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Red vs. Blue: Season 14
Red vs. Blue s14 DVD.jpg
Game(s)Halo 4, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo: Reach
Genre(s)Comic science fiction
Running time4 to 28 minutes
VoicesBurnie Burns
Joel Heyman
Jason Saldaña
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Gustavo Sorola
Dan Godwin
Yomary Cruz
Shannon McCormick
Miles Luna
Gray G. Haddock
Ed Robertson
Amber Benson
with Christopher Sabat
and Jen Brown
Release(s)May 8, 2016 – October 16, 2016
Format(s)Flash, QuickTime
No. of episodes24

The fourteenth season of the American action comedy science fiction animated/machinima web series Red vs. Blue first premiered for Rooster Teeth site sponsors on May 8, 2016 and concluded on October 16, 2016. Season 14 is an anthology season, consisting of numerous short stories written by a combination of in-house and outside writers. The series is produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and is loosely based in the Halo universe.


Unlike the previous thirteen seasons, Season 14 is an anthology season, consisting of numerous short stories (some canon and some non-canon) written by members of Rooster Teeth such as Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Miles Luna, Barbara Dunkelman, Shannon McCormick, etc. The season also has stories from outside writers such as Freddie Wong of RocketJump, author Chris Roberson (creator and writer of iZOMBIE), Ben Singer and Chad James of ScrewAttack (hosts of DEATH BATTLE!), novelist Ernest Cline (author of Ready Player One and Armada), Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan of Game Grumps, etc.

Season 14 also consists of the voices of notable entertainers from film, television and music; musician and longtime RVB contributor Ed Robertson (lead singer of Bare Naked Ladies), voice actor Christopher Sabat (English voice of Vegeta from the Dragon Ball franchise and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece), actress Amber Benson (portrayed Tara Maclay in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and actor Rahul Kohli (portrayed Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti of iZOMBIE).


No. Overall No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Episode Length Original release date
2591"Room Zero"Burnie Burns ("Room Zero"), Miles Luna ("Zero Rooms")Burnie Burns ("Room Zero"), Miles Luna ("Zero Rooms")7:44May 8, 2016 (2016-05-08)

Grif, Simmons, and Church team up to rescue the other members of their teams. However it goes south and Church flies out of the prison strapped to a rocket. It's revealed that it was a simulation as Epsilon Church grows frustrated reliving the simulations. Another copy of Epsilon Church shows up, reminding him what they were getting into when they sealed themselves in the Epsilon Unit to find Tex. A new simulation starts in Blood Gulch, setting up the events of Season 9.

