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Red vs. Blue: Season 11
Official artwork for Season 11 featuring Sarge, Washington and Freckles
Game(s) Halo 4, Halo 3, Halo: Combat Evolved
Genre(s) Comic science fiction
Running time 3 to 10 minutes; 124 minutes
Directed by Miles Luna
Written by Miles Luna
Voices Joel Heyman
Jason Saldaña
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Gus Sorola
Shannon McCormick
Dan Godwin
Burnie Burns
Miles Luna
Gray G. Haddock
Shane Newville
Katie Newville
Lindsay Jones
with Nathan Zellner
and Jen Brown
Release(s) June 14, 2013 – November 11, 2013
Format(s) Flash, QuickTime
No. of episodes 19

Red vs. Blue: Season 11 is the eleventh season of the American action comedy science fiction animated/machinima web series Red vs. Blue premiered on June 14, 2013, and concluded on November 11, 2013. The series is created and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and is loosely based in the Halo universe. The season premiered on June 14, 2013, while the rest of the episodes were released on Rooster Teeth's website on Mondays starting June 24, 2013. It is the first season of the Chorus Trilogy.

The season returns to a similar format that was used in the Blood Gulch Chronicles, where both teams are in a boxed canyon and do nothing but talk to each other. Also like the first seven seasons of the series, Season 11 featured no pre-rendered character animation sequences.


Setting and Overview[edit]

Set sometime after Season 10, Season 11 follows Sarge, Grif, and Simmons of Red team and Caboose, Tucker, and Washington of Blue team as they are being transported home after being pardoned for helping bring down Project Freelancer. Unfortunately, the transport crash lands at an unknown location (most likely caused by the combined faults of everyone). Knowing that they'll be stranded for sometime, the Reds and Blues begin building their bases and wait to be rescued. However, they will eventually learn that they are being watched by mysterious forces.


Shortly before the premiere of Episode 1, a trailer was released on the Rooster Teeth website. This trailer shortly recaps the events of the previous season, and stars Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla of the popular comedy duo, Smosh.



  • Release Date: June 14, 2013
  • Time: 4:38

The episode starts with the first journal entry from Washington. Admitting it's been awhile since doing these, Wash decides to get up to speed: he recalls the corruption of Project Freelancer, its demise, his time as Recovery One, and Project Freelancer using the Reds and Blues as canon fodder for their agents in training. The only people Wash could trust were the Reds and Blues, and together were able to bring down Project Freelancer and the Director once and for all. He mentions that they are shipwrecked, crashed on their way home, and fears that if help doesn't come soon, someone else may find them first. Finishing his entry, Wash hears the Blue's tank fire, and sees that Sarge and Simmons are using it on their own base, though Grif is still in the base. Wash asks the Reds who gave them the tank, but quickly realizes Caboose gave it to them. Sarge says that he's renovating their base, also mentioning how unfair it is that the Blue's base is under the crashed ship and Grif complains that they are closer to the food storage. Wash tells them that they need to ration the food they have, as they need to fix a communications tower to call for help, and they will be screwed if they run out of food before the dish is fixed. Caboose and Wash take the tank back to their base.

Get Your Tucks in a Row[edit]

  • Release Date: June 24, 2013
  • Time: 3:42

Caboose and Wash take the tank back to Blue Base, where Wash reminds Tucker that no one is to touch the tank. Wash also reminds Tucker that until they're rescued, they need to be more mindful of the resources they have and to report to him about anything. Wash then says that with Church and Carolina gone, he's responsible for holding the team together. Tucker then makes a badly timed joke about the crashed ship's entire crew dying at the time of the crash.

At Red Base, Sarge continues to complain about the base layout such as the sandbags in the west wing. Grif agrees with him by also mentioning the hole in the base's roof. Simmons, having designed the layout, doesn't see the problem. He says it's the ideal place for his garden and that it's under the damaged engine of the ship to keep them warm, though Sarge mentions the huge amounts of radiation the engine gives off.

  • The episode is dedicated to David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger, a former employee of Rooster Teeth who went missing on May 26, 2013 until his body was found on June 20 in Ambleside Park north of Vancouver. His work for Rooster Teeth included working in the Achievement Hunter gaming community.

