creation. After being implanted with it, Washington knew what was done to Alpha through flashes from Epsilon, but never told his superiors. It is also the reason why he would not allow another AI in his system, in case it discovered the secret.

Washington concludes by explaining that, after an attempt was made to steal Alpha, it was moved to another location, which explains why Church was stationed in Blood Gulch (a place nobody would think to go to), why he was transferred to a different base by himself for 14 months, why he agreed with everything Delta said, why he felt nothing under Omega's control, and why he can move from body to body. It is because Church IS the Alpha AI. In the memo, the Director believes that it is very predictable that the investigation is what politicians crave for, and to quickly return to the old.
17 (117) "Chapter 17" 6:13 October 13, 2008
Simmons works on deleting the Blues from Command's database, but is annoyed by a blinking light. Grif goes to turn it off, but winds up receiving an incoming distress call from Tucker. At first Grif doesn't know who it is, until Tucker utters his catchphrase, "Bow Chicka Bow Wow". Tucker claims to have found something "under the sand," right before explosions are heard, forcing him to end the transmission. Church has trouble accepting the fact that he is an AI, telling Washington that he is 'fucking crazy', and would much rather believe that he is a ghost. Washington tells Church that he needs him to defeat the Meta. Church suggests that he get help from Tex since she is like him, but Washington is unwilling to trust her. Also, the Director and Counselor worked with her very closely, giving her so much special treatment that she was considered their favorite. An alarm goes off in the facility, forcing Washington and Church to leave the AI vault with Epsilon. Caboose notices several soldiers approaching them from outside but Grif closes the shutters to keep them out. Simmons hesitates when preparing to delete the information on the Blues, citing the purpose of the Red vs. Blue conflict, but Sarge does it anyway. In the memo, the Chairman believes that the Director and Project Freelancer have abused the freedoms giving to them by the committee, and the abuse of the Alpha A.I. by the Director and Project Freelancer will be the subject of a criminal investigation, and states that the Director has seen the end of his patience.
18 (118) "Chapter 18" 5:59 October 21, 2008
Washington and Church manage to outrun the guards and regroup with Sarge, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose, but the Recovery agents have them pinned in the bunker. Upon learning that the computers house all of command's records, Church decides to use it to check if he really is an AI, but is dismayed when Simmons points out Sarge had deleted all the information on all the Blues teams. Outside, the Meta attacks the Recovery agents. Washington, having planned on the Meta's appearance, uses it as a distraction to get to the motor pool. There, he attempts to send Sarge, Simmons, Grif and Caboose away with Epsilon so it can be returned to the authorities, while he and Church remain behind to activate an EMP failsafe that Project Freelancer has to eliminate the remaining AIs and equipment in the vicinity, knowing the Meta would endeavor to recover all the AIs in the vault. Church, however, refuses, and gets into Caboose's jeep with the intention of leaving, as he is apathetic to Project Freelancer and its exploits. Washington gives him a choice: to leave now, or to stay and find out the truth. In the memo, the Director states he doesn't care about the Chairman or the committee's concerns about Project Freelancer's activities and reminds him that humanity was at war against an alien race. He believes that when humanity is faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable.
19 (119) "Chapter 19" 9:44 October 30, 2008

The Reds and Blues attempt to flee the base in their vehicles while Washington attempts to finish Project Freelancer by activating an EMP inside the base. The Meta follows him inside the facility as he predicted. Washington heads towards the terminal allowing him access to the failsafe and suddenly the Counselor and the Director speak and attempt to stop him. The Meta arrives and it is revealed that the Meta is Agent Maine, who is attempting to gain the trust of Project Freelancer so he can meet the Alpha AI, a promise made by the Director. The Meta shoots Washington as per his orders. Meanwhile, Caboose loses the immobile body of Church as they escape from the base and has to leave him behind due to the imminent EMP which threatens Epsilon. Washington, answering Maine's question of where the Alpha is, reveals Church in the form as the Alpha AI, who jumps inside the Meta's head, still maintaining that the EMP will not kill him because he believes he is a ghost. This allows Washington to activate the EMP, destroying all AIs and other equipment, including Church, throughout the base. The Red Team's Warthog is disabled by the pulse, however Caboose manages to escape and save Epsilon from the EMP wave by driving his vehicle off a cliff. In the memo, the Chairman informs the Director that the Oversight Subcommittee have dispatched officers to place him under arrest, and states that when the UNSC rewrites morality protocols for dealing with A.I.s, they'll rename entire sections in the doctrine after the Director, securing his name in history.

In the epilogue, the Director steps down from his position after the Chairman presses full charges against him and Project Freelancer and details his final memo to him. In Valhalla, the Reds discuss their new base given to them as a reward for their services to the military and it is revealed that Caboose has moved into the adjacent one and attempts to bring Epsilon back online. The Director reveals in his final memo that he loved a woman early in his life (most likely Tex) that was killed many years ago, and that given the chance he could have saved her, and the memory of her had haunted him his entire life, and more so in the last few years than he could ever have imagined. He also reveals all the AIs were actually based from the minds of certain people, and the Alpha was no exception. He knows that there are punishments for laws the Director and Project Freelancer have broken, but there are none for the terrors they have inflicted on themselves. He tells the Chairman to send his men, stating that he won't fight back, as he's an old man tired, but satisfied with his duty, and that his mind is filled more by memory than hope. At the end of the epilogue it's revealed that Alpha/Church was based on the original (Doctor) Leonard Church, the Director of Project Freelancer. The fates of Washington and the Meta are left ambiguous.

Recreation (Season 7)[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (120) "Don't Get Me Started" 6:12 June 16, 2009
Sarge attempts to intimidate the Blues by announcing the Red's imminent attack. Grif reasons that killing Caboose would remove the point of waging war, as the Blue base has not received any reinforcements, and may never receive any. Sarge reconsiders the attack and contacts Command to ask for advice on dealing with the Blues. Meanwhile Grif confides in Simmons that he would rather stall the battle for years, and be facing one "shitty" enemy, than transferred to a new base and fighting five "real" enemies. Command brushes Sarge off, claiming not to know anything about a Blue team. Simmons recalls that the Reds had deleted the information on the Blues while at Command. However, Sarge's recollection of the events involved killing Grif and riding on Simmons, who transformed into a motorcycle.
2 (121) "Free Refills" 6:01 June 23, 2009
At Blue Base, Caboose appears to talk to Epsilon about his adventures in Blood Gulch with Sheila. Sarge is looking for Simmons so he can brief Red Team on his latest plan to wipe out the Blues. Sarge finds Simmons in the holographic projection room beneath their base, and interrupts Simmons' heartfelt talk with a holographic version of Sarge. Above ground, Grif, Sarge, and Simmons discuss their strategy for combating Blue Team, which involves restoring the information of the Blue Team in Command's databases that was previously erased by Sarge, because the team reasons that they can't beat an enemy that doesn't exist anymore. Sarge tells Simmons to wake up Donut, who was shown to be still unconscious earlier in the chapter, but they find him missing. Once again at Blue Base, Caboose appears to be recounting previous adventures to Epsilon. The camera pulls back and Donut is revealed to be standing behind Caboose.
3 (122) "Visiting Hours" 4:54 June 30, 2009
The Reds are out looking for Donut, heading over to Blue base. Donut confronts Caboose and tells him that he has an important message for Church from Tucker. Caboose quickly explains Church's true nature as an AI and Donut tells Caboose the message instead, saying only that Tucker needs help, and that "it is under the sand" before passing out. Caboose misunderstands the message, thinking Donut said, "it's under this and", but tells Donut he can rest at Blue Base for as long as he needs to. Meanwhile, Sarge, Grif, and Simmons arrive outside and think that Caboose is torturing Donut. Caboose talks with them and Sarge tries to negotiate Donut's release, but Caboose misunderstands the questions, believing the Reds are offering him treats, and becomes angry when they don't give him any cookies. Simmons also becomes agitated with the situation before leaving to "go sleep under a tree until it's over". Caboose goes back inside the base where Donut has regained consciousness. The episode ends with Donut puzzling over the fact that the normally insubordinate Grif is working with Sarge and that Simmons has uncharacteristically abandoned them.
4 (123) "Catching Up" 5:16 July 6, 2009
Donut tells Caboose about what happened to him after he was relocated from Blood Gulch, including his debriefing by the Counsellor of Project Freelancer. Donut had arrived at his new base and found a distress signal from Tucker telling him to find Church. Caboose, after explaining the events of Reconstruction to Donut and deciding they need help, calls Washington, who is revealed to be alive but in a maximum security prison. Washington is surprised to hear that Caboose and the Red Team received new bases while he was arrested and that Caboose still has Epsilon. He tells the guard he needs to talk to the commander because he just figured out the last part of the "puzzle".
5 (124) "Local Host" 4:46 July 13, 2009
After Washington hangs up on Caboose, Donut offers to help him with his project and mentions that the Red team's underground holo-room could be useful before returning to Red base. After another accidental fire, Caboose decides to take Donut's advice and sneaks off toward Red base with Epsilon, planning to check out the holo-room. There, the Reds are making plans to rescue Donut, who returns and explains his brief visit to Sarge. Only Grif notices Caboose's attempt to stealthily enter Red base, but he ignores him and Caboose gains entry to the holo-chamber. Once inside, Epsilon begins to make humming sounds, which alarms Caboose. The scene fades to black and the chapter ends with Caboose mysteriously exclaiming, "It's you."
6 (125) "One New Message" 5:00 July 27, 2009
Epsilon's storage unit suddenly opens up, and the figure of Delta is seen. He explains that Epsilon chose this form because Delta was the main source of information from Caboose's stories. Delta asks Caboose for his help on a mission; specifically, he asks Caboose to take him to the source of energy that Donut had previously mentioned, and also where Tucker is supposed to be, so they can punish those who harmed Alpha. Delta states that they must find it themselves because Washington doesn't trust Epsilon and Caboose constantly fails at building a new body for Epsilon, explicitly remembering the fires. Caboose agrees to go on this mission. As Delta disappears, the Reds arrive and Caboose tells them that he is leaving to get Tucker. Grif volunteers to go with him so that he can ensure Command acknowledges the Blues exist. Sarge decides to go as well, but Simmons chooses to stay behind with Donut and offer 'logistical support'.
7 (126) "Bon Voyage" 3:52 August 3, 2009
Outside the Red Base the team of Caboose, Sarge, and Grif prepare to leave for Donut's given coordinates while Grif questions the capabilities of their new jeep. After they leave, Simmons informs Donut and Lopez that he is going to blow up Blue Base. After he is gone for a long while, Donut decides to go check on him. Meanwhile, after stopping at a number of bathroom breaks for Caboose, the team arrives in the desert, only to be told to vacate over an intercom. This follows with a warning that they've driven into a mine field. The scene cuts out while Caboose and Sarge question whether or not you can own a field and Grif says that he means explosives, just as an explosion is heard.
8 (127) "Directions" 4:40 August 10, 2009
Back at Blue Base, Simmons discusses the mess Caboose has made in his project to build a new body, and mentions how nobody has won the war because they waste their time building “lame robots”, a comment which Lopez takes offense to. Because Lopez is the only one with access to the Red's armory, Simmons tries asking him for explosives, but Lopez deliberately stonewalls him. Meanwhile the voice over the intercom tells Grif, Caboose, and Sarge to remain still so they can work out a way to navigate out of the mine field. After they prove incapable of following simple directions, a frustrated Grif decides to just drive his way out. Explosions are heard off screen while the stranger over the intercom agrees that running is just the best option.
9 (128) "My House, From Here" 4:50 August 17, 2009
Grif crashes the jeep into the vehicle driven by the person who was trying to guide them out. As Sarge berates Grif, it is revealed that Caboose was blown up by a mine and seemingly killed, but he shortly falls from the sky, perfectly fine. The guide explains that the area is a restricted dig-site, and is soon joined by a friendly alien, "Smith", apparently of the same species as the previous Aliens they'd met, revealing to the surprised soldiers that they are working together. In the meantime, Simmons tries to apologize to Lopez, but again offends him by making a comment about Mexicans holding grudges. Realizing he has blown it, Simmons looks for another way to blow up Blue Base. Elsewhere, Washington is led by the prison guard to a door, and is told he has five minutes to talk with the "man in charge". The door is opened, and the voice of the Chairman is heard off-screen, greeting Washington, saying that they have "much to discuss".
10 (129) "Lay of the Land" 4:22 August 24, 2009
Shortly after Simmons asks Lopez for explosives, Donut comes back from investigating Blue Base for parts, mentioning off-hand that Caboose took Epsilon with him. Simmons becomes upset, as returning Epsilon to the authorities was part of the deal that got the teams their new bases, and attempts to radio Sarge to let him know. Unfortunately, he is unable to make contact as Sarge's radio isn't working. Back in the desert, the guide explains the treaty between humans and aliens and that another human team might cause an incident. The guide does permit Sarge, Grif and Caboose to scavenge for parts to fix the jeep and supplies as long as they don't wander off. As Sarge notes that something "doesn't feel right", the guide tells Smith to return to getting the temple to open while he takes care of the others, as the camera swings around to reveal the dead bodies of the real investigation team.
11 (130) "Dumb Cop, Bad Cop" 5:16 August 31, 2009
While Grif and Sarge scavenge various jeeps for parts, Grif notes that all of the radios are either broken or have been completely ripped out, preventing them from calling Simmons. When Caboose suggests he can "fix" one of the missing jeep radios, Grif decides it best not to reason with him. While Sarge and Grif discuss the strange situation, Grif realizes that the investigation team's mobile base probably has a radio. Just then Epsilon's distinct sounds can be heard. Grif startles Caboose and he drops Epsilon’s carrying unit, just as the guide from before approaches from the distance. Meanwhile, at Red Base, Lopez has assembled two motorcycles in order to allow Simmons and Donut to find Sarge, or so Simmons thinks. Lopez reveals that after years of working with the Red Team he builds two of everything, and sure enough Simmons destroys one of them immediately as he goes to retrieve Donut from Blue Base. Back in the desert, the guide introduces himself simply as CT. CT notices Caboose is gone and points a gun at Grif, demanding to know where Caboose is, a threat with which Sarge has no problem. Just then an alarm sounds and various other soldiers and aliens are seen running towards the mobile base, while Grif confirms that it’s probably Caboose’s doing. CT orders Sarge and Grif to move in the same direction.
12 (131) "Well Hello" 5:16 September 7, 2009
Donut is cleaning up Blue Base when the Meta appears. Having not been involved with the events of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, Donut remains oblivious to the danger, believing the Meta to be a new Blue soldier. Simmons recognizes the Meta, becomes scared, and runs away. Meanwhile, in the desert, Sarge, Grif, and CT run over to find Caboose surrounded by alien and human soldiers in front of the digger. Caboose claims he was "trying to find a home for Epsilon". As CT notices the storage unit and questions what it is, the entire dig site shakes and the temple gate starts to open. As it opens, all the soldiers apart from Sarge, Caboose, and Grif start running towards the gate. CT screams for the soldiers to kill the person in the gate and to make sure it stays open. An open firefight begins with the soldiers all firing at an unknown assailant. Grif attempts to escape in the digger but quickly abandons it because it moves too slow. Sarge, Grif and Caboose start to run away, but encounter Tucker, who orders them to get into the temple while he covers them.
13 (132) "Called Up" 5:24 September 14, 2009
Washington and the Chairman hold their meeting, and Washington reveals he knows that the Blue Team has Epsilon. The Blue Team were not searched due to their deletion from Command's records. The Chairman agrees to drop all charges against Washington and let him have access to leftover Freelance equipment in exchange of returning Epsilon back to the UNSC. After a brief shot of Simmons fleeing the Meta, the scene returns to the desert, where Tucker shuts the temple door and becomes dismayed at the lack of help in response to his distress call. He then reveals that an ancient weapon is supposedly buried in the temple, similar to the ones used in the Great War, and that he and Junior have been acting as negotiators between humans and aliens. However, CT's team came with the intent of selling the ancient weapon, and killed the previous dig team. Tucker then requests that the others either help him get rid of the invading soldiers or destroy the weapon.
14 (133) "The Installation" 4:31 September 21, 2009
As CT's team attempts to smash into the ruins with the digger to no avail, Tucker explains the importance of not activating the weapon, explaining the last one was designed to wipe out all organic life in a large radius. During this time, Caboose wanders off, forcing the others to go look for him. Back at Valhalla, Simmons and Lopez attempt to attack the Meta. Simmons only succeeds in destroying the motorcycle again while Lopez takes out the Meta with a missile pod launcher. In the ruins, Tucker, Grif and Sarge happen upon Caboose, who has found a floating robot that has Church's voice, though he seems to have no memory of either Sarge, Grif, or Tucker.
15 (134) "Watch The Flank" 5:33 September 28, 2009
Simmons and Lopez fortify the Red Base in preparation for the Meta's next attack. However, Donut arrives, and is angry at Simmons for not introducing him to the Meta. Meanwhile, in Sandtrap, Caboose explains that he built a new body for Epsilon. Because it still had residual memories of the original Church, Epsilon inherited his voice and personality. However, Epsilon Church's memories are still incomplete, and the only knowledge he possesses about the Red and Blue Teams are based completely on the stories Caboose told him. Everybody begins arguing as their tempers flare, only to be stopped by Epsilon Church. Epsilon Church declares that he will be their leader, and that they need to set aside their differences and destroy the weapon to save countless lives. As he says this, he begins to drift sideways, and complains that he doesn't have full control of his body yet.
16 (135) "Retention Deficit" 5:25 October 5, 2009
As the Valhalla group assesses their situation, Donut mistakenly translates one of Lopez's comments on the vehicles as a possibility for escape by hijacking the Meta's transport. Simmons and Donut begin to speculate where the Meta's vehicle might be, with Simmons suggesting they leave Lopez behind on grounds of being expendable. At the temple, Epsilon Church manages to regain mobility and stops himself. He then attempts to access his memories and functions as Caboose warns Tucker about the repressed torture memories within him. In the end, Epsilon Church only manages to deactivate his short term memory as somebody gains entrance to the temple.
17 (136) "Trust Issues" 4:18 October 12, 2009
The Reds at Valhalla make a break for Blue Base in an attempt to escape The Meta. Meanwhile at the temple, Sarge expresses his concerns about Blue Team, now that they outnumber the Reds with their "three members". Grif assures Sarge that they don't have any advantage, and that Epsilon Church hardly counts as a soldier. Just then CT(Connecticut) 's group is heard breaking through the temple door. Caboose fixes Church's short term memory problem by bashing him, when alien soldiers appear and the Reds engage them in battle. Epsilon Church discovers he has telekinetic powers, but then loses control of his body again, floating out of the room.
18 (137) "Hang Time" 4:42 October 19, 2009
The Reds at Valhalla locate the Meta's cloaked jeep and prepare to make off with it. Meanwhile the team at the temple are forced to engage a chain gun-wielding alien that suddenly stops firing when it sees Epsilon-Church, to whom it bows. After Tucker reveals that many aliens worship the old artifacts, Epsilon-Church flings a box into the alien. CT's group arrives and one of his soldiers overcharges his plasma pistol and disables Epsilon-Church, prompting the aliens to retaliate. CT flees with Epsilon-Church and Grif, Sarge, and Caboose give chase in the Warthog while avoiding rocket fire. Caboose fires the EMP cannon at - and misses - CT's fleeing jeep, causing the Warthog to shut down momentarily. However a distraction by Tucker gives time for the Warthog to reset, letting Caboose dispatch CT's accomplices whilst the other aliens pursue CT.
19 (138) "Think You Know Someone" 6:20 October 26, 2009
C.T. manages to injure the two aliens pursuing him, only for Tucker to destroy his jeep with his sword, although CT survives the explosion. As Caboose looks for Epsilon-Church, CT corners Tucker on a ledge. Tucker asks who CT is, but CT gives no answer. Epsilon-Church rises up from behind and obliterates CT with his laser face, but now Sarge, Caboose, Grif, Epsilon-Church, and Tucker find themselves facing the aliens. At Valhalla the Meta's jeep won't start and the Reds have no ammunition to combat the Meta with. Simmons attempts to use the jeeps chaingun to gun down the Meta, but is unable to turn it due to lack of power. Just before the Meta attacks, Agent Washington appears, telling him to stand down, and demanding Epsilon from the Reds. The Reds are confused at the situation, but Washington loses all patience, shooting Lopez in the head and firing at Donut, seemingly killing him. As Simmons calls out to his fallen teammates, Washington flashes back to his meeting with the Chairman, who asks Wash if the Reds and Blues would just give Epsilon back to him. Wash claims that he has no desire to simply ask for Epsilon back, since Epsilon's retrieval will allow him to leave behind a life of betrayals and double-dealings.