Note: The first part of this episode ("Room Zero") was originally a pilot for a Red vs. Blue animated series (Red vs. Blue: Animated) which got scrapped.
2602"From Stumbled Beginnings"Kyle TaylorJordan Cwierz7:42May 15, 2016 (2016-05-15)
We get a look at how Grif and Simmons were stationed at Blood Gulch.
2613"Fifty Shades of Red"Kyle TaylorJordan Cwierz10:25May 22, 2016 (2016-05-22)
Sarge attains the position of Red Sergeant due to all the other candidates (all of whom share his mindset) dying. Meanwhile, Agent Florida searches for the last member of Blue Team, and settles on Lavernius Tucker.
2624"Why They're Here"Kyle TaylorJordan Cwierz10:32May 29, 2016 (2016-05-29)
Private Jimmy is implanted with the Alpha A.I, and is sent to Blood Gulch as Private Leonard Church. After inspecting Blood Gulch's Red Team, Florida comes to the conclusion that the Blood Gulch war will be a stalemate for a long time. Later on, V.I.C. malfunctions due to Florida tripping on a wire, replacing the intended Freelancer "reinforcements" (Agents California, Hawaii, and Kansas) with Caboose, Donut, and Grif's sister.
2635"The Brick Gulch Chronicles"Joe NicolosiJoe Nicolosi11:04June 5, 2016 (2016-06-05)
Mega Bloks versions of Grif, Simmons, Church, and Donut, animated using stop motion, attempt to return to their bases while being pursued by a young boy intending to use them as test subjects.
2646"Orange is the New Red"Joshua OrnelasJames Willems8:39June 12, 2016 (2016-06-12)
The Reds of Blood Gulch Outpost #1 aren't the only soldiers hunting down Blues. This episode takes us to the exploits of Red Army Unit FH57.
2657"Invaders from Another Mother"Joshua OrnelasJames Willems12:57June 19, 2016 (2016-06-19)
Red Army Unit FH57 stumble upon Blood Gulch.
2668"The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 3"Freddie WongFreddie Wong3:55June 26, 2016 (2016-06-26)
Sarge, Tucker, Grif, Simmons, Donut, and Washington watch the trailer for "Sarge v Tucker: The Origin of Sin."
2679"Club"Miles LunaMiles Luna11:56July 3, 2016 (2016-07-03)
Taking place before the Chorus trilogy, Locus, Felix, and newcomer Siris take on a job to turn in Gabriel Lozano.
26810"Call"Miles LunaMiles Luna11:34July 10, 2016 (2016-07-10)
Locus, Felix and Siris got Gabriel Lozano, but the job goes south real fast when Lozano's bounty and criminal record is erased and his father, crime boss Ruben, gets involved.
26911"Consequences"Miles LunaMiles Luna10:59July 17, 2016 (2016-07-17)
Locus, Felix and Siris make their final stand against Ruben Lozano and his underlings.
27012"Fight the Good Fight!"Joshua OrnelasAlex Leonard6:42July 24, 2016 (2016-07-24)
The Blood Gulch crew appear in a propaganda campaign, demonizing the Blue team, and making the Red team look like the best military unit in the universe.
27113"Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome"Ben SingerChad James, Ben Singer17:39July 31, 2016 (2016-07-31)
Grif, Simmons, and Caboose argue over who would win in a fight between Carolina/Epsilon Church and the Meta, so they go to "experts" Wiz and Boomstick. This episode is a crossover with ScrewAttack's Death Battle.
27214"Grey vs. Gray"Joshua OrnelasBarry Kramer, Miles Luna, Brian Wecht9:38August 7, 2016 (2016-08-07)
An unrelated group of colorblind Reds and Blues (voiced by members of both Rooster Teeth and Game Grumps) are trapped in a room together.
27315"Caboose's Guide to Making Friends"Miles LunaMiles Luna4:58August 14, 2016 (2016-08-14)
Caboose hosts this episode, sharing his tips on how to (literally) make friends.
27416"Head Cannon"Joshua OrnelasBarbara Dunkelman9:10August 21, 2016 (2016-08-21)
In a flashback to Episode 100, as the Omega A.I. infects the soldiers of Blood Gulch, the viewers see into their minds.
27517"Get Bent"Allison Baker, Kyle TaylorChris Roberson7:12August 28, 2016 (2016-08-28)
In the Memory unit, Epsilon attempts to recreate Blood Gulch, but accidentally makes the Red team all girls; later on, Church also discovers Tex is a guy. He's okay with Tex being a guy, but refuses to accept the female Reds, so Church tries again, only to find that this time, he accidentally made himself female, with Tucker trying to hit on him.
27618"Red vs. Blue: The Musical"Nico Audy-Rowland, Miles Luna, Joshua OrnelasNico Audy-Rowland, Miles Luna10:31September 4, 2016 (2016-09-04)
A musical retelling of the Blood Gulch Chronicles that turns out to be Donut's account of it for the armies of Chorus.
27719"Mr. Red vs. Mr. Blue"Kyle TaylorErnest Cline8:02September 11, 2016 (2016-09-11)
In-between seasons 5 and 6, Tucker repeatedly invites the Reds (and Doc) to a movie night truce to watch Reservoir Dogs, making everyone else sick of the movie. Caboose accidentally destroys their only copy, to everyone's joy. Tucker, however, is heartbroken, so the remaining Reds and Blues decide to remake the film, if only to stop him from playing "Stuck in the Middle with You" on repeat.
27820"RvB Throwdown"Jeremy DooleyJeremy Dooley4:43September 18, 2016 (2016-09-18)
Church engages Sarge in a rap battle.
27921"The Triplets"Kyle TaylorShannon McCormick9:32September 25, 2016 (2016-09-25)
The three most incompetent Freelancers decide to make their mark, though they fail miserably.
28022"The "Mission""Kyle TaylorShannon McCormick13:27October 2, 2016 (2016-10-02)
The Triplets discover their first mission was actually just a way to get rid of them. This episode shows the supposed origins of the Red vs. Blue conflict.
28123"Immersion: The Warthog Flip"Daniel FabeloDaniel Fabelo9:10October 9, 2016 (2016-10-09)
Scientists from Rooster Teeth determine how much force would actually be needed to flip the Red Team's trademarked Warthog. This episode is a crossover with Rooster Teeth's Immersion.
28224"Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth"Matt HullumMatt Hullum23:41October 16, 2016 (2016-10-16)
A freak accident at Rooster Teeth brings Donut, Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Caboose and Lopez into their offices, with all but the first interacting with their voice actors.