Barriers to Entry[edit]

  • Release Date: July 1, 2013
  • Time: 4:53

At Blue Base, Wash has Tucker do push ups as part of physical training, which frustrates Tucker. Tucker asks why Caboose isn't doing the training like he is, with Wash answering that Caboose is having one of his "off days". Wash then has Tucker run laps around the canyon. Later, Wash finds Caboose standing in front of a mirror, depressed because Church is gone. Wash tries to comfort Caboose, but Caboose goes on a walk by himself still depressed, leaving Wash to ponder on what he's going to do with him.

At Red Base, Sarge is still continuing to complain about the base layout. This time he complains about the interior of the base, saying he needs a personal room for himself to ponder his accomplishments and his "non-existent" failures, though Grif calls it Sarge's "Denial" room. In the end, Sarge decides to keep one half of the base to himself and leaving the other half to Grif and Simmons, which leads Grif to immediately set ground rules.

Heavy Mettle[edit]

  • Release Date: July 8, 2013
  • Time: 5:36

Caboose is walking around the canyon, still depressed about Church being gone. He then hears a noise and goes to investigate, he sees something and says hello to it.

Back at Blue Base, Wash now has Tucker run an obstacle course he constructed. Soon after Tucker finishes the obstacle course, Caboose returns in an excited mood. Wash tries to get Caboose to run the course, which Caboose completes easily and quickly, saying afterward he needs to do something. Wash immediately ends training for the day and decides to work on the communications tower.

At Red Base, Grif and Simmons already get into an argument about their new living arrangements, such as Grif using Simmons' toothbrush and where to put the dishes. Simmons tries to get Sarge to reconsider the base arrangements, though Sarge says they all need to make sacrifices, except for him because he's team leader. Wash arrives and asks for his toolkit for the communications dish, with Grif leading him to it. Simmons mentions that they recovered a robot building kit from the crashed ship and suggests they can re-purpose its radio transmitter to help fix the tower, but Sarge ignores him and instead decides to build a new robot to fix the dish for them.

A Real Fixer Upper[edit]

  • Release Date: July 15, 2013
  • Time: 5:30

At Blue Base, Wash is working on the communications tower with Tucker behind him. Tucker comments that they and the others should have been rescued by now, remembering that the crashed ship's GPS locator should have activated when they crash landed, hinting that he may be responsible for crashing the ship (he tried to flirt with the ship's female pilot). Wash grows frustrated about not having all the tools needed to fix the dish, thinking the Reds took a tool. Tucker tries to calm Wash down, saying that if they were in Blood Gulch, they would be doing the same thing, though Wash believes that they are being watched by someone. Wash eventually agrees with Tucker that they should have been rescued by now. Meanwhile, Caboose is working on an unseen item get loose from something, wondering how the item got there. Caboose assures the item to not worry as they are going to be best friends.

Back at Red Base, Sarge is working on building a new robot, while Grif and Simmons talk about science-fiction movies and TV shows that had robot domination. Sarge finishes the robot, which coincidentally speaks Spanish and looks like Lopez, much to the chagrin of Grif and Simmons. Still not able to understand Spanish, the Reds assume the robot, now called Lopez 2.0, is stupid. Sarge eventually has Lopez 2.0 go work on the communications dish.


  • Release Date: July 22, 2013
  • Time:8:38

Caboose has finally finished fixing an unseen object in a cavern. Meanwhile, Wash and Tucker are still trying to fix the communications tower. The Reds soon arrive and try to offer assistance, though Wash refuses, even turning down Lopez 2.0. Lopez 2.0 sees the problem with the dish and goes to fix it, causing the dish to finally come online. Wash sends out a mayday signal, hoping to be rescued. The mayday is eventually answered by none other than Donut, surprising everyone. Sarge has Donut write down the coordinates of where they last were, as the Reds and Blues have no idea of where they are exactly. Soon after the dish goes offline again, the Reds and Blues begin celebrating for the eventual rescue, but Wash warns them that it might take days before they're rescued and that they shouldn't get their hopes up. Caboose finally joins the others, and excitedly introduces them to "Freckles", an A.I.-controlled Mantis, which leaves everyone speechless.

Elsewhere, in what appears to be a swamp, an unknown soldier hears Wash's mayday call.