Revelation (Season 8)[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (139) "For Those of You Just Joining Us..." 8:01 April 1, 2010

Medical Officer DuFresne arrives in Valhalla in response to Simmons' request to Command for a medic. Doc is initially happy to see Simmons again, but Simmons insists that Donut needs his help. Doc notes that Donut is dead, and that nothing can be done for him. Simmons apologizes, and admits that he sent the request because "they" forced him to, as they needed someone with medical training. Doc turns around to see Washington and The Meta, who knocks him unconscious.

In the desert, Epsilon-Church is enjoying his new status, making up speeches while being worshiped as a deity by the aliens. While delivering a eulogy for C.T. and the human members of his team, Epsilon-Church trails off when he sees a dark figure in the distance. He follows the figure; as it walks into a building, he finds himself at the Valhalla installation. After Tucker gets his attention, he finds himself back in the desert. Realizing that he has just had another memory flash, Tucker informs the Reds that this has been happening with increasing frequency. When Epsilon-Church recalls seeing a waterfall, Grif and Caboose say that it sounds like the Valhalla base.
2 (140) "Drink Your Ovaltine" 5:02 April 12, 2010
Sarge makes preparations to call Simmons to get his take on Epsilon-Church's visions. In Valhalla, Doc recovers and wakes up at Blue base with Simmons, who explains the situation. Washington orders Doc to give the Meta a medical evaluation. Back in the desert, Sarge uses Epsilon-Church to boost the Warthog's radio and contacts Simmons, who is forced by Washington to answer the call and claim that everything is fine. However, Sarge senses something is wrong, and through his extensive knowledge of the team and what he believes to be hints from Simmons, deduces the situation at Valhalla. As he and Grif set off to rescue them, an intrigued Epsilon-Church follows at the mention of Valhalla.
3 (141) "Upon Further Review" 5:36 April 19, 2010

Doc informs Washington that the Meta is physically healthy, though he is having serious problems with his armor. In the desert, Tucker searches for the Reds and Epsilon-Church, and guesses they must have taken off. Caboose warns Tucker not to say anything about Epsilon-Church's absence, as the aliens would become hostile if they knew he was gone. Meanwhile, Sarge arrives in Valhalla, calling out for Simmons in an attempt to lure Washington into the center of the canyon. Washington tells the Meta to kill the prisoners if Sarge causes him any problems and moves out to intercept him. With Washington gone and the Meta distracted, Simmons and Doc plan to short circuit the Meta's armor using an overpowered charge on Doc's medical scanner.

Washington confronts Sarge and disarms him, then orders him towards Blue Base, but at Sarge's signal, Grif bursts through the canyon wall in the Warthog, landing on Washington. With the Warthog still moving at high speed, Washington climbs from under the Warthog onto the front, and attempts to shoot Grif. Grif slams on the brakes and Washington is thrown into a pile of explosive barrels as Sarge reclaims his shotgun. He fires at the barrels to ignite them, attempting (and failing) a one-liner, and Washington is engulfed in the resulting explosion. The Meta notices the explosion and prepares to kill Doc just as he starts to charge his scanner.
4 (142) "Recovering One" 6:57 April 26, 2010

Doc hits the Meta with a blast from his overloaded scanner, knocking him back temporarily. The Meta attempts to punch Doc, but the blast causes his temporal distortion unit to malfunction, slowing him down drastically. Simmons quickly theorizes that his punch will still carry the same force as normal as they are merely viewing the Meta from a different timeframe, but Doc ignores him. When the Meta's fist connects with Doc's helmet, he is slammed into the base wall. Simmons attempts to pull him free, but is forced to abandon him when the Meta recovers. Simmons is then blasted away from the base by the Meta's weapon and manages to grab onto the Warthog turret when Sarge and Grif drive by. As the trio tries to escape, the Meta uses the grav-lift to launch himself onto the hood of the jeep, destroying it and throwing the Reds out. As the Reds prepare to fight, Epsilon-Church arrives and catches the interest of the Meta. He lures the Meta back towards Blue base, briefly pausing when he recognizes it from his memory flash. The Reds take the opportunity to flee through the hole in the wall, which leads to another canyon.

Epsilon-Church soon regroups with the Reds, with the Meta and Agent Washington, now recovered, in pursuit. Sarge, Griff and Simmons attempt to enrage Epsilon-Church in order to activate his energy weapon, but they are unsuccessful. However, the mere sight of Washington sends Epsilon-Church into a rage, activating his energy weapon and melting the stone around the hole, sealing it. Now out of power, he mentions that they "can't let them get to her first" before passing out. The Reds retreat while Washington assures the Meta that they still have a lead. Doc, still stuck in the wall, calls out for help.
5 (143) "4th and Twenty" 4:16 May 10, 2010
The Reds return to the desert to find Caboose being threatened by the aliens as a result of Epsilon-Church going missing. To get the aliens off his back, Caboose claims that the Reds took him. Meanwhile, as Simmons and Grif attempt to wake Epsilon-Church, Sarge is forced to lead the aliens to them; Grif, knowing that the aliens would attack if they found them in possession of Epsilon-Church, punts him far away and out of sight. When Tucker and Caboose arrive, the Reds flee in the midst of the distraction, and Caboose abandons Tucker, leaving him to face the aliens alone. The Reds and Caboose locate Epsilon-Church, who landed in the mine field after he was punted away. Grif tells Simmons, who is unaware of the mine field, to retrieve him. Simmons obliges and then hastily retreats when he accidentally activates a mine.
6 (144) "Towing Package" 4:21 May 17, 2010
Washington orders the Meta to free Doc from the wall so he can interrogate him, as he feels questioning someone stuck in a wall to be ridiculous. Meta's attempts at freeing Doc are unsuccessful. The Meta suggests using the winch(tow cable) from the destroyed Warthog to pull him free. Back at the temple, the Reds and Caboose gather around Epsilon-Church. The Delta fragment of Epsilon's memories activates and warns Caboose that due to the encounter with Washington, Epsilon has begun searching his memories, and that some of them must remain hidden in order to prevent his insanity from reemerging. Epsilon-Church then regains control and asks Caboose to help him with a task inside the 'facility.' Caboose decides to leave the original Epsilon unit behind as Epsilon-Church insists they won't need it. Meanwhile, Washington and the Meta attempt to pull Doc free with the tow cable, only for a large piece of the wall to collapse on Doc.
7 (145) "And Don't Call Me Shirley" 5:23 May 24, 2010

Having set the piece of wall containing Doc back up vertically, Washington again attempts to interrogate him. After being repeatedly hit by the Meta and threatened to be shot, Doc reveals that Simmons said something about a distress call, and mentioned "sand". At the desert, the Reds spy on Epsilon-Church and Caboose. Sarge believes that the Reds may be able to restore the Blues to command's database at the facility mentioned by Epsilon Church. As the Reds leave in pursuit, Tucker takes the opportunity to escape from the aliens and he makes a dash to his alien motorcycle to follow the Reds. Unfortunately, the vehicle runs out of gas and Tucker is forced to flee on foot with the aliens in pursuit.