  • Burnie Burns: Church, Vic, Lopez, Epsilon, The Meta, Host, Himself
  • Joel Heyman: Michael J. Caboose, Himself
  • Matt Hullum: Sarge, Wyoming, The Meta, O'Malley, Doc, Himself
  • Geoff Ramsey: Dexter Grif, Himself
  • Gus Sorola: Richard Simmons, Himself
  • Jason Saldaña: Lavernius Tucker
  • Dan Godwin: Franklin Donut, Himself
  • Yomary Cruz: Sheila
  • Shannon McCormick: Washington, Iowa
  • Miles Luna: MacGruff, Isaac "Felix" Gates, AI Fragments, Hutch, Himself
  • Gray Haddock: Announcer, Samuel "Locus" Ortez, Doyle
  • Jen Brown: Carolina, Malcolm's Mom
  • John Erler: North Dakota
  • Shana Merlin: South Dakota
  • Sean Duggan: York
  • Lee Eddy: Four-Seven-Niner
  • Christopher Sabat: Mason "Siris" Wu
  • Ed Robertson: Flowers
  • Blaine Gibson: Hammer
  • Alex Leonard: Lieu
  • Ethan Marler: Red Soldier
  • Jon Risinger: Lemons, Guard 01
  • Jeremy Dooley: Daggerknife, Wynn
  • Kyle Taylor: Buckshot, Drunk Guy, Himself
  • Robert Reynolds: Gray Soldier
  • Stan Lewis: Blue Soldier 01
  • Chad James: Blue Soldier 02, Boomstick
  • Cole Gallian: Pvt. Jimmy, Homeless Guy
  • Rooster Teeth Animation Team: Reds, Aliens
  • Dylan Cimbala: Malcolm
  • Lamar: Cat
  • Bruce Greene: Turf
  • James Willems: Drag
  • Adam Kovic: Morgan
  • Lawrence Sonntag: Sue
  • Joel Rubin: Santos
  • Elyse Willems: Cherry
  • Matt Peake: Peake
  • Ben Waller: Soldier
  • Johnathan Floyd: Guard 02
  • Aaron Alexander: Guard 03/04, Darryl
  • Joshua Ornelas: Guard 05, Narrator ("Grey vs. Gray"), Himself
  • David Jennison: Gabriel Lozano
  • Maggie Tominey: Phone Voice, Female Donut ("Get Bent")
  • Derek Mears: Ruben Lozano
  • Austin Hardwicke: Mobster 01
  • Adam Ellis: Mobster 02, Santa
  • Sean Baird: Mobster 03
  • Tyler Coe: Sniper 01
  • Kirk Johnson: Narrator ("Fight the Good Fight!")
  • Ben Singer: Wiz
  • Alena Lecorchick: AI Fragments
  • Suzy Hanson: Regina
  • Ross O'Donovan: Deuce
  • Arin Hanson: Cobb
  • Barry Kramer: Squatch
  • Ryan Haywood: Marlowe
  • Kathleen Zuelch: Tex
  • Barbara Dunkelman: Female Donut ("Head Cannon"), Herself
  • Lindsay Jones: Female Simmons
  • Anna Hullum: Female Sarge
  • Amber Benson: Female Grif
  • Ashley Jenkins: Female Lopez, Female Church
  • Rahul Kohli: Male Tex
  • Becca Frasier: Sister
  • Elizabeth Maxwell: Ohio
  • Brett Tribe: Idaho
  • Kerry Shawcross: Georgia
  • Samantha Ireland: C.T.
  • Asaf Ronen: Counselor
  • Kat Ramzinski: Sherry
  • Bill Wise: Terrill
  • Marcus LaPorte: Scientist


Red vs. Blue: Season 14 (Original Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by
Trocadero & David Levy
ReleasedMay 28, 2018
GenreAlternative rock
LabelRooster Teeth Productions
Trocadero & David Levy chronology
Red vs. Blue Season 13 (Original Soundtrack)
Red vs. Blue: Season 14 (Original Soundtrack)
Red vs. Blue Season 15 (Original Soundtrack)

The soundtrack for season 14 of Red vs. Blue, composed by Trocadero and David Levy, was released on May 28, 2018.[1]

No. Song Title Artist(s) Length
1 "Aperture" Trocadero & David Levy 1:08
2 "Wind Up" Trocadero & David Levy 1:05
3 "Slingshot" Trocadero & David Levy (ft. Meredith Hagan) 3:28
4 "Amnesia" David Levy 1:35
5 "Far Too Bold" David Levy 3:04
6 "Daddy's Home" David Levy 0:59
7 "Bang" David Levy 2:52
8 "Sunrise" David Levy 1:35
9 "Slingshot (Instrumental)" Trocadero & David Levy 3:10
10 "Aper" Trocadero & David Levy 0:29
11 "Hey" Trocadero (ft. Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola and Matt Hullum) 0:29
12 "Red Rockets" Trocadero (ft. Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola, Dan Godwin & Burnie Burns) 1:58
13 "Leonard's Lament" Trocadero (ft. Burnie Burns, Jason Saldaña, Joel Heyman, Yomary Cruz & Matt Hullum) 2:27
14 "Plan D" Trocadero (ft. Dan Godwin and Yomary Cruz) 2:01
15 "Bent Intro" Trocadero 0:25
16 "A Girl Named Tex (Instrumental)" Trocadero 3:26
17 "No One (Instrumental)" Trocadero 2:41
18 "Glow" Trocadero & David Levy 2:12
19 "Stingshot" Trocadero & David Levy (feat. Meredith Hagan) 3:02
20 "Friends" David Levy 3:50
21 "Winer Bar" Trocadero & David Levy 1:39
22 "Little Sweeper" Trocadero 0:46
23 "Bandwagon" Trocadero & David Levy 2:23
24 "Ether" Trocadero & David Levy 3:31
25 "Post Firecracker" Trocadero 0:29
26 "Day at the Office" Trocadero & David Levy 7:43
27 "Closure" Trocadero & David Levy 1:57


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