Can I Keep It?[edit]

  • Release Date: July 22, 2013
  • Time: 7:12

At Blue Base, Caboose shows off Freckles to Tucker and Wash, who argue about why it's called a Mantis due to the similarities of the insect. Caboose tells them he found Freckles under debris and was able to free it. Soon, Wash mentions that they need to continue training until they're rescued and to be prepared for anything, despite Tucker seeing no point in it. He changes his mind when threatened by Freckles for disobeying a direct order from a commanding officer. Wash leaves for the crashed ship to do an inventory check on the Reds and Blues' food supply, but once inside the ship, he passes the food storage to do something else.

At Red Base, Sarge is disgruntled about the Blues having a better robot than Lopez 2.0. He gathers Grif and Simmons after they argued once again about chores. Sarge believes that the Blues are up to no good, and orders Grif and Simmons to do recon on the Blues, despite them being afraid of Freckles. Sarge decides to stay behind to step up "security" when one of the sand bags rips open. Grif and Simmons head to Blue base, despite Simmons' doubts of Sarge's suspicions.

The Grass is Greener. The Blues are Bluer.[edit]

  • Release Date: August 12, 2013
  • Time: 4:45

At Blue Base, Caboose, Tucker and Freckles are doing their routine exercises. Meanwhile, Grif and Simmons eventually arrive unseen to do recon. Quickly, they both realize that the Blues aren't doing anything suspicious and that it's a waste of time, with Grif mentioning watching the Blues exercise is weird. Grif suggests they just talk to them, but Simmons mentions about Freckles trying to kill them. They're eventually discovered by Tucker, who tells them that it's weird that they're watching him and Caboose exercise. Simmons tells him that Sarge made him and Grif spy on them because he thinks that they're up to something, though Tucker tells them that all he and Caboose do is train and do chores like clean the base and their equipment. Tucker also mentions an organizational chart Wash has, which makes Simmons very interested. Simmons decides to stay at the Blue base for a few days, but Grif heads back to Red base. Meanwhile, Caboose plays fetch with Freckles and throws a ball near Simmons, who is nearly shot by Freckles.

A House Divided, Then Multiplied[edit]

  • Release Date: August 19, 2013
  • Time: 5:32

At Red Base, Grif returns and reports to Sarge that the Blues aren't planning anything, and that Simmons has decided to stay with the Blues. Sarge, upon hearing the news, believes that the Blues have betrayed them, captured Simmons, and that the Red vs. Blue war has started all over again. Sarge goes on about this being a conspiracy that has been in motion for years. He then orders Grif to prepare to attack the Blues.

Meanwhile, at Blue Base, Caboose is teaching Freckles new tricks while Tucker is quickly exasperated with Simmons' presence. Wash then returns and asks why Tucker isn't doing his daily drills, starting a heated argument with Wash saying he just wants the Blues to be prepared for any potential threat, though Tucker believes that Wash is simply far too paranoid because of past misfortunes of him being constantly betrayed. As they argue, the mysterious soldier observes them from afar with a sniper scope. Simmons then arrives, telling Wash that he will be staying in Blue base now, further exasperating him. Suddenly, Sarge and Grif attempt to ambush the Blues with their warthog but crash into a rock, and both sides are left at a standoff. Grif then takes a moment to point out that the ambush wasn't his idea at all.

Long Live the King[edit]

  • Release Date: August 26, 2013
  • Time: 6:10

As the Blues and Reds are caught in a standoff, Sarge accuses the Blues of kidnapping Simmons, though the Blues point out that Simmons joined them willingly. Sarge then brands Simmons a traitor and prepares to attack the Blues. At the same time, Wash and Tucker get into another argument with each other, with Wash wondering why Tucker is so resistant to his orders, and Tucker complaining that the Blues are now worse off with Wash as the leader, saying he would rather have Caboose lead the Blues instead of Wash. In a heated moment, they both unintentionally decide to make Caboose the new leader of the Blues. Freckles overhears this and promptly demotes Wash and then promotes Caboose to team leader, and warns Tucker and Wash that any attempts to disobey Caboose's orders will be punishable by death. Upon hearing this, Simmons tries to go back to the Reds, but is threatened by Freckles with death if he leaves his post. Sarge then tries to attack, but Freckles destroys his warthog. Undaunted, Sarge prepares to charge again, when they are interrupted by a pistol shot.

Both teams turn to see that Donut has arrived to rescue them, bringing along Doc and Lopez. However, Donut tells them that he had told their ship to leave. Enraged at Donut's stupidity, both teams band together to beat up Donut.