Epsilon-Church and Caboose arrive at the entrance to the facility, hidden within a derelict factory, and find a monitor embedded in a tree. The monitor activates and a voice identical to that of Sheila is heard, explaining that they have thirty seconds to leave the facility or they will be killed. The program identifies itself as F.I.L.S.S. (pronounced Phyllis); Sheila's name before Church mistakenly renamed her during episode 50. Upon hearing Epsilon-Church's voice, F.I.L.S.S. disables the countdown, believing him to be the Director of Project Freelancer. At his request, F.I.L.S.S. opens the door to the facility, hidden in a nearby wall. Epsilon-Church requests that F.I.L.S.S. answer to the name Sheila, as it will be easier than getting Caboose to adapt to the new name.
8 (146) "Pursuing The Archive" 5:48 May 31, 2010

Upon entering the facility, Epsilon-Church has F.I.L.S.S. run the tutorial for Caboose's benefit. As they explore the facility, F.I.L.S.S. explains that it is a backup storage site, intended to allow the operations of Project Freelancer to continue if its primary site was lost. She further explains that the bunker stores equipment used in the combat simulations, noting that her record of Blue team is missing. When they arrive at a locked door, F.I.L.S.S. refuses to allow Caboose to enter, claiming that only the Director is allowed in. At Epsilon-Church's insistence, she relents and allows both to enter. Outside, Grif and Sarge catch up with Simmons, who had seen Epsilon-Church and Caboose entering the facility. The three make plans to gain entry by posing as Freelancer agents.

In the desert, Washington tracks a recovery beacon while the Meta drags along the chunk of wall containing Doc. Finding the source of the signal, Washington orders the Meta to dig. The Meta uncovers the body of C.T., whom Washington reveals was a Freelancer agent and was actually female. As he orders the Meta to scavenge her equipment, the Aliens confront them. In the facility, Epsilon-Church and Caboose find a room containing numerous suits of armor, which Caboose believes to be duplicates of Church. Epsilon-Church flies past these, stopping at a large pod at the back of the room, revealing that it is what he is really looking for. As the episode ends, the pod begins to open.
9 (147) "Backup Plans" 4:19 June 7, 2010

In the desert, Washington and the Meta free Doc from the concrete block he was trapped in using grenades and the Meta's weapon. Doc tells the ex-Freelancers that the aliens are drawing a map to where Epsilon went to, though his translation may be incorrect. The aliens finish drawing the map, but it turns out to be a picture of a dead human with the word "Shisno" next to it. Rather than waste any more time, Washington decides to simply kill the aliens and leave one alive to talk, resulting in the Meta leading an attack.

Back at the Freelancer facility, the Reds gain entry when Sarge shoots the computer after Simmons's plan failed, due in part to Grif using the name "Agent Pluto". After hearing a ruckus from inside the facility, they quickly find a frightened Caboose outside a door with Epsilon-Church shouting at an unknown individual on the other side. Caboose begs F.I.L.S.S. not to open the door, but she reports that if the "Director" requests it she will have no alternative. The Reds demand that Caboose let them in, but he slowly and silently walks away from the door when something begins breaking the door down piece by piece. The Reds prepare to ambush whatever it is, only to receive a frightening surprise when the door goes flying past them, revealing a resurrected Tex on the other side.
10 (148) "This One Goes To Eleven" 7:11 June 21, 2010

As the Reds make a hasty retreat, Caboose asks F.I.L.S.S. for help, who declines, stating that she cannot interrupt a simulation test. Tex ambushes the Reds and starts to attack them while Simmons flees to find a better weapon. After finding a rocket launcher, he runs into Tucker, who he asks to help fight Tex.

The four soldiers then try to take Tex on all at once, but are easily overpowered. After much fighting, Simmons finally gets a clear shot with the rocket launcher, only for Tex to use the teleporters lying around the room to direct the rocket back at the Reds and Tucker, who are incapacitated in the resulting explosion. Victorious, Tex walks away when the now-vacant shell of Epsilon-Church hits her in the head; she turns to see Epsilon-Church, now with a body resembling Church's, holding a sniper rifle.
11 (149) "Restraining Orders" 4:58 June 28, 2010

Tex begins beating Epsilon-Church with his previous shell as the Reds stand by and discuss the situation. Caboose asks F.I.L.S.S. for help again; she suggests the armor lockdown safety protocol, which she didn't mention since she assumed Epsilon-Church already knew about it. Caboose has her activate it, which immobilizes Tex but also affects everyone else, except Caboose because his helmet does not have the lockdown protocol.

In the desert, Washington and the Meta have apparently killed all the aliens, which has ruined their plan to interrogate a survivor. Wash orders Doc to check the aliens' pulses while the Meta goes off to check for clues in a nearby cave. While waiting, Doc and Washington have a lighthearted discussion about job benefits (where Washington is surprised at the overtime salary that Freelancers don't have), until Washington hears a noise from the cave. He goes to investigate, but after a near-miss with a grenade tossed from within the cave, he tells Doc to go in and check on the Meta. Doc protests, claiming that he has bad luck with caves.[16]
12 (150) "Snooze Button" 5:25 July 12, 2010

Church wakes up in a strange blurry version of the Freelancer facility to learn from F.I.L.S.S. that he's in Recovery mode. He attempts to send Tex a message via F.I.L.S.S. only to learn that Tex has refused to receive any messages, something she should not be able to do. Church has his and Tucker's armor unlocked, but decides to keep Tex locked up until he can figure out what to do with her. The Reds also remain in lock down, believing they are dead and in some kind of Purgatory. Church tells them he will let them out if they agree not to fire on the Blues or Tex; Reluctantly they agree.

Back in the desert, Washington tries to order Doc to go inside the cave. But his continued attempts to stall forces Washington to try and call Meta out, telling him they can deal with whatever he found. In response Meta throws out the Epsilon storage unit that Caboose and Church left behind.
13 (151) "Battle of the Exes" 4:50 July 19, 2010

Washington, the Meta and Doc gather near the Epsilon unit, which Washington realizes is empty due to the AI being moved to the eye-like body they saw in Valhalla. Doc, having not seen it, thinks Washington is going crazy from heat-stroke and tries to psycho-analyze him while the Meta begins converting the storage unit into a capture unit to retake Epsilon.

At the facility, the Reds and Blues debate reactivating Tex until Church takes AI form and inserts himself into her body. Once there, the two bicker for a bit until Church agrees to let her out and hit Tucker for making an ex-wife joke earlier. Back in his body, Church has F.I.L.S.S disable the recovery mode on Tex, who gets up and smacks Tucker. In the sponsors-only ending, the disabling of recovery mode also revives Donut back in Valhalla.
14 (152) "Reconfiguration" 5:01 July 26, 2010

The Meta finishes configuring the old Epsilon unit into a capture unit. Out of curiosity, Doc asks Washington if they could track the Reds' trail, like heat signatures, footprints etc. Washington tells him otherwise, however, after Doc is out of earshot, Washington asks the Meta if they could track the Reds like Doc suggested.

Back at the facility, Tex fully recovers and discusses Epsilon/Church's motives on freeing her. Church claims that he needed to get Tex out of his head and even refers to her as his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the Reds decide to use the absence of the Blues to put them back into the database. Simmons and Grif decide to go together, after Simmons threatened to change Grif's job description and change his gender to a woman. Back at the desert, Doc finds out that Washington has taken his suggestion and had Meta find the Reds successfully. Doc demands that the two give him credit for the idea.
15 (153) "Check Your Local Listings" 5:55 August 2, 2010

Simmons and Tex begin working together to sort through Command's personnel files, only to be roadblocked by the Director's files being restricted and no record for either Tex or Church. However, Tex does pull up another Freelancer base not far from their location. As she sets off to check out the weaponry, F.I.L.S.S. asks Church to make a journal update as the Director used to. Church has the entries transferred to him and deleted from the database, an act observed by Sarge before sending Grif to aid Simmons with supplies.

After acquiring some new armor, Tex decides to set off on her own for the other outpost, with Church being the only one willing to go with her. The two leave as Simmons discovers a cache of Freelancer equipment that granted their special abilities. Despite requiring an A.I. to function properly, the prospect on being able to turn invisible and nap whenever proves too much for Grif and he requests to have an ability installed.
16 (154) "Standardized Testing" 5:04 August 16, 2010

After dispatching the guards by herself, Tex and Epsilon-Church arrive at the Freelancer base. Church has another flash of Valhalla, and realizes he mixed the two locations up in his memories. Tex reveals that this was where Alpha was sent after the very first break in, of which she was a part. It was here more and more "tests" were run on him. Other AI were used in the torturing process of Alpha, with Omega and Gamma being used to create tests that were impossible for Alpha to win, driving him mad, and breaking him to the point he could not recognize anybody, not even Tex. When Church asks if she and the other Freelancers succeeded, Tex says no, and that she failed herself and Alpha.

In the desert, Washington asks Doc if he can comment on the Meta's current condition. Doc only reiterates that the Meta has too many pieces of equipment that he cannot operate properly anymore. Upon asking Washington what would happen if somebody attempted to use armor enhancements without an AI, Washington responds that there are negative side effects. At the first Freelancer facility, Simmons finally installs Grif with one of the armor enhancements. This turns out to be a super-speed ability, causing Grif to become highly energetic and run around at extreme speed, ultimately running into a wall. The timer runs out as the episode ends and Grif, exhausted, takes a nap.
17 (155) "Tenth Percentile" 6:20 August 23, 2010

Informed by F.I.L.S.S. that the storage facility contains backups of Project Freelancer data, Simmons has her restore the Blue Army data. Grif and Simmons then look at the records, and they reveal that all of the Red and Blue bases are merely training grounds for Freelancer agents, and are staffed with the army's worst soldiers based on poor test scores and poor field performance. Furthermore, all of the strange events the Reds and Blues had encountered during The Blood Gulch Chronicles, including being seemingly blown into the future, meeting the Alien, and Tucker's pregnancy were part of just one of several scenarios that may be run at simulation bases (confirming what they were told by Washington in Chapter 12 of Reconstruction). Sarge is shocked by these revelations and walks off to construct a base from junk. He insists that Simmons and Grif stop calling him "Sir", and then announces that he quits.

At the Freelancer base, Tex reveals that she is looking for the Director. She suggests that Washington and the Meta may know who the Director is. In the event they do not know his identity, Tex states that she will simply kill them, and that if she cannot find the Director, she will settle for destroying everything he built. When Epsilon-Church asks how Tex will get in contact with Washington and the Meta, she shoots him, triggering his recovery beacon. She explains that the beacon would not have activated until they left the storage facility. Church insists that he would have helped her. She states that he cannot even help himself, which is why he made her. Church asks her why she is doing all this, and she says that she intends to find out herself.

In the desert, Washington and the Meta pick up Epsilon's recovery beacon. Washington has the Meta grab the storage unit and Doc acquire a vehicle, stating that they are "going to the only place that's left."
18 (156) "Rally Cap" 4:52 August 30, 2010

Washington, Doc and the Meta arrive in a jeep to find Church lying in the snow unguarded. Washington quickly guesses it is a trap set by a Freelancer sniper. Doc suggests that the sniper would anticipate the trap being recognized and would set up a different trap, which is soon proven correct when a series of mines under their Warthog explodes.

Back at the facility, Caboose informs the others of Church's beacon and tries to get them to help. However, Grif, Simmons, and Tucker are reluctant to aid him. Sarge volunteers to go by himself. When asked why, Sarge gives a rousing speech to the others, referencing the very first episode, asking them all why they're all here and decided to be more than just cannon fodder for the Freelancers. The others decide to go and Simmons shows them a new transport to get them there in time and nominates Grif to drive it.
19 (157) "Reunion" 8:09 September 6, 2010

Washington regains consciousness from the land mines and is immediately interrogated by Tex about the Director's location, but is attacked by the Meta. She uses several hidden weapons as well as explosives as her Wash and the Meta attempt to use the capture unit on her. While she at first appears to be winning, Tex slowly loses ground. During the fight, the explosives collapse part of the ground they are fighting on, and Washington narrowly escapes death when Doc saves him. Eventually, the Meta manages to stab the storage unit into Tex's visor, capturing her.

