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The expression to earn one's red wings means to perform cunnilingus on a menstruating partner.[1][2] The phrase is a reference to menstrual blood stains in the shape of a small bird's wings that are liable to form on the giving partner's cheeks during the act.[2][3]


The elder Mirabeau, in his ‘’Erotika Biblion’’ of 1783,[4] saw cunnilingus during menstruation as an extreme act, linked with the submissive worship of the Mother goddess,[5] and by extension to the Black Mass.[6]

Biker culture[edit]

The red wing patch was common among the Hells Angels by the mid-Sixties,[7] and the slang term continued to be known among biker gangs in the 1980s.[1] Gershon Legman saw the act/badge not only as functioning a homosocial tie, but also as reflecting a deep and primitive belief in the lifegiving powers of blood.[8]

Medical perspective[edit]

Cunnilingus during menstruation is high risk for the partner performing cunnilingus because there may be a high concentration of virus in menstrual blood,[9] such as hepatitis B.[10]

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