Meanwhile, the mysterious green armored soldier watches both teams from a cliff with his sniper rifle. He then mutters "Unfortunate" to himself before cloaking.

Worst Laid Plans[edit]

  • Release Date: September 2, 2013
  • Time: 8:33

At Blue Base, Tucker, Simmons and Wash wait for newly promoted team leader Caboose to arrive with Freckles watching them, as Tucker comments that they have hit rock bottom. Caboose arrives and tries to give out his first order, but he asks Wash for suggestions. Wash mentions that the communications tower still works and that they should try to continue calling for help, while also trying to boost the signal of the radio transmitter so they can be heard. Caboose agrees with this, but instead decides to have Tucker work on the tower. Caboose then has Wash be on lookout for any potential danger and makes Simmons do what he usually does when with the Reds.

At Red Base, Doc finishes patching up Donut after he was beaten up by the Reds and Blues. Donut asks what happened to the Reds and Blues, as he believes that they were going back to Blood Gulch after he was dropped off at Valhalla. Grif just tells him that it's a long story, hinting that he may also be responsible for the ship crashing (by spilling a soda on the ship's computer). Sarge then arrives and tells the Reds that it's time for action, but Doc reminds him that he's a pacifist. Sarge tells the Reds that if they want to get out of the canyon alive, then they'll have to kill Freckles. Sarge believes that if the crashed ship is big enough to carry Freckles, then there is a weapon on the ship big enough to kill the Mantis, and makes plans to sneak into the ship at night. Wash arrives at Red Base and asks the Reds if they've seen anything suspicious, but then leaves.

Meanwhile, the pilot that dropped off Donut, Doc and Lopez arrives at a small outpost to refuel his ship. He asks someone through a communicator about the crashed ship in the canyon, though the person doesn't know anything about it. The pilot decides to report in about the ship, but is shot dead by the green armored soldier. Now known as Locus, he makes a call to Control about killing the pilot and that he is returning to Crash Site Bravo.

Finders Keepers[edit]

  • Release Date: September 9, 2013
  • Time: 7:42

At Blue Base, Simmons sees that the Blues have a working gravity lift and asks Tucker how they can power it. Tucker replies their base has a direct line to the ship so they have access to almost unlimited electricity. Simmons then decides to borrow some of the ship's fuel for a "side project". Meanwhile, Wash reports back to Caboose saying that he found nothing on the perimeter. When Caboose asks him how Freckles would look in a sombrero, Wash quickly makes an excuse to leave by saying he forgot to inspect the ship. On top of a nearby cliff, another mysterious soldier in grey and orange armor is observing them and mutters "Holy shit, it's actually them." He's then alarmed when he realizes Locus is watching them as well.

Meanwhile, Sarge, Grif, and Doc break into the ship and begin searching the armory for anything powerful enough to kill Freckles. After briefly playing around with stickybomb launchers, they look through the ship's records and find that the ship was carrying a large amount of experimental weaponry, though most of it was in the other half of the ship when it broke off. They then find experimental teleportation cubes, which Grif instantly takes a liking to. Sarge then finds a prototype Mantis even more massive than Freckles and instantly falls in love with it. However, the problem is getting it out of the ship. Grif wants to use the teleportation cubes to get it out, while Sarge wants to take the robot apart and smuggle it out of the ship piece by piece. They then see Wash wandering through the armory and wonder what he's doing in there.

In the armory, Wash is busy using the materials in the armory to build some sort of device, muttering "Never thought it'd come down to this. Sorry Caboose."

+1 Follower[edit]

  • Release Date: September 23, 2013
  • Time: 6:56

At Blue Base, using various equipment, Simmons reveals to Wash and Tucker that he invented an inter-canyon communications system that he has dubbed Basebook, which gives them a direct line to the Red Base. He then checks to see if Sarge has made any updates on his profile, but is disappointed that Sarge hasn't even created a profile yet.

At Red Base, the Reds manage to smuggle most of the robot parts out of the ship, with the exception of the pieces Grif left behind so he wouldn't have to carry them. Grif then proposes that they use the teleportation cubes to get rid of Freckles, but Doc is worried that the cubes might have some sort of side effect they are unaware of. Doc also tells Grif they should test the cubes, though Grif hates testing things. Sarge then orders Grif to either test the cubes, or test the robot's defense systems by acting as the target. Grif quickly decides to test the cubes. Doc and Donut then go into the base to update their Basebook profiles.