Epsilon demands that they release her, but Washington explains that the unit is failing, and that Epsilon will be leaving with them. Epsilon resolves to fight them. Washington asks the Meta for the memory unit, but the Meta attaches it to his own armor, allowing him to cloak. Washington tells Doc to protect Epsilon, and is forced to fight with the Meta. Before Washington is about to be killed by the Meta, the Reds and Blues suddenly arrive in a Pelican dropship. The ship crashes due to Grif's inept piloting, almost knocking Doc off a cliff.

Epsilon asks if anyone has seen Tex, but Washington repeats that she was captured. Epsilon spots the capture unit lying in the snow, and asks that Tex be released. Washington tells him that the unit was rigged to be one-way, lest Epsilon — the intended target — escapes again. Washington explains that the unit will not survive being transported to a facility without sufficient means to do so. Washington says that if he lets her out, Epsilon will have to come with him. Epsilon agrees to this, and Washington sends the Reds and Blues to scour the base for equipment to aid in restoring the capture unit.

As the others leave, Epsilon says that he can get Tex out, but Washington refuses, stating that he needs Epsilon to get him out of all the trouble he is in; if Epsilon becomes stuck in the unit, the authorities will never believe Washington and he will never be cleared of the charges set against him. Epsilon states that he has to help Tex, as she is there because of himself, the Alpha and the Director. He explains that he learned from the Director's journals that Tex was a by-product of the creation of Alpha, and was a memory of the Director's lost love, Allison. Because all the Director could remember of Allison was her death, Tex is forever doomed to fail just when victory is within her grasp. As Epsilon asks Washington if he can imagine what that must be like for Tex, the storage unit suddenly raises from the snow, and the Meta decloaks, revealing that the unit is still attached to his back.
20 (158) "N+1" 9:33 September 13, 2010; September 11, 2010 (Sponsors)

As the Reds are looking for power sources to keep the capture unit running, they hear a large explosion, which leads Simmons to arm a rocket launcher as they all go to investigate. They run outside to see Washington and The Meta in battle; the Meta quickly gains the upper-hand and takes Washington out of the fight. As Caboose and Doc stay with Epsilon, Sarge, Simmons, Grif, and Tucker attack the Meta, and they inflict some damage despite the Meta's power. The Meta is goaded by Sarge into coming towards him and grabs him by the throat. Sarge says "shotgun" three times and Grif, remembering the codeword from earlier, gets Simmons to help him push the jeep off the cliff. Sarge then attaches the tow hook onto the Meta's armor - which was given to him by Washington during the fight - and references his arguments about the jeep with Grif early in the Blood Gulch Chronicles by saying to the Meta "Hey Meta settle an old bet would ya? Does that thing look like a big cat to you?" The Meta drops Sarge and the capture unit falls from his back as he is dragged over the cliff to his death, swiping at Grif's legs in the process. Simmons tries to stop Grif from slipping over the edge, but Grif falls. However, he manages to survive by lodging the Meta's weapon — which he had stolen earlier — into the cliff face and holding on.

With the capture unit close to failure, Epsilon prepares to enter it to find Tex. He tells Caboose that if he does not come back, then Caboose will be in charge of remembering him. Leaving his body, he enters the unit. Doc goes to check on Washington, and Simmons tries to stabilize the unit to no avail. The unit fails before Church and Tex can emerge.

Later, UNSC recovery forces arrive to investigate, and the Red and Blue teams are questioned. After the questioning is finished, the soldier that interrogated them tells them they can return to their training bases. He expresses surprise at the teams having killed three Freelancer agents, but says that the Chairman will be disappointed at not being able to debrief Washington. The members of Blue team comment on Washington's supposed death, including Washington himself, who had faked his death and is now wearing Church's armor but with yellow trim. Washington joins the Blue team, while the Reds, not wanting to walk back to base, hijack a Hornet. The interrogator tells another soldier to throw the capture unit in evidence, as "it's all a bunch of junk now anyway".

The camera closes on the inside of the Epsilon unit. Narrating the epilogue, Epsilon says that he did not find Tex right away. However, he has learned from the Director's mistakes. Instead of trying desperately to find Tex, and pushing her away in the process, he'll stay in a place where she could find him and be patient. He decides to wait in his memories of Blood Gulch. The canyon is a bit different from how he remembered it (as the series now shifts to Halo: Reach), and he hopes that things can be different for him too. As Epsilon stands in front of Blue base, Tucker comes and tells him that the Reds have got a new vehicle, and then goes to check on it with an eager Caboose. In closing, Epsilon says "I mean hell, if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory, you might as well make it a good one."

Season 9[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (159) "Rounding Error" 6:40 June 14, 2011

The episode opens within the Epsilon Unit, with Epsilon Church's internal monologue being repeatedly interrupted by Tucker, who keeps calling him up to the cliff. After Church arrives, Tucker reveals that he and Caboose have been watching the Red team. The Reds have attached a rocket launcher to their jeep, and Donut is giving orders. After several rockets are fired, Church grows frustrated as the memories aren't right, like Donut giving out orders and starts walking down towards Red Base. As he does so, there is a rumbling sound. Tucker follows Church and asks where he is going. Church replies that he is going to "set things straight", and that " has to be done the right way, or there's no point in doing it at all...there's an order to things".

The scene segues to a Freelancer installation, many years in the past. The Counselor informs the Director that the "operatives are in position", but expresses concern about the order of the tests. The Director insists that "the system" will determine the best order.
2 (160) "The Twins" 5:26 June 20, 2011
The Director sends twin agents South & North Dakota into a cryogenics research facility. South tries to steal data files while North tracks the guards via thermal imaging. While downloading the data, South is confronted by a guard. The guard tries to activate an alarm; South kills him, but his momentum carries him to the alarm button. With the facility now alerted, South grabs the data pod and rendezvous with North. The agents fight their way past numerous guards to get to the helipad for extraction. When they reach the pad, they find themselves surrounded, and a voice demands they stand down and hand over the data pod.
3 (161) "Number One" 5:03 June 27, 2011

At the Director's behest, an unnamed agent in blue armor(aka Agent Carolina in later episodes) arrives to help South and North, sneaking in and providing a distraction for them to fight back against the surrounding enemies. During the battle, North is wounded while protecting South from enemy fire. The unnamed agent helps the twins to extraction, a Pelican dropship.

Back in present day inside the Epsilon unit, the Reds formulate a plan to attack the Blues until Church shows up and attempts to talk to them, only to realize that they don't recognize him. The Reds agree to talk, but not before a bloodthirsty Donut shoots Church in the foot in exchange for five minutes to hear him out.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh guest star in a cameo as two soldiers arguing over one of the soldiers' rifles during the fight scene.
4 (162) "Evacuation Plan" 6:21 July 4, 2011

Attempting to set things straight, Church tries to convince the Reds that their personalities are wrong. While he does not succeed, he does get Simmons and Sarge thinking and Donut to panic over his apparent knowledge of his diary.

Back during the Freelancer mission, the mysterious agent is revealed to be Agent Carolina and the dropship comes under attack from enemy fighters. With some evasive maneuvers and North's shield ability, the dropship manages to reach the rendezvous point, where the ship Mother of Invention destroys the attackers.
5 (163) "Realignment" 6:12 July 18, 2011

Church eventually limps his way back to Blue Base where, during a discussion with Tucker about his attempts to fix things, Caboose heads in the base and calls Command, who has sent out a special forces member to the Blues. Back at Red Base, Simmons is briefly obstructed by Grif and his recently-cleaned floor before getting Donut to help with the construction of Lopez. During this, Grif and Donut begin to revert to the personalities of their real selves, causing another earthquake.

On the Freelancer ship, the Director reveals the mission has provided new information on a Freelance target and updates the Freelance agent rankings. South is upset at moving down, but the Director scolds her for failing the mission's objective of remaining discreet and making their next mission harder.
6 (164) "Familiar Feelings" 5:20 July 25, 2011

As Church struggles to get Caboose to remember when the special forces agent will arrive, Sarge and Simmons continue to work on Lopez. Donut interrupts and goes to talk to Sarge about their feelings while Church attempts to activate Sheila in case things get dicey when Tex shows up. His attempts prove fruitless, but it does get Tucker to start showing his interest in women and revert to his real personality.

A few hours later, Simmons checks up on Donut and Sarge. Donut's extended conversation on feelings ends up draining Sarge of his desire to do so, turning him back into his regular gruff personality.
7 (165) "Case File 01.045" 5:23 August 1, 2011

The episode begins with Washington and another Freelancer named Connie returning from a failed mission. Washington tries to cheer up Connie by saying that the mission failure was not her fault, but she angrily replies that he is just making excuses. Connie points out that the ranking system the Director has put in place has started a rivalry among all of the Freelancers, drawing lines between them. She continues by telling Washington that he will eventually have to pick a side. Connie then leaves, telling Washington to call her "C.T." from now on.

Back in Blood Gulch, in order to prepare for Tex's arrival, Tucker sets up a training session to teach Church and Caboose on how to interact with girls. Church and Caboose are then forced to roleplay, with Caboose taking the role of the girl.
8 (166) "Shaking The Foundation" 4:49 August 8, 2011

At Red Base, construction on Lopez has finished and Simmons begins to show signs of his real personality, demonstrating his love of math and organizing and kissing up to Sarge. An earthquake hits briefly, followed by Lopez activating and speaking Spanish. Sarge explains this is adding culture and learning the language as a unit bonding activity, and as he and Simmons acknowledge just how out-of-character that is, another earthquake hits.

At Blue Base, Church attempts to explain the situation to Tucker and Caboose, specifying that the earthquakes are caused by the failing capture unit and the point of this is for him to try and figure out about himself.
9 (167) "Captive Audience" 6:06 August 15, 2011

At Red Base, Lopez notices that the earthquakes are getting more frequent, and tries to warn the Red Team that they are in danger. However, the Red Team can't understand him and they assume Lopez is making jokes. Simmons, jealous at the attention Lopez is receiving from the Reds, storms off to prove to Red Team that he can be "likeable, funny, and people-like".

Meanwhile, at Blue Base, Church continues to try to explain the situation to Tucker and Caboose, and tell them that the simulation they are experiencing is a form a recursion taking place within the Epsilon unit, where the computer tries many different iterations of the same scenario to find a solution. He also reveals the fact that he is actually an AI based on the memories of Alpha and the Director. Tucker then likens Church's search for Tex to a stalker's actions. Suddenly, they notice a grenade lying on the ground between them, and realize too late that somebody must have thrown it at them before it explodes.

At Project Freelancer, Washington and North get into a discussion about how North was able to use his armor ability in the field without a direct pipeline to Project Freelancer's mainframe. However, their conversation is interrupted when a group of guards run past saying that a new recruit is facing off against Maine, Wyoming, and York in a three versus one sparring match. The final scene shows all three Freelancers being knocked away by a single individual wearing black armor. The small part in the end is the first appearance of Agent Texas in the 9th season.
10 (168) "Introductions" 8:01 August 29, 2011

The episode begins where the last one left off, with Washington and North Dakota heading to a training match featuring a new Freelancer. In the match, the new Freelancer, Agent Texas, spars with Wyoming, Maine, and York. Meanwhile Freelancers Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Carolina, and C.T., overlook the battle from above. During the match, using her strength and agility, Tex easily defeats her three opponents, winning Round one. As Round two begins, York tries to coordinate a plan with his teammates. However, Maine and Wyoming, attack by themselves instead, leading to all three having many repeated failures. The three then start attacking Tex from all sides. Tex, however, easily kicks and punches them around, impressing the other Freelancers overlooking the battle. York tries again to regroup his team, but continues to be ignored by Maine and Wyoming, leading to further defeat.

In round three, the arena is reconfigured to feature raised cover, and the four Freelancers are given guns to use, which fire a special immobilizing paint that makes their armor stone hard. While York, Maine, and Wyoming look for Tex in the arena, Tex quietly uses her surroundings to get the best of them. Tex continually outsmarts her opponents, eventually winning rounds three to eight. In round nine, Maine and Wyoming purposely load their pistols with live ammunition, shocking York. As the two start firing, York tries to protect Tex, but she refuses his help, telling him "Never abandon your team." As the battle becomes more intense Maine throws a grenade towards Tex, which she easily dodges. Unfortunately, the grenade lands near York, but before it explodes, Tex shoots him with the immobilizing paint, to try to protect him. The grenade explodes as the episode ends, alarms are heard, and a medical team is sent to the training room.
11 (169) "Lifting the Veil" 5:47 September 5, 2011

The episode picks up right after Maine's grenade explodes and greatly injures York. As the medical team arrives, Washington comments that a Freelancer's armor hardens after it locks down, explaining Tex shooting York with the hardening paint shortly before the explosion; something that may have saved him from worse injury. The Director then arrives and berates Washington for following the rules of the training floor, saying that the enemy won't fight according to protocol on the battlefield, and that Wyoming and Maine showed initiative and creativity for using live ammunition and will therefore not be punished. The Freelancers are left confused by the Director's statement, with Carolina becoming suspicious of Tex.