Outside the Red Base, Lopez and Lopez 2.0 observe the Red Team. They are then approached by the mysterious soldier in grey and orange armor. He tells both Lopezes that he's trying to arrange rescue for the Reds and Blues and that they just need to hold out a little longer. He also warns them that he's not the only one keeping an eye on them. Alarmed, Lopez Dos.0 tries to warn Sarge, but is ignored. Lopez tells Lopez Dos.0 that he shouldn't bother, and that their creators are terrible people, and even if they were given a detailed explanation of a situation, they still find ways to screw things up. Lopez then decides to tell Lopez Dos.0 the full story about the Red and Blue teams, which he said will take about 20 hours and he only likes telling it in five-minute segments, hinting a joke about the entire series.


  • Release Date: September 30, 2013
  • Time: 7:08

At Red Base, Donut and Doc spend time messing around with Basebook, despite the fact that the only other subscribers are Simmons and Caboose. Donut says that he had spent the entire day cleaning the Red Base from top to bottom, but Doc tells him about Grif's stuff on the roof. Angered at Grif's sloppiness, Donut goes outside to confront him, who is testing the teleportation cubes. Donut takes one of his teleportation cubes, and inadvertently teleports Grif's stuff to Blue Base in Simmons' room, much to his despair.

At Blue Base, Wash tries to help Tucker fix the radio. Tucker complains that he just wants to stand around and talk to Church, but since he's gone, all he has is Wash. Wash admits to Tucker that he was one of the worst Freelancers in his old squad, and that since Church and Carolina left, he had no choice but to assume a leadership position, which he has never done before. He also takes part of the blame for the ship crashing but doesn't elaborate (he accidentally pulled out a cable). Tucker tells Wash not to take his position so seriously, as Church never did. Tucker then realizes that he had forgotten to turn on the radio, which was why it wasn't working. However, Caboose arrives and orders them to stop working on the radio and return to Blue Base to help Simmons clean up Grif's stuff. Wash tells Tucker to go to Blue Base and distract Caboose while he goes back to the ship to finish something that can "put a stop to this".

Elsewhere, Locus arrives at a military base. He approaches four soldiers and tells them "We're going hunting".

Neighborhood Watch[edit]

  • Release Date: October 7, 2013
  • Time: 9:53

At Red Base, Lopez finishes telling Lopez 2.0 his story, and then tells him that the one thing he likes about Sarge and the Reds is that because they can't understand Spanish, Lopez can just insult them all day without them realizing it. Both Lopez and Lopez 2.0 then take turns insulting Sarge.

At Blue Base, Wash tries to talk to Caboose, but Freckles attempts to execute him for insubordination and not meeting minimal requirements for the Blues. Caboose calls off Freckles and Wash finally confronts Caboose. He tells Caboose that he has to accept that Church is gone, as his pain for abandonment made him replace Church with Freckles. Wash also apologizes for not being a better friend to Caboose, and as a token of goodwill, Wash reveals what he has been working on in the armory: a new helmet fashioned to look like Caboose's original helmet. Touched by this, Caboose relinquishes command and Freckles to Wash, saying that being in charge wasn't as fun as he thought. Caboose puts his new helmet on, but the visor malfunctions. Simmons overhears this conversation and wishes that the Reds would be this emotional. Tucker congratulates Wash on tricking Caboose into giving up his command, but Wash tells him he was telling the truth.

Back at Red Base, Sarge finally finishes his robot. However, due to several missing parts, the robot ends up being the same size as Freckles. The robot, identifying itself as C.C. Cyclops, malfunctions and considers everybody she sees as a threat and prepares to attack. Fortunately for the Reds, C.C. shuts down because Sarge switched her power source to diesel and her gas tank ran out as a result. Donut then realizes that C.C. said she detected 16 hostiles in the canyon, when there are only 11 of them, including the Blues. They then hear gunfire.

The gunfire is coming from Locus' men who are assaulting Blue Base. Simmons tries to tell them the Blues are friendly, but after Tucker kills one, Wash is eventually forced to order Freckles to eliminate the rest. The Reds arrive to see what is going on, and as they and the Blues try to get to cover, the second mysterious soldier then appears to shield Wash from Locus' sniper shot, but is shot in the leg in the process. Locus then reveals himself and says that he is impressed that the Reds and Blues managed to take out his men, which proves that they are the "real deal". He then orders the Reds and Blues to come with him, or he will have no choice but to take them by force later. Wash orders Freckles to attack, but Locus manages to escape. The mysterious soldier then asks if any of them knows how to patch a leg, and Doc goes off to get some orange juice, much to the soldier's confusion.


  • Release Date: October 14, 2013
  • Time: 6:18

After Doc fixes the mysterious soldier's leg, he introduces himself as Felix. Wash holds him at gunpoint and demands answers from him. Felix reveals that the Reds and Blues have crashed on the planet Chorus, which is located just outside civilized space and was all but forgotten by the UNSC after the war against the aliens. Simmons wonders aloud how they could have gotten so badly off course, but he is brushed off by Sarge (Sarge fiddled with the ship's engines). Felix then continues by saying that without the influence of the UNSC, the people of Chorus tried to rule themselves, but things got worse and the planet fell into civil war, with a group of rebels calling themselves the New Republic fighting against "the Feds". Felix says he is a mercenary working for the Rebels, and his mission was to find the Reds and Blues and convince them to help the rebel cause, since they are famous across the galaxy for taking down Project Freelancer. However, the Reds and Blues refuse, as they just want to get off the planet and don't want to get involved in another war. Felix then calls the rebels and requests reinforcements. He then warns the Reds and Blues that they will need to fortify the canyon as best they can and prepare for an eventual attack by Locus and the Feds. The Reds and Blues eventually agree to fight with Felix, who's eager to see how good the Reds and Blues really are, but Grif warns him that he'll be disappointed.


  • Release Date: October 28, 2013
  • Time: 7:57

At the Red Base, the Red team finishes up fortifying their base by planting a minefield around it. Simmons brought from the crashed ship standard firearms and explosive weapons and goes to organize them. Grif and Doc demonstrate that the teleportation cubes can be set to different frequencies so multiple items can be teleported at once. However, during the demonstration, Doc is hit by one of the teleportation cubes and disappears. Sarge then orders Lopez and Lopez 2.0 to prepare C.C. so he can repair her. Knowing that C.C. will just attack everybody the moment she is activated, both Lopezes are reluctant to follow Sarge's orders. His will finally broken, Lopez 2.0 begins repairing C.C. himself so that she will kill Sarge, not caring that she will most likely kill him as well. Lopez then suggests that Lopez 2.0 upload his mind into C.C.'s body, but Lopez 2.0 gets the idea to upload his own mind instead.

At Blue Base, Tucker manages to fix Caboose's helmet so he can see out of it again, but breaks his radio in the process. During this, Caboose tells Tucker about their differences and past problems and reaffirms his friendship with Tucker. Meanwhile, Felix tells Wash more about Locus, who like Felix is a mercenary but is a very dangerous and unstable individual, forsaking his own name and taking on the name of his own armor. Felix asks Wash where Church and Carolina are, but Wash tells him he doesn't know where they are. Wash asks Felix how Locus has access to cloaking technology, as only Project Freelancer possessed that sort of gear. Felix points out that it's the future now, and the Federal Army has access to very advanced technology, while the New Republic is scraping by with what it has. Wash then decides to change out of his blue armor back to his original steel armor for the occasion.

Once the preparations are done, Wash tells the Reds and Blues how impressed he is with their work, believing they may now have a chance to beat the Feds. Suddenly, Sarge comes running in, being chased by a Lopez 2.0-controlled C.C. Lopez 2.0 prepares to attack the Reds and Blues, but is stopped by Freckles, and both robots are put in a standoff. At that moment, Locus arrives and gives the Reds and Blues one last chance to surrender, promising to only kill Felix. Grif asks him "what army", and at that moment an army of Federal soldiers decloaks behind Locus. With the Rebels' reinforcements still not there yet, Tucker asks Wash what they should do, and Wash fires his rifle at Locus and the Feds and begins the fight.