Back in Blood Gulch, the Blues are disoriented by the grenade explosion, which turned out to be a flashbang grenade. Blinded and partially deaf, they begin to open fire in random directions while Tex (just arriving to Blue Base) watches on, commenting on their incompetence. Meanwhile at Red Base, Simmons lures Lopez to the caves near the base. There, he plans on tricking Lopez into walking into a puddle of water that he electrified with a battery. Lopez overhears Simmons' plan to kill him and tells him that he will go around to another entry to the cave. Simmons attempts to catch up to him, only to step into the water and get electrocuted.
12 (170) "Mid-Game Substitution" 6:35 September 12, 2011

After accidentally shocking himself, Simmons wakes up to find himself chained up in front of Lopez, who is now disguised as him. Lopez tells Simmons that he is going to pose as him so he can get access to the equipment he needs to investigate the earthquakes. However, Simmons mistakenly believes that Lopez is trying to replace him to become popular. Leaving Simmons in the cave, Lopez manages to fool Sarge and Grif into granting him permission to use their equipment, despite the fact that he is still speaking Spanish. Meanwhile, a curious Donut decides to investigate what the disguised Lopez is up to, while the real Simmons manages to break free from his bonds and leaves to confront Lopez.

At the Blue Base, the Blues finally recover from the flashbang and angrily ask Tex why she would attack them. Tex replies that she was merely reacting to an unexpected situation, as she was told she was sent to replace a Blue Team member who was killed but sees no evidence of a death. Church quickly lies to Tex, saying that their teammate "Andersmith" was killed and that they had removed his name from the roster. While Tex goes to make a call to Command, Church tells Tucker and Caboose that he lied to Tex so that she would stay in Blood Gulch a little longer to investigate the nonexistent death. Tucker is skeptical about the plan while Caboose is completely fooled by Church's lie and genuinely believes that "Andersmith" used to be a part of their team. Tex then returns and says that they're going to "even the teams" by killing one of the Reds so that she can leave Blood Gulch as soon as possible, much to Church's dismay.
13 (171) "Planning the Heist" 4:21 September 19, 2011

On the Project Freelancer ship, "Mother of Invention", the Director speaks with the Alpha AI before quickly dismissing him when Carolina appears. They both join the other Freelancers and the Pelican pilot Four-Seven-Niner and begin briefing on their next mission. Members of the UNSC loyal to the Insurrection have acquired a high level asset and are holding it in a secure building. The asset, codenamed the "Sarcophagus", can only be accessed by a key code held by an official of the program that created it, who will be arriving by car to inspect the asset. Because the building will be locked down at the first sign of trouble, both targets must be attacked simultaneously, meaning there will have to be two teams.

The first team - Carolina, Washington, and Maine - are tasked with infiltrating the package storage facility. They are unexpectedly joined by York, whose quick recovery from his injuries surprises the other Freelancers. The second team, composed of North, Wyoming, and C.T., will act as recon for the first team until they infiltrate the building. After that, the second team will then ambush the official and obtain the key code. Also, as a result of her poor performance in her last mission, South is barred from participating in this mission.

When Carolina asks if Tex will be joining the mission, the Director asserts that enough questions have been asked; C.T. then quietly tells Washington that the Director hasn't said "no". Carolina then adds that they don't know how big the Sarcophagus is, but that it would have strange markings on the exterior; something North saw at the oil refinery. After the Director says that they know what it is, C.T. asks rhetorically how it is that they know what it is but not how big it is; she quickly dismisses the question after receiving a glare from the Director. Four-Seven-Niner also adds that since their Pelicans are being modified to be as light and fast as possible, they cannot bring any heavy weaponry or equipment with them. The Freelancers are dismissed and the episode ends with two Pelican dropships disembarking towards the planet they are orbiting.
14 (172) "Son of a Bitch" 6:21 October 3, 2011

At Blood Gulch, Tex tells Church to pick a member of the Red team and kill him. However, due to both his inaccuracy with the sniper rifle and his constant attempts to stall Tex, she takes Church's sniper rifle and shoots Lopez (still disguised as Simmons) and Caboose claims he has avenged "Andersmith". As Tex prepares to shoot Donut, she instead decides to return to Blue Base upon hearing Donut's cries of anguish over Lopez, saying he will demoralize the reds; still believing him to be Simmons. Sarge and Grif discover Donut and Lopez's body, both of whom also believe he is Simmons. Just as they begin to deliver a eulogy, Simmons then arrives stating that he is alive and that Lopez was shot. Sarge ignores him and says small, unimportant things about Simmons, much to his own disappointment.

Meanwhile, the Freelancers begin their operation. Carolina's group infiltrates the target building; but just as York bypasses a holographic lock, he accidentally sets off an alarm for several seconds. This prompts the Insurrectionalist UNSC forces to detect the alarm and begins sending troops down to the vault to investigate.
15 (173) "The Sarcophagus" 8:39 October 10, 2011
Carolina, Maine and Washington soon find the Sarcophagus (with Maine acquiring his trademark weapon in the process) and devise a plan with York to haul it out using a window-washing unit and Maine serving as the counter-weight to haul it up. After Carolina and Washington deal with a troop of guards, including a particularly persistent one with a flamethrower, the two regroup with York on the roof and find Tex there planting what appears to be a bomb. Carolina quickly suspects she is acting as a covert agent to cover the Freelancer's tracks, but the discussion is interrupted by a bevy of guards. The lead one commands York to deactivate the bomb, only for York to reveal the bomb is a transmitter for the Mother of Invention's main gun. The Freelancers quickly evacuate by leaping off the building and Tex manages to get herself, Washington, and the Sarcophagus into the dropship with a swiped jetpack. She orders the pilot to take the Sarcophagus directly back to Command before leaping out of the dropship. With the dropship gone, York and Carolina end up being saved by Maine in a Warthog as the building collapses behind them.
16 (174) "Hell's Angel" 6:38 October 17, 2011

In Blood Gulch, Church pleads with Tucker to help him have Tex remain at Blue Base, only for Tex to announce that she would be staying longer, stating that Caboose told her about the broken tank and giving her one-hundred dollars. Later on, Church tries to have a private conversation with Tex, only for Caboose to remain with them not understanding Church telling him to leave them alone.

At Red Base, Simmons and Grif recover the equipment Lopez was using the study the earthquakes. Then in a meeting with Sarge, Donut, and Grif, Simmons explains that the planet has become unstable and will collapse. Sarge comes up with a plan to drill to the core of the planet and set off a bomb (parodying the movie The Core), much to Simmons' dismay.

Back in the Freelancer storyline, North's team is pinned down on the freeway and is unable to reach their target, prompting Carolina and her team to reach the second team's rally point and intercept the VIP themselves. Tex meanwhile calls the Mother of Invention and has them send in an equipment pod containing a motorcycle and a rocket launcher. The episode ends with Maine jumping onto the VIP's car and attacking him with his "knifle" (as the enemy soldiers called Maine's Brute Shot).
17 (175) "Spiral" 6:50 October 24, 2011

At Blue Base, Tex continues to work on the tank when Church approaches her and asks about how she knows so much about vehicles. During the conversation, Tex reveals that she is aware that Church is really Epsilon and that she is also unaware of the Director's reasons for bringing her back as an AI. Afterwards the tank finally activates.

Meanwhile, Maine returns to Carolina and York with the VIP's briefcase and all three are then pursued by Insurrectionalist forces with Tex catching up to them. The fight eventually leads to the back of a truck with Carolina and Maine squaring off against two of the Insurrectionalists; during which Maine is shot repeatedly in the throat. Soon enough one of the Insurrectionalists gains a hold of the briefcase and attempts to escape, with Tex and Carolina, who is determined to beat Tex, in pursuit. After Carolina tackles and neutralizes the Insurrectionalist, the briefcase falls loose and Tex claims it in front of Carolina (while setting up a possible rivalry and grudge between her and Tex). After Tex leaves on her own, a Pelican dropship arrives with the remaining Freelancers and extracts Carolina. This is the first episode where Carolina's face is seen.
18 (176) "Labor Pains" 6:26 October 31, 2011

The episode begins in Blood Gulch, with Grif yelling at and insulting the Blue Team; in the hopes that he'll make them mad enough for them to send a bomb to the Red Base to use in Sarge's plan to stop the planet from destabilizing. He eventually succeeds and Tex builds Andy the bomb.

At Red Base, the Red team prepares to begin their voyage to the center of the planet with the drilling machine Sarge built with a massive excavator he ordered online; both which Grif points out that no one noticed until Sarge pointed them out. Afterward, Tex drops off Andy and he begins to count-down to his explosion, something Grif forgot to think about.

At Project Freelancer, the Director and the Counselor speak with a disoriented Delta; whom they say was just recently created. Delta initially believes that he is Alpha but the Director quickly corrects him and directs Delta's attention away from the issue.
19 (177) "Whole Lot of Shaking" 5:33 November 7, 2011

The episode continues with the earthquake which everyone believes is the end of the world, during this time the Reds panic. Since they are all about to die, Simmons takes the time to admit that he had always utterly despised his teammates. However, Andy turns out to be a dud and fails to explode, sparing the Reds. Meanwhile the Blues get Sheila running and try to use her to get out of Blood Gulch before the cataclysm. Church however decides to stay and tells them that if they find Agent Washington they tell him that "Memory is the Key". Instead of leaving with Caboose and Tucker, Tex decides to stay behind with Church, saying that he's never let her down yet. Church tells her that it had taken several versions of him to finally realize that in order get what you wanted, you sometimes have to let go of it first. Tex muses that she just proved the theory right and both she and Church stand together to watch the end of the world.

Back at Project Freelancer, York and North discuss the changes they've had recently. York notes how they've recently been fighting cops and UNSC soldiers and asks a question that has been bothering him especially since Tex arrived, "are we the good guys?" While North says that they are, York tells him that he didn't sound so sure, a statement with which North agrees with. Outside, South looks at the Freelancer rankings and turns away in disappointment when Tex becomes the new top ranking Freelancer, knocking South out of the top 6. Later, Washington catches C.T. finishing a transmission to an unknown person, saying that she needs "more time". Seeing Washington, C.T. tells him to mind his own business before storming off.
20 (178) "Hate to Say Goodbye" 5:58 November 14, 2011

At Red Base the team awaits the end of the world. Grif decides to take a nap, figuring it would be best to die the way he lived. At Blue Base Epsilon-Church begins to explain to Tex that he figured out what the Director and Alpha could not. Tex was a by-product of the Director's longing to see Allison again, so strong in fact, that she was what drove him: her memory. After all they've been through Church tells Tex, "I forget you," finally allowing her to leave his memories and letting go. At peace, Church tells the world to do its worst. However, as the sky rips open further, Caboose calls into the Epsilon Capture Unit to Church, amazed that he is still alive. The Reds look on in confusion as Caboose, whom they believe to be God, calls out to Church, then Sarge suddenly appears next to Caboose to help, further confusing them. Realizing that the world is not ending but he is being rescued, Church despairs loudly and begs to be left here.

In the past, Carolina is seen looking over the updated rankings, as she is dropped to second behind Tex. The Director approaches her and tells her that things are going to change and he needs her to do "a great many things", some of which might be questionable. Carolina obliges, saying that he gave her everything and would do anything for him.

Epsilon comes out of the capture unit, furious with Caboose and Sarge and questioning why they came to get him and risked so much. Caboose informs Church that they and the others fought through many soldiers to rescue him, and did it for "her", who knew how to get Church out, whom Church assumes to be Tex. Caboose corrects him that it is not Tex but the "new lady." A nearby door opens revealing an alive Agent Carolina - long believed to be dead - who tells Church (whom she believes to be the Alpha) that now that she has him, he's going to help her what she should have done years ago: kill the Director.

Season 10[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (179) "Revenants" 6:52 May 28, 2012

In the past, Freelancer agent York infiltrates an Insurrectionist facility in space and attempts to open a holographic lock. After an alarm is remotely triggered, the Director of Project Freelancer decides to "take a more direct approach". Shortly afterwards, a beam is fired from the Freelancer flagship Mother of Invention, cutting through both the outer hull of the station and the lock, causing York to be dragged out into space.

In the present, Carolina again explains to Epsilon Church that she is trying to track down the Director, and she needs Church's help. Church claims that Carolina was supposed to be dead and demands to know how she survived. Washington appears, announcing that the UNSC forces can't be held off much longer, and Carolina races off to fight them. Washington remains behind and it is explained to an enraged Church that he has replaced Church on Blue team, even to the approval of Caboose. Suddenly Carolina returns and tells them to move out.
2 (180) "Heavy Metal" 5:20 June 4, 2012

In the past, the Mother of Invention approaches the facility, revealed to be a scrap-metal recycling station, firing its main cannon. The station launches Longsword fighters in response. Pelican drop-ships are launched from the Mother of Invention, one of which is carrying agents Carolina, North, South, Washington and Connecticut (C.T.), who have orders to capture the "Leader". Due to York's failure to unlock the Leader's hangar, they are forced to deploy into the main hangar of the station. Before deploying, Carolina advises using their jetpacks sparingly, lest they end up like Agent Georgia, who was never found. Flying into the hangar, the agents fight the Insurrectionist forces present. After the fight, Carolina assigns the agents tasks for the mission, then notices that C.T. is missing. C.T. is then seen entering another part of the station via a hole in the hull, and confronts an elite Insurrectionist and two soldiers, who open fire.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh guest star in a cameo as two soldiers, one of which is holding a large amount of shotguns (Padilla) while the other berates him (Hecox). The soldier holding the guns drops one and kills the other accidentally upon seeing the Freelancers, only to be killed himself soon after.
3 (181) "Follow the Leader" 5:48 June 11, 2012

Continuing from where the previous episode ended, the two Insurrectionist soldiers open fire on C.T; only for it to be a hologram. Shortly after, the real C.T. incapacitates the two soldiers before greeting the Insurrectionist elite, thus confirming her affiliation with the Insurrection. After giving the elite a datapad containing information on Project Freelancer, they then discuss an artifact that the Insurrection has discovered before the UNSC and Project Freelancer. The elite and his soldiers then prepare to leave, urging C.T. to go along with him; stating that the other Freelancers will soon be onto her. Meanwhile, back in the station's hangar, South reports to Carolina that the Leader isn't present in the facility, but instead is somewhere inside the scrapyard. Just as Carolina orders South, Washington, and North to prepare to enter the scrapyard, York arrives.

Back in the present, Washington and Carolina engage several soldiers while Grif, Tucker, and Simmons secure several Warthogs for transport. After the soldiers are killed, Epsilon Church then asks everyone why they decided to rescue him. Caboose explains (to the surprise of Church) that Carolina wants to find the Director and since Epsilon Church has all of his memories, he may know where he is; but Caboose also mistakenly believes that when they find the Director they will throw a surprise party for him. Epsilon Church is skeptical about the plan, stating that just because he has the Directors memories, that doesn't mean he can recall them at will. Carolina then tries to give orders to the Reds and Blues, only for them to not understand what "sync" is or not caring about it, with Caboose randomly saying different appliance names; leaving it up to Washington to summarize for them. The group then finally leaves the facility.
4 (182) "Turbulence" 5:54 June 18, 2012

In the present day, The Reds and Blues stop at the Wind Power facility, demanding to have a break. Church is revealed to have stored himself in Tucker's storage unit, revealing to have deleted inappropriate stuff Tucker has. Watching the teams chat from above, Carolina expresses her annoyance at their idiocy to Washington. Washington agrees that they are idiots, but also says that they're "not that bad once you get to know them", and states that he and the teams almost managed to trap The Meta the last time they were at the facility. Carolina emphasizes the fact that they didn't succeed.

In the past, as the strike team advances to the objective, the Freelancer forces notice that everything has gone quiet, and come to believe that the Insurrectionist forces have retreated. Suddenly, an Insurrectionist ship, the Staff of Charon emerges from hiding in the scrap field, and attacks the Mother of Invention. Before jumping to a new destination, the Insurrectionist ship leaves behind a nuclear device. The strike team flies back to the drop-ship, except for Washington, who is paralyzed with fear, not wanting to end up like Georgia. Carolina uses her grapple gun to drag him into the dropship, and it manages to clear the blast radius. The Director then demands a status report. Carolina reports their failure to capture the leader, and that C.T. is "gone".
5 (183) "The New Kid" 7:11 July 2, 2012

In the past, North introduces his new A.I., Theta, to York, Washington and South. Theta exhibits a childlike, shy personality, so York introduces his A.I., Delta, to help Theta with its shyness. When North introduces Theta to his sister South, Theta mentions that he also has many brothers and sisters. The Director arrives, to prepare a test for Theta and North. He reminds Delta that protocol forbids direct interaction between A.I.s, then orders it to administrate the test. During the test, Theta is able to successfully operate North's Domed Energy Shield armor equipment to defend against multiple automated turrets, compensating for changes in the situation. With Theta's aid, North is ultimately able to eliminate all the turrets, greatly impressing Washington and York.

In present day, The Reds discuss being dragged along with the Blues on the mission and whether Carolina can be trusted. Elsewhere, Tucker and Epsilon witness Washington entering a doorway in the facility.
6 (184) "What's the "I" Stand For?" 7:56 July 9, 2012

In the present day, Carolina looks for leads and clues to the location of the Director with Washington, as Tucker and Epsilon watch. However, the two are found thanks to Tucker's catchphrase "Bow Chicka Bow Bow!!" and are forced to leave without any answers to Carolina's plans. After Carolina's angry outburst towards Epsilon and Tucker, Washington attempts to calm her down, but she assures him that she is fine leading the squad.

In the past, the Director and the Counselor teach the agents about how to care for the A.I.'s briefly touching on the subject of Rampancy. South displays doubt about the necessity of the lessons, but Carolina tells her that it is crucial in their training. York reveals that Carolina's A.I., Sigma (Elijah Wood), was given to Maine by Carolina to help him communicate. Sigma asks about the fourth stage of A.I. rampancy, Metastability, which should theoretically make an A.I. human. The Counselor tells him that it is merely a theory, as no full A.I. has ever reached the stage before, and it is even more unlikely for a fragment, such as Sigma, to undergo the process. Sigma takes great interest in the concept, and after everyone leaves, creates the symbol of the Meta on a computer screen.

Back in the present, Carolina continues to intimidate the Reds and Blues, except Caboose when he mistakens Carolina's "ugly side" expression as an insult to her physical appearance. The Reds plan on abandoning the mission and returning home, but Washington tells them that due to their past actions, they are likely now criminals wanted by the UNSC. The Reds immediately change their minds and decide to stay.
7 (185) "Oversight" 6:10 July 16, 2012

In the present, Washington reports to Carolina that he has found nothing in the wind power facility. They decide to move on to the ruins in the desert where Washington found C.T.'s helmet. The Blues discuss Epsilon's memories, and his difficulty determining which of his personalities they come from.

In the past, Wyoming and an unnamed blue-armored soldier spy on an Insurrectionist facility and report C.T.'s arrival. When her defection is confirmed to the Director, he sends Carolina to join Wyoming and kill C.T. preventing her armor technology from falling into enemy hands. In the mess hall, York and North order their A.I.s to shut down so they can have a discussion about the Alpha, having both heard about it in the thoughts of their A.I. partners. The A.I.s seem obsessed with the Alpha, and refer to it as their "creator", rather than the Director. The A.I.'s vagueness regarding how the Alpha created these fragments worries York.
8 (186) "Fall From Heaven" 9:02 July 23, 2012

In the present, The Reds and Blues arrive at the desert, where Carolina and Wash search for C.T's remains. The Blues recall the events that happened in Recreation as well as what they are up to here.

In the past, Carolina, Washington, York, North and South ride with Four-Seven Niner to assault the Insurrectionist facility full-force. During this period, Four-Seven Niner is introduced to Delta, whose help she uses to launch a surprise attack on the base. The Freelancers begin their attack each achieving multiple victories over the defenses, including killing the Insurrectionist elite sniper and disabling most of the soldiers and vehicles. The remaining elites begin to turn the tables on them through teamwork. To counter this, Washington activates a beacon and Maine arrives in a drop pod. Sigma appears over Maine's shoulder and asks him if one of the nearby elites is the one that shot him in the throat. When Maine growls in confirmation, Sigma orders him to charge.
9 (187) "Fighting Fire" 8:11 August 6, 2012

In the present, The Reds and Blues have a meeting about Carolina's secrecy and motives, as they believe she can't be trusted, even Washington. The group decides to find out more about Carolina's motives and plans by inserting Epsilon-Church into her Mongoose.

In the past, Maine demonstrates his power by destroying a Warthog with his bare hands, effortlessly defeating the soldier who shot him and helping Carolina take down the rest. During the fighting, Sigma communicates directly with Delta, showing the roots of his desire to collect and unite all of the AI fragments. Meanwhile, the Insurrectionists and C.T retreat into a bunker whilst Carolina, York and Washington regroup with Wyoming to assault the Insurrectionist base. To stall them, two heavy gunners lay down suppressive fire. Things change when a cloaked figure attacks them. To Carolina's chagrin, it turns out to be Tex. Not willing to let her win again, she charges and joins the assault, while York and Wash mention her motivation and obsession to win, especially against Tex.
10 (188) "C.T." 6:31 August 13, 2012

In the present, Washington and Carolina approach where Wash saw C.T.'s helmet, wondering how C.T. ended up there. Carolina then tells him what happened back at the Longshore Shipyards.

C.T. and the Insurrection Leader plan to escape the facility, but C.T. tries to tell him that the Freelancers might help them if they were told the whole story from their point of view. Outside the room, Carolina and Tex wait at the door, as the room is guarded by turrets making it impossible to get in without them activating. Carolina orders York to disable the power, but the latter is pinned down by the Twin Insurrectionists. Wyoming proposes that the Blue ODST help them as the latter recovers from his injury and uses his rifle to cause a crane holding a crate to smash into the two insurrectionist turret soldiers, killing them.

With the power finally disabled, Tex and Carolina rush into the room, holding C.T. and the Leader at gunpoint. C.T. attempts to convince them of the Director's crimes, but the two will have none of it. C.T. then reveals that she knows what Tex really is, and calls her a shadow, enraging her enough to shoot at C.T. With negotiations over, the four have a fight before Tex fatally wounds C.T. with one of the Leader's tomahawks. The Leader drags C.T. out of the room as Carolina berates Tex for harming a teammate, but Tex tells her C.T. is no longer one of them. The Leader drags C.T. into an escape pod and she gives him a card full of information describing the Director's crimes before dying. In grief, the Leader takes her helmet and puts it on, revealing that the C.T. the Reds and Blues encountered in Recreation was the Leader all along.

In the present, Washington is surprised at the truth as Carolina retrieves what she was looking for; the card with information about the Director.
11 (189) "Out of Body" 7:29 August 20, 2012

In the present, as Washington and Carolina return from the Leader's corpse, Caboose manages to finish installing Church into Carolina's Mongoose. When Washington and Carolina study the data they salvaged from C.T.'s corpse, they find data on the alien artifact Epsilon-Church temporarily used as a body. Tucker recognizes the artifact and informs them that they had found and used it, though he claims it was a pain in the ass for them to deal with. However, Caboose admits that he had lost the artifact shortly after it was damaged when Church transferred to a new body, which enrages Carolina. The datacard is also revealed to be corrupted, meaning that they have no more leads in the hunt for the Director. Afterwards, Carolina decides to go off alone to visit an abandoned fortress on a nearby island, taking the Mongoose with her. As the Reds and Blues head to the temple to rest, Tucker asks Washington where she is going, Washington replies that she had "lost something" and "needs time to find it again". Also a modified version of the song "A Girl Named Tex" plays as she drives away into the distance.

In the past, the Chairman chastises the Director for letting C.T. and her valuable armor escape. Frustrated at failing the mission, Carolina begins practicing close combat drills. Both York and North keep an eye on her from above, and begin talking about each other's AIs, such as how Theta is afraid of the dark and how Delta is constantly making calculations. Both Freelancers are acutely aware of the fact that all of the AIs seem anxious about something, as if they know something that the Freelancers do not. North decides to go to sleep while York stays to keep an eye on Carolina.
12 (190) "Out of Mind" 8:59 August 27, 2012

In the present, Carolina arrives at the abandoned island fortress where York was killed during the events of Out of Mind. Church reveals himself and then asks Carolina what her motivations are and why she can't trust the Reds and Blues, causing her to go on a rant over how she couldn't even trust her fellow Freelancers. Church then delves into Epsilon's memories and summons Delta, who begins playing York's video diaries, recorded after he left Project Freelancer. In the diaries, York expresses his wish to see Carolina again, and gets excited when he hears rumors of a rogue female Freelancer, but is disappointed when he learns that it is Tex. He then reminisces about how he and Carolina first met and wishes things between them turned out differently, implying romantic feelings between them. Carolina asks Church why he showed her those diaries and responds by saying "Because, I know what it's like to spend your life chasing ghosts." Carolina thanks Church, and reveals she wants to kill the Director to take revenge for all of the Freelancers and others he victimized, Church included. They both begin to bond, with Carolina becoming much nicer toward him and Church agreeing to analyze the Director's diary logs for any information.

Meanwhile, back at the alien temple, the Reds and Blues become increasingly anxious about Carolina's motives. Caboose attempts to (unsuccessfully) spy on Washington, voicing the rest of the teams' concerns over Carolina to him. Caboose then offhandedly mentions how he considers Washington a friend, something that catches him by surprise. Shortly after, Carolina returns to the alien temple and tells everybody to get ready to move. She and Church reveal that they are returning to Outpost 17-B, Valhalla.
13 (191) "Greenish-Blue With Envy" 9:08 September 3, 2012

The group finally arrives at Outpost 17-B Vahalla and quickly get to work. Church, Carolina, and Washington decide to go inspect the crashed Pelican where Tex's previous body is. Tucker approaches Church and is angry over how close he and Carolina seem to have gotten and wonders why Church isn't spying on her like planned, though Church points out that Carolina is a much more complicated person than they thought, and that the only way he can figure out her secret is to be close to her at all times. Then, Carolina forbids the rest of the group from following them to the Pelican. The Reds decide to go find and repair Lopez so they can get a numerical advantage against the Blues. Caboose rushes off to the Blue Base, leaving Tucker all by himself.