  • Release Date: November 4, 2013
  • Time: 8:55

The Reds, Blues and Felix begin the fight against Locus and Federal soldiers outside Blue Base. Freckles fights against Lopez 2.0 who's trying to rule over the Reds and Blues. Sarge and Simmons use the Blues' tank against the Feds, and Grif uses his teleportation cubes to great effect. Freckles is soon critically damaged by Lopez 2.0, who voices disappointment with Freckles believing he and Freckles could have been overlords to the Reds and Blues. Suddenly, Donut appears to Lopez 2.0 and uses the teleport cubes on Lopez 2.0 and throws a cube into the minefield outside Red Base, destroying Lopez 2.0. The Blues' tank is destroyed by Locus after Sarge and Simmons bailout. The Reds, Blues and Felix lay waste to the Feds, but more Federal soldiers keep coming with no New Republic reinforcements in sight. Simmons and Wash try to charge Freckles up to full power at Blue Base, but they realize there's not enough power, which Donut admits he is still downloading a picture of Freckles at Red Base. Donut is then knocked out by a plasma grenade explosion caused by Locus' sniper shot. Tucker, killing some Federal soldiers on the way, heads to Red Base and destroys the download, giving power at Blue Base to charge Freckles. Tucker is held at gunpoint by a Fed, but he is killed by Lopez, now in Lopez 2.0's body. The Reds, Blues and Felix continue to fight the Feds, but Sarge and Wash are injured by Locus and Lopez and Freckles are heavily damaged by Feds. With all hope seemed lost, soldiers from the New Republic finally arrive and attack the Feds and Freckles continues to attack the Feds despite being severely damaged. Eventually, Felix has Caboose, Tucker, Grif and Simmons leave the canyon through a cave, forcing to leave behind Sarge, Wash, Donut, Lopez and Freckles. Wash, having recovered from Locus' attack sees Rebel soldiers getting cut down, and has Freckles stomp which collapses the cave entrance, leaving him trapped in the firefight. Suddenly, Wash is clubbed by a cloaked Locus.

Lost But Not Forgotten[edit]

  • Release Date: November 11, 2013
  • Time: 8:54

Tucker, having been knocked out by the collapsing tunnel due to the tremor, wakes up in a medical bay with Felix at his side. Felix tells Tucker that he's at the New Republic's main base in a cavern, and tells him that Sarge, Donut, Wash and Lopez had to be left behind. Tucker then meets Vanessa Kimball, leader of the New Republic, who tells him that Caboose, Grif and Simmons are at the base's mess hall. After Tucker leaves, Kimball informs Felix that he is not getting fully paid, much to his disappointment. Kimball asks Felix if the Reds and Blues are good as they hoped, with him replying that he thinks so or that they're lucky. Caboose, Grif and Simmons are outside the mess hall which is closed due to Grif's overeating, and Tucker eventually arrives, pondering that it's just the four of them. Felix then calls them as something has come up. Kimball, after acknowledging the remaining Reds' and Blues' past accomplishments, tells them that the Feds have Sarge, Donut, Wash and Lopez alive in captivity. Kimball makes the Reds and Blues a promise: if they can help the New Republic take Chorus, the New Republic will help them save their friends and will be given a ship to leave Chorus. The Reds and Blues are reluctant, but Kimball reminds them that the civil war has gone on for too long and taken too many lives, leaving the young, inexperienced Rebel soldiers scared, but the Reds and Blues give them hope. Despite not leading a team before (except Caboose), the Reds and Blues then go outside and meet several Rebel soldiers, and Tucker orders them to start doing drills, much to Grif's displeasure.

In a post-credits scene, at a Federal Army facility, Locus informs his anonymous superior that he and Federal soldiers searched the crashed ship and recovered a crate they sought for. Locus also mentions that the Reds and Blues tried to open the crate once, but the anonymous voice expresses doubt that they knew what was in the crate. Locus then asks the anonymous voice if keeping Sarge, Donut, Wash and Lopez alive was the best course of action, but the anonymous voice asks Locus if he is threatened by them. Locus answers no, and the anonymous voice then tells him that they'll continue with their plans as discussed. The last scene reveals Carolina, who was listening in on the conversation.


  • Joel Heyman: Michael J. Caboose
  • Jason Saldaña: Lavernius Tucker
  • Matt Hullum: Sarge and Doc
  • Geoff Ramsey: Dexter Grif
  • Gus Sorola: Richard Simmons
  • Shannon McCormick: Washington and Lopez Dos.0
  • Dan Godwin: Franklin Donut
  • Burnie Burns: Lopez and Epsilon Church
  • Miles Luna: Felix
  • Gray G. Haddock: Locus
  • Shane Newville: Freckles
  • Katie Newville: CC Cyclops
  • Lindsay Jones: Vanessa Kimball
  • Nathan Zellner: Andy the Bomb
  • Jen Brown: Carolina


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