In the past, Carolina is still frustrated over how she can't seem to beat Tex. She is then approached by both Sigma and Gamma, who point out that Tex's superior abilities may stem from her AI, Omega. Realizing that she will never catch up to Tex without an AI, Carolina gets an idea and leaves. Meanwhile, in the training room, the Director and the Counselor are interviewing Tex, who is beginning to exhibit the enhanced aggression from using Omega. Carolina suddenly barges in and demands that the Director give her an AI. The Director points out that Eta and Iota are due to be implanted into Washington and South Dakota, and that she may choose one at the cost of taking one of her teammate's AIs. However, Carolina demands that she have both AIs, taking everybody by surprise. She points out that her armor should be able to handle 2 AI fragments, and that the newer fragments are getting weaker. The Director grudgingly accepts her request and orders the two AIs to be implanted into her immediately. Meanwhile, Sigma watches the entire scene unfold from above.
14 (192) "New and Improved" 4:26 September 10, 2012

In the present, Caboose begins giving Tucker a tour of their new base in Outpost 17-B Vahalla. However, Tucker is not impressed, as the area doesn't seem that much different from Blood Gulch, though Caboose points key differences such as a waterfall and a beach. Meanwhile, Church, Carolina, and Washington begin examining the Pelican wreck. While Washington only manages to find several shell casings and a dog tag, Church downloads himself into the Pelican's computer to see if he can obtain any information from Sheila.

In the past, South is furious when she learns that Carolina has taken her and Washington's AI and wonders why she gets such preferential treatment. In a fit of rage, she strikes Tex's locker, knocking it open and causing the name tag to fall off. Tex witnesses this and forces South to pick up the tag for her before South angrily storms out. York and Washington tell Tex that Carolina is currently in surgery to have her two AIs implanted, and that they plan to meet her in the recovery room. Tex agrees to join them, but not before discreetly pocketing a dog tag that she was keeping in her locker. In the recovery room, York and Washington observe that Maine has been suffering chronic headaches. York explains that it's a common side effect of AI implantation, but they usually wear off over time, which is not the case for Maine. Carolina then wakes up and demands for a match.
15 (193) "Three's a Crowd" 6:29 September 17, 2012

In the past, Carolina and Texas prepare for their match, while most of the other agents gather to watch as some of them are betting if Tex and Carolina might kill each other. Washington expresses concern that him and the agents watching might get killed in the match. As Tex and Carolina charge each other to start the match, the Director arrives, angry that an unauthorized match is taking place. Upon seeing that Texas is involved, he shouts "No... Allison!". Suddenly, all the agents with AIs except Washington collapse as their AIs start screaming "Allison!"; Carolina suffers the worst, screaming for the voices to stop. Growling noises start emanating from the Sarcophagus, frightening the soldiers guarding it. The Counselor suggests sedating Carolina, but the Director declines, saying "she made her decision", then dismisses the agents watching the events. On the training floor, Omega implores Texas to "end" Carolina, but she holds back, and instead knocks Carolina unconscious, telling her it is for her own good.

In the present, Carolina becomes frustrated as the search of the crashed ship proves fruitless. Washington tells her that it was highly likely, as the UNSC response teams would have already beat them there. He says that time isn't on their side, and that any leads left behind may have long gone cold. Carolina orders Washington to tell the teams to prepare to move out again. However, Washington is reluctant to force the teams to move again, pointing out that they consider Vahalla their home, but Carolina ignores him and tells him again to tell the others they're leaving. Meanwhile, Sarge and Simmons find Lopez, now propped up as a scarecrow in the garden of a makeshift hut. Donut then walks out, having heard their voices, and reveals that his life was preserved by an armor lockdown. Sarge and Simmons wonder how Donut received the medical attention he would have needed after he was released; just as they realize the answer, Doc approaches from behind and greets them, greatly upsetting Sarge.
16 (194) "Happy Birthday" 6:03 September 24, 2012

In the present, Carolina tells the Red and Blue teams that they are leaving, much to their dismay. Sarge and Simmons return, telling Grif about how Donut is still alive and living with Doc and Lopez. Meanwhile, Tucker becomes more anxious and frustrated at how Church seems to be getting closer to Carolina, and how he has apparently forgotten his original objective in spying on her. Church points out that Tucker nor anyone else have any idea what Carolina has been through. He then storms away angrily and asks Carolina to talk privately with him.

Meanwhile, in the past, Tex and North are observing Carolina, who has been in a coma ever since the accident. York is also present, and has not left her side in days. Tex informs North that South had filed a request to take one of Carolina's AIs, a move that disgusts him. Tex warns North that South is a "vulture", and that he should keep an eye on her in the future. She then confides to North that she refuses to use her AI because she believes it's too dangerous, and she has not told the Director. North believes that Carolina's accident would halt the AI experiments, but Tex tells him that the Director has scheduled Washington to be implanted next, leading North to believe that the Freelancers are nothing but the Director's guinea pigs. Meanwhile, the Director and the Counselor oversee Sigma, Omega and Gamma torturing the Alpha, forcing it to create a new AI fragment. The Director orders the AIs to log off, as they are not allowed to witness the fragment creation process, but Sigma secretly disobeys orders and stores himself in a nearby security camera. As he watches, he sees the Director bring in the Sarcophagus, which contains an unknown alien (the shadow shows it is a Covenant Engineer). The Director asks the alien to "fix" an AI memory unit, giving birth to a new AI fragment, Epsilon.
17 (195) "Remember Me How I Was" 6:11 October 1, 2012

At Valhalla, Grif and Simmons debate on their motive for being here and hunting the Director. Simmons points out that the Director is the reason for them being here and all the enemies they've faced over the years. Grif points out that, unlike the Freelancers, they have no personal vendetta against the Director. Then Sarge joins up with them and grimly replies that even if they succeeded in killing the Director, it would be pointless as they would still be doing the same thing they've done before and leaving Valhalla will just make things worse. Unbeknownst to them, Washington has heard their entire conversation and leaves to ponder this. Meanwhile, Church is getting more curious about Carolina's grudge against Tex. Carolina bitterly responds that Tex was the best of the best and she couldn't compete with her, and that if Tex couldn't find the Director, then how can she do it. Church responds if Tex was the best, then she would be in Carolina's position right now, not her, and tells her to let it go. Carolina then notices Tex's dog tags that Wash found in the Pelican and finds that it is actually Connie's. Church notices it has some data stored in it and searches it on Carolina's request.

In the past, Tex investigates the dog tags and finds a message from C.T. directly to her stating that she has left behind a copy of the data she took about the Director's misdeeds and sent this to her not because she is the best soldier, but because she is the one she can trust the most. Tex decides to investigate her data having details on all of the A.I and becomes incensed upon discovering that she is the A.I unit Beta. Meanwhile Washington has gone through surgery and just as Epsilon is implanted in him, severe hallucinations of Allison start to occur sending Wash into extreme pain and unconsciousness. Eventually he is sedated and sent to Recovery.

In the present, Church exits the data file in the dog tag and states that he now knows how to find the Director as he now remembers everything. As he says this, he changes appearance from small and blue into a white, full-sized soldier, similar to when Church was a "ghost" as the Alpha.
18 (196) "Change of Plans" 8:01 October 8, 2012

In the past, Washington finally regains consciousness after the implantation of Epsilon into his armor went awry. North explains that due to the incident with Epsilon, all future AI projects have been cancelled, with the existing AIs due to be confiscated by the Director. However, Carolina angrily protests against the idea of having her AIs taken. North further explains that while Washington was unconscious, Tex had gone rogue, allegedly attacked Wyoming and attempted to steal his AI and equipment, and left the base. However, North is skeptical about Tex being the culprit for the attack on Wyoming, due to his knowledge of her reluctance to use AIs. He then says that Carolina will most likely be tasked with hunting down Tex when an alarm goes off. Elsewhere in the base, Tex breaks into a secure vault with York's help, telling him that there's someone she needs to see. Unbeknownst to them however, Maine is sharpening his Brute Shot and preparing for battle as the Meta.

In the present, Carolina and Church gather the Red and Blue teams in the holographic training room under the Red base. They announced that they have found the Director and tracked him to three old Freelancer bases he could be at, and make plans to attack them. However, the Reds immediately balk, pointing out that they believe the mission was to find the Director, though Carolina says that plans have changed. The Reds then say they have no wish to be used as bait in Carolina and Church's personal vendetta, and claim that it isn't their fight. Tucker follows suit, calling Carolina a psycho and proclaiming that he doesn't need to follow her orders anymore. Carolina attempts to force them to comply at gunpoint, but is stopped by a furious Washington, who sides with the Reds and Blues. He states that he considers the Reds and Blues his friends now, saying he is already responsible for enough problems for them in the past, and would be damned if he lets Church and Carolina cause any more. Angry that nobody is willing to participate in the mission, Church loses his temper, begins to grow in size and goes on a rant where he blames the Reds and Blues as the cause for most of his problems in the past, remembering being shot in the head, having a bomb being put in one of his robotic bodies and being killed by his own tank as examples. Church realizes too late what he's done, as the Reds and Blues, including Caboose, leave the room in disgust as Church tries to apologize. Washington is the last to leave and coldly warns Carolina that she needs to figure out the difference between her enemies and friends. Carolina attempts to shrug off their departure, but is clearly demoralized by the unpleasant feud.
19 (197) "Party Crasher" 11:49 October 15, 2012

After breaking into the Mother of Invention, Tex begins making her way to the labs. However, after defeating a group of guards, she is confronted by South who tries to kill her with a missile pod. North then intervenes, saving Tex and buying her time to continue on while he confronts South. Meanwhile, after defeating Wyoming, York tries to create a distraction in order to help Tex. First he hacks into the ship's systems and causes it to fire missiles at itself, disorienting the crew. He then disables the artificial gravity, neutralizing the guards and allowing Tex to bypass a hostile Scorpion tank.

Determined to stop Tex, the Director orders Carolina to stop her by any means necessary. Carolina pursues Tex throughout the corridors of the ship until York attempts to stop her. She asks York why he is siding with Tex, and replies that he's not rebelling because he agrees with Tex, but because he's doing what he feels is right. He asks Carolina to let go of her rivalry with Tex and flee Project Freelancer with him. However, Carolina refuses to let go of her jealousy and both she and York reluctantly fight, with Carolina easily incapacitating York. She then leaves behind her lighter for York to find before continuing her pursuit of Tex. Both women eventually encounter each other and begin a brutal fight throughout the ship's corridors. However, due to the damage it has taken, the Mother of Invention goes out of control and crash lands on a nearby planet, ejecting Carolina from the ship and knocking her out.

Tex takes the opportunity to access the ship's systems in order to find Alpha. She finds Alpha and tries to convince him to leave with her. However, Alpha does not remember Tex and is reluctant to leave the ship, saying that it probably isn't possible anyway, and he is very tired and wants to rest. Disappointed that Alpha doesn't remember her, Tex has a short chat with him before logging out of the system, with both of them agreeing that they hate goodbyes.

Outside, Carolina regains consciousness to see Maine approaching her. Before she can do anything, Carolina is grabbed by Maine, who forcibly takes both of her AIs and then throws her off a nearby cliff as Tex watches in horror, but as Carolina falls, she pulls out her grapple gun. Soon, the Director and his forces begin to regroup, forcing Tex to flee the scene. Sigma alongside Iota and Eta materialize next to Maine as Sigma warns Tex "Run, Agent Texas. We are the Meta, and we will find you, very soon."
20 (198) "Reckless" 7:45 October 22, 2012

With the Red and Blue teams refusing to help them, Church and Carolina decide to try to find the Director themselves. After an unsuccessful search at their first target with no one there, their second target yields results when FILSS mentions that the Director had entered the facility years ago but has not left since.

Meanwhile, in Valhalla, the Red and Blue Teams are continuing their "war", with the Reds attempting to negotiate with the Blues to get their flag back by giving up their stuff, though they all start to admit that it's starting to get depressing. Simmons decides to reveal and trade the Meta's Brute Shot for the flag, though Grif protests since he wants to keep the "Grifshot" for himself and use it as a mounting piece. As Washington and Grif argue over what to do with the Brute Shot, Doc asks the teams whether they really are okay with letting Church leave by himself. When they point out that Church has been nothing but trouble for them and mention all of the problems they had to deal with in the past, Doc responds by pointing out how their past adventures had changed them for the better. For example, Sarge finally got to lead a real military operation, Tucker learned how to use his Plasma Sword, Washington found a new team, Simmons found his old team, Doc himself managed to keep a patient alive for the first time in his career, and Donut didn't die. Realizing this, the Reds and Blues decide to go after Church. Washington attempts to stop them, saying that it's stupid and that they are being too reckless facing almost impossible odds, also pointing out that the Director plays for keeps. Sarge points out that being stupid and reckless helped them get things done and that Wash and the Freelancers have seem to forget: the Reds and Blues were able to beat the Freelancers time and time again. Sarge also mentions the fact that the Freelancers may have better equipment, plans and training, but they lacked the one thing the Red and Blue Teams have: a team they could count on. He also gives Washington his choices: keep playing it safe, or get a little reckless for once. Wash says this is the stupidest idea ever, but decides to join them anyway. As all agree to go, they realize Church and Carolina have a huge head start on them and wonder how they will be able to catch up to them in time, when suddenly a trio of UNSC Hornet gunships arrive to arrest them, unknowingly proving Wash's theory that he and the Reds and Blues are indeed wanted criminals. The Reds and Blues hijack the Hornets, strand the UNSC soldiers at Valhalla and fly off to find Church and Carolina.

Back at the Freelancer facility, Church and Carolina note how the facility seems to be completely abandoned, and both of them have a sense of deja vu. Carolina finds a new pair of plasma rifles in the armory and takes them for herself. They then enter a teleporter to confront the Director. However, they instead end up in a room filled with robotic copies that resemble Tex. Church reveals that the Director had never stopped trying to create a perfect copy of Allison, and these robots were the byproducts of his obsession. When Carolina asks if the Director ever succeeded, the robots then activate and before attacking Church and Carolina, one of the byproducts steps up and says (in the tone when Omega is in Tex) "You have no idea what kind of trouble you are in."
21 (199) "True Colors" 7:08 October 29, 2012

At the Freelancer facility, Carolina charges at the robots and attacks, using her skill and weaponry to her full advantage. However her obsession to defeat Tex as well as reminiscing about her failures in the past causes Carolina to eventually be knocked down. Church's coordination is also jarred from the intensity of the fight and he is unable to assist her. Carolina breaks down and laments that she can't and never will beat Tex. As the robots close in for the kill, Donut suddenly destroys them with several plasma grenades and Wash helps Carolina on her feet who is surprised to see that the Reds and Blues have returned, as Wash reminds her that "they're not so bad once you get to know them." When Church tells them he thought that this isn't the Reds and Blues' fight, Sarge replies that they couldn't resist taking on a mission with overwhelming odds with little to no chance of success. Church and Tucker then exchange some words of thanks and apology. However, the robots begin to regroup, and are ready for another round. Her morale restored, Carolina tells the teams to 'lock and load'. To help even the odds, Church enters Caboose's mind and manually angers him into smashing through the robot army. Carolina, Wash and the rest of the Reds and Blues follow suit and working as a team, they lay waste to the majority of the robots, but are slowly being overwhelmed. Wash tells Church to find the real Tex so he can shut down the army.

Church enters the data storage unit where Tex is being kept. He finds her in a similar predicament to what Alpha was in many years ago; Tex has been so broken down that she doesn't even recognize him or have any remembrance of her own name. Church reminds her of their relationship and comforts her, telling her to rest, which Tex wearily, but happily complies to. Church says goodbye, to which Tex recalls that she has always hated goodbyes, which Church replies that he knows why.

Back in the facility, all the Tex copies shut down as a result of Church's actions. The Reds and Blues take a moment to savor their victory, but Wash grimly reminds them that they still have to deal with the Director. Church however replies that what they have to do next, he and Carolina must do it alone, preparing for a final showdown with the Director.
22 (200) "Don't Say It" 13:26 November 5, 2012

In the offsite storage facility, Church and Carolina find the Director in a room with FILSS watching a video file of Allison leaving to join the military again. The Director repeatedly says that he needs more time to bring Allison back and that he's close, but Church ignores it and goes a rant on all of the actions the Director has to answer for, such as what he done to him, Carolina, Wash, Tex and all the others he hurt. Carolina tries to calm Church, but he continues ranting on the lies the Director has made and for the torture on the AIs, all just to bring back a shadow, and he must pay for all of it. Carolina looks at the Director in disappointment as he looks back at her, showing that they both have the same eye color. Realizing killing the Director won't solve anything nor heal past wounds, Carolina tells Church to leave, but he claims that they came all this way to kill the Director, though Carolina reminds him that he needs to let it go. She also says that the past doesn't define a person for who he or she is, but that it's a starting point to what they will become. After leaving a pistol for the Director at his request, Carolina kisses him on the forehead and leaves, just as the Director is saying "You were my greatest creation." Church tells the Director he doesn't know who he is, but he knows that despite being a copy of the Director, he is a better person than him. In response, the Director says "I wasn't speaking to you." As Church leaves, the Director orders FILSS to delete all files dealing with Project Freelancer, including FILSS, except the video of Allison and to shut down every Project Freelancer facility, including the one he is in. FILSS warns him that doing so will shut off the life support system in the facility, though the Director insists. Before shutting down, FILSS asks him if Project Freelancer was a success, he replies no but claims he came very close, and that he wish he knew earlier. He then finishes with saying "perhaps the next time around." The Director and FILSS say their goodbyes to each other as the door to the room lowers down, sealing the Director in with the pistol in hand.

Outside the facility, Church and Carolina acknowledge that the journey is over. They thank each other for showing the other a different side of themselves after all they've been through. Carolina then asks Church about where the Reds and Blues will go now, as Church answers that there's one place they haven't been to yet the Reds and Blues can call home.

In the past at Freelancer Command, the Director and the Counselor discuss where to hide the Alpha. The Counselor points out that the Alpha will need a security detail, someone they can trust, so he nominates the blue soldier, which turns out to be Flowers, also known as Agent Florida. The Director mentions they'll need a cover story for Flowers' "disappearance", as the Counselor has the state of Florida break into several pieces on a computer screen behind them. Then the Director points out that they'll need a place to put the Alpha where no one will be able to think to look for it, then the Counselor says he believes he knows a place, Blood Gulch.

Back in the present, the Reds and Blues begin to rebuild after crash landing on a unknown planet as Church and Carolina watch over them. Carolina then tells Church that military equipment had recently been stolen from Project Freelancer by some low level soldiers, pointing out they should get them, hoping to do good things to replace all the bad things they've did, though it may not be good enough. Church considers staying one last goodbye to the Reds and Blues, but Carolina tells Church a short story about her mother, who came to see her and then leave time and time again, but Carolina says that her mother never said goodbye, as she believes that not saying goodbye means you're not really gone, but just not here right now. Church tells Carolina that her mother must have been smart. Carolina agrees but said that her mother had a bad taste in men (This may prove that Carolina is likely the daughter of the Director and Allison). Down in the crash site, Caboose calls to Church to come down with him, but realizes Church and Carolina are gone. Tucker asks Caboose if he found Church and where he may have gone to. Caboose replies no and that he doesn't know where Church is, but says that he's somewhere but isn't here right now. As Caboose and Tucker head inside their new home, Church's sniper rifle is left lying on a hill overlooking the canyon of the crash site.

Season 11[edit]

# Title Episode Length Original release date
1 (201) "One-Zero-One" 4:38 June 14, 2013
The episode starts with the first journal entry from Washington. Admitting it's been awhile since doing these, Wash decides to get up to speed: he recalls the corruption of Project Freelancer, its demise, his job as Recovery One, and Project Freelancer using the Reds and Blues as canon fodder for their agents in training. The only people Wash could trust was the Reds and Blues, and together were able to bring down Project Freelancer and the Director once and for all. He mentions that they are shipwrecked, crashed on their way home, and fears that if help doesn't come soon, someone else may find them first. Finishing his entry, Wash hears the Blue's tank fire, and sees that Sarge and Simmons are using it on their base, though Grif is still in the base. Wash asks the Reds who gave them the tank, but quickly realizes Caboose gave it to them. Sarge says that he's renovating their base, also mentioning how unfair it is that the Blue's base is under the crashed ship and Grif complains that they are closer to the food storage. Wash tells them that they need to ration the food they have, as they need to fix a communications dish to call for help, and they will be screwed if they run out of food before the dish is fixed. Caboose and Wash take the tank back to their base.
2 (202) "Get Your Tucks in a Row" 3:42 June 24, 2013

Caboose and Wash take the tank back to Blue base, where Wash reminds Tucker that no one is to touch the tank. Wash also reminds Tucker that until they're rescued, they need to be more mindful of the resources they have and to report to him about anything. Wash then says that with Church and Carolina gone, he's responsible for holding the team together. Tucker then makes a badly timed joke about the crashed ship's entire crew dying at the time of the crash.

At Red base, Sarge continues to complain about the base layout such as the sandbags in the west wing. Grif agrees with him by also mentioning the hole in the base's roof. Simmons, having designed the layout, doesn't see the problem. He says it's the ideal place for his garden and that it's under the damaged engine of the ship to keep them warm, though Sarge mentions the huge amounts of radiation the engine gives off.
3 (203) "Barriers to Entry" 4:53 July 1, 2013

At Blue base, Wash has Tucker do push ups as part of physical training, which frustrates Tucker. Tucker asks why Caboose isn't doing the training like he is, with Wash answering that Caboose is having one of his "off days". Wash then has Tucker run laps around the canyon. Later, Wash finds Caboose standing in front of a mirror, depressed because Church is gone. Wash tries to comfort Caboose, but Caboose goes on a walk by himself still depressed, leaving Wash to ponder on what he's going to do with him.

At Red base, Sarge is still continuing to complain about the base layout. This time he complains about the interior of the base, saying he needs a personal room for himself to ponder his accomplishments and his "non-existent" failures, though Grif calls it Sarge's "Denial" room. In the end, Sarge decides to keep one half of the base to himself and leaving the other half to Grif and Simmons, which leads Grif to immediately set ground rules.
4 (204) "Heavy Mettle" 5:36 July 8, 2013

Caboose is walking around the canyon, still depressed about Church being gone. He then hears a noise and goes to investigate, he sees something and says hello to it. Back at Blue base, Wash now has Tucker run an obstacle course he constructed. Soon after Tucker finishes the obstacle course, Caboose returns in a exciting mood. Wash tries to get Caboose to run the course, which Caboose completes almost immediately, saying afterward he needs to do something. Wash immediately ends training for the day and decides to work on the communications dish.

At Red base, Grif and Simmons already get into an argument about their new living arrangements, such as Grif using Simmons' toothbrush and where to put the dishes. Simmons tries to get Sarge to reconsider the base arrangements, though Sarge says they all need to make sacrifices, except for him because he's team leader. Wash arrives and asks for a toolkit for the communications dish, with Grif leading him to it. Simmons mentions that they recovered a robot building kit from the crashed ship and suggests they can re-purpose it to fix the dish, but Sarge ignores him and instead decides to build a new robot to fix the dish for them.
5 (205) "A Real Fixer Upper" 5:30 July 15, 2013

At Blue base, Wash is working on the communications dish with Tucker with him. Tucker comments that they and the others should have been founded by now, remembering that the crashed ship's GPS locator should have activated when they crash landed. Wash grows frustrated about not having all the tools needed to fix the dish, thinking the Reds took a tool. Tucker tries to calm Wash down, saying that if they were in Blood Gulch, they would be doing the same thing, though Wash believes that they are being watched by someone. Wash eventually agrees with Tucker that they should have been rescued by now. Meanwhile, Caboose is working on an unseen item get loose from something, wondering how the item got there. Caboose assures the item to not worry as they are going to be best friends.

Back at Red base, Sarge is working on building a new robot, while Grif and Simmons talk about science-fiction movies and TV shows that had robot domination. Sarge finishes the robot, who coincidentally looks and speaks Spanish like Lopez, much to the chagrin of Grif and Simmons. Still not able to understand Spanish, the Reds assume the robot, now called Lopez Dos.0, is stupid. Sarge eventually has Lopez Dos.0 go work on the communications dish.

Season 12[edit]

Season 13[edit]

Season 14[edit]


Title Date Episodes Notes
Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind June 16, 2006 – October 3, 2006 5 Set between season 4 and 5
Red vs. Blue: Recovery One October 28, 2007 – December 7, 2007 4 Set immediately after Out of Mind, it was released after Season 5.
Red vs. Blue: Relocated February 9, 2009 – March 9, 2009 4 Set between season 6 and 7
Red vs. Blue: MIA November 13, 2011 - December 17, 2011 6 Set within season 9, it was at the end of season 9
Red vs. Blue: Where There's a Will, There's a Wall April 14, 2012 - April 28, 2012 3 Also set within season 9 and released between season 9 and 10
Red vs. Blue: Reach 3
Red vs. Blue: Grifball 6


  1. ^ This seems to contradict a statement made by Simmons in Season 2, when he claims the negative emotion centre of his brain was removed during his cyborg operation.
  2. ^ This does however contradict the fact that Church is in fact a machine (he is a ghost inhabiting a robot body) and cannot get sick either.
  3. ^ The soliloquy was heavily abbreviated for the low-resolution videos, accounting for the difference in run times. It was also cut entirely for the DVD release.
  4. ^ Doc's comments about the "green light" of his medical device causing impotency, and Church's reply, ignore (or perhaps reference) the fact that Church is a ghost inhabiting a robot's body
  5. '^ Episode 77 was released to coincide with Red vs. Blues third anniversary.
  6. ^ During this scene, Church mentions that it has been "like an hour" since Junior has been born.
  7. ^ When Grif states that the canyon is getting dark as an excuse to go inside, Simmons meta-references the lifespan of Red vs. Blue by arguing that it hasn't gotten dark in 3 years. The first episode debuted 3 years previously, in 2003.
  8. ^ A fourth member of Tex's division called Carolina is mentioned, who Tex confirms as dead.
  9. ^ In this conversation, it is revealed that 3 days have passed since episode 78, as Doc states that Junior is 3 days old
  10. ^ At one point in this episode, Church and Tucker have a dialog echoing the conversation atop Red Base between Grif and Simmons in episode 1.
  11. ^ As the episode fades to black, Church questions why something dramatic takes place "every five minutes", in meta-reference to how the most recent episodes of Red vs. Blue have commonly ended with a cliffhanger.
  12. ^ It is implied that if the ship was destroyed, it would have killed all aboard, as well as Gary, as he is isolated behind Sheila's firewall at the time.
  13. ^ Mirroring the cast from the film Battle Royale